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The Midwife
Description: During the 1967 hostilities, the midwife Umm-Ismail helped other refugee women safely give birth while she fled from Ein el-Sultan camp near Jericho to Jordan, despite being separated from her own children and surrounded by the ongoing conflict. In this short film, Umm-Ismail recalls her harrowing memories of those fateful days and the immediate aftermath.
  25 Apr 2017   9m3s 1 24 0
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Old Hands
Description: Yousef Qinawi and Mahmoud Abdullah are former UNRWA staff members who served on the front-line to help the Palestine refugees fleeing the 1967 hostilities. In this interview, they recount the challenges they faced as they set up sanitation systems and erected tents in the Jordan Valley amid gunfire, exhaustion, harsh weather and chaotic conditions.
  25 Apr 2017   9m2s 3 13 0
In Their Own Words: Suzan - حكايتهن : سوزان
Description: وخلال القتال الذي دار في غزة في صيف سنة 2014 ، قصفت البناية التي تسكن فيها سوزان وعائلتها. كنائبة لمدير مدرسة من مدارس الوكالة للبنات، رفضت سوزان التوقّف عن العمل حينما لجأت هي وعائلتها إلى ملجئ طوارئ في غزّة، حيث عينت كنائبة مدير الملجأ. In 2014, in the middle of another war in Gaza, the building where Suzan and her family lived was hit. A deputy school principal for an UNRWA girls’ school, she refused to stop working when her family moved to a designated emergency shelter during the war and became a deputy shelter manager
  01 Mar 2017   4m16s 3 82 0
Rented Premises in Jordan
Description: Originally established as a temporary solution to address the lack of educational and health facilities, rented buildings have emerged as a leading challenge for UNRWA in Jordan. With more than 28,000 Palestine refugee students studying in 57 schools run from 32 rented buildings and 8 rented health centres serving a population of more than 237,000 Palestine refugees, these rented buildings are no longer able to meet the needs of the growing population of refugees. To address this, in cooperation with partners and the Government of Jordan, UNRWA has ramped up efforts to rehabilitate and construct facilities to best meet the Agency’s needs and the needs of its beneficiaries. In doing so, UNRWA will be able to provide better, more accessible services for Palestine refugees in Jordan and continue to support their human development.
  28 Feb 2017   3m5s 5 118 0
Why should the world care about Palestine refugees from Syria?
Description: 500,000 Palestine refugees from Syria survive on humanitarian assistance. They deserve adequate shelter, quality education and access to health care. #UNRWA_Appeals #ShareYourWarmth
  11 Jan 2017   1m24s 5 480 0
Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives in Gaza
  22 Nov 2016   1m10s 7 159 0
Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza speaks to the press
Description: The Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, Bo Schack, gave a press briefing on 17 October at the UNRWA Gaza Training Centre. In the press conference, Mr. Schack emphasized the Agency’s achievements over the past months in the areas of reconstruction, education, health and other services. He said that to address the impact of the ever growing student population in Gaza, over the past year the Agency built between one and two new school buildings per month. Mr. Schack also talked about the impact of the blockade on the people of Gaza, particularly its youth, and how the severe restrictions lead to more frustration, pessimism and, possibly, radicalization. He also answered questions on a wide range of topics, including the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism and the Agency’s role in addressing the unemployment situation.
  26 Oct 2016   28m21s 6 167 0
Partnering for a Peaceful Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Description: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most complex and polarizing conflicts in modern history. Nearly seventy years after the foundation of Israel and fifty years since the beginning of the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank territories, the struggle between the two sides seems to be almost as far from a resolution as when it first began. How can Israeli and Palestinian leaders move toward a sustainable peace? Is a two-state solution the answer? Can the US and the international community help to bridge gaps and bring the two sides together? Join us for a conversation about the prospects for achieving peace and why it matters so much to the US and the world. Maen Rashid Areikat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, The General Delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the United States, and Jeremy Ben-Ami Founder & President, J Street, are in discussion. The conversation is moderated by Janine Zacharia, Former Jerusalem Bureau Chief and Middle East Correspondent, The Washington Post. For more information please visit:
  21 Oct 2016   1h7m2s 5 715 0
Flowers of Tomorrow: Youth Camp in Gaza
Description: “I loved this camp! We draw, paint and dance! And what makes it special is the inclusion of disabled children, and we learnt that there is no difference between them and us.” Raghad Siqali, one of children who participated in “The Flowers of Tomorrow Camp.” “The Flowers of Tomorrow,” is a youth camp that was organized by the ICRC in the Gaza Strip mid-August. 52 children from Shaja’ia area, between the age of 12 and 16, took part in the camp. The ICRC cooperated with 15 young and active facilitators, I order to organize the different activities. Make sure you watch the video to know more about the ‘Flowers of Tomorrow.’
  08 Sep 2016   2m8s 3 114 0
الأونروا تقدم البطاقات الإلكترونية للمستفيدين من برنامج شبكة الأمان الاجتماعي في الضفة الغربية
Description: سوف تحل القسائم الإلكترونية الجديدة، التي يتم شحنها كل ثلاثة أشهر، محل توزيع السلال الغذائية بشكل مباشر، وبذلك تعطي المستفيدين من اللاجئين الفلسطينيين من برنامج شبكة الأمان الاجتماعي للوكالة المزيد من الخيارات والمرونة، وتساعد في الحفاظ على كرامتهم.
  08 Sep 2016   3m25s 3 610 0
Punitive demolitions in Kalandia refugee camp
Description: The Israeli authorities carried out punitive demolitions in Kalandia refugee camp in the occupied West Bank on 5 July 2015, demolishing two homes. The Israeli army operation began around midnight, beginning with the demolition of the home of UNRWA sanitation labourer, Yassin Yusuf Assaf and five members of his family. The second demolition was of the home of Mohammad Saleh Hussein Hammad Abu-Habsa. Read more:
  08 Jul 2016   4m18s 4 168 0
Regaining childhood innocence in Gaza
Description: Doaa Yasseen, 11 years old, is one of the many children affected by unexploded remnants from past conflicts in the Gaza Strip. Like others, she has suffered physically and psychologically as a result of the incident. A year ago, Doaa was on her way home from school when a strange object on the side of the road caught her attention. Curious to see what it was, she took it and started playing with it. The innocent game finished with the device exploding in her right hand. “I thought it was a toy before it exploded in my hand,” says Doaa. Today, Doaa is still adapting to the changes in her life. She attends support sessions with other children affected by unexploded remnants. The sessions help them to regain their self-confidence and look towards the future.
  03 Jul 2016   1m55s 5 536 0