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This is Palestine
Description: Riverdance founder John McColgan travelled to the West Bank and Gaza with Trócaire to report on the situation facing people in the region. This Is Palestine follows McColgan's journey through the region, featuring powerful interviews with people who have lost their home, their land and family members. Produced by Tyrone productions in association with Trócaire. 2017
  21 Jun 2017   49m42s 37 0
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Muslim Aid - Gaza Water Appeal
  20 Jun 2017   2m57s 3 69 0
Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Opportunities and Risks
Description: Daniel Sherman is a strategic and organizational consultant focusing on peace and development issues. He served as a Senior General Staff officer in the Israel Defense Forces' Strategic Planning Division where he worked on the peace process and Israel’s defense-oriented international relations (completing reserve duty with the rank of major); developed social welfare programs for disadvantaged Jewish communities in central and eastern Europe with the Joint Distribution Committee; worked on strategic planning and leadership development at the Mandel Foundation; and was International Relations Director for the Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem, where he was responsible for engagement with diplomats and international policy makers. He lectures regularly in the United States, Europe and Israel on subjects such as Israeli-Palestinian relations, the political process, Israeli civil society and the changing Middle East. He provides briefings to diplomats (including in the US State Department) and to the senior management of international NGO’s, and he facilitates discussions with faith-based leaders on engagement with peace and justice issues in the Middle East. He has lectured at Israel’s National Defense College and has participated in conferences in Israel’s Knesset. Daniel recently launched Yuvalim, an innovative project that promotes peace and shared society in Israel by linking communal networks with visionary Israeli leaders and with outstanding organizations working to solve Jewish-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Daniel made aliya from the United States in 1990 and lives in Modi'in, Israel with his wife and two children. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, writing and sea-kayaking. Respondent: Shany Mor Moderator: Professor David C. Jacobson Co-sponsored by Judaic Studies.
  09 May 2017   1h27m10s 7 272 0
Deep  Buried Bomb Clearance by UNMAS in Gaza
  05 May 2017   2m25s 3 101 0
From Gaza to Paris to be reunited after three years
Description: A few weeks ago, Laila, a 7-year old girl, began a trip that she will remember for her entire life - the one that took her from Gaza to Paris to be reunited with her family. Her journey involved a whirlwind of emotions: from the sadness of leaving behind her grandmother, uncles and extended family in Gaza, the fatigue of traveling more than 24 hours crossing several countries, to the sheer joy of hugging her parents and two sisters again in Paris after three years apart. Through the Restoring Family Links program, the ICRC and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies work together around the world to locate people and put them back into contact with their relatives. This work includes looking for family members, restoring contact, reuniting families and seeking to clarify the fate of those who remain missing.
  02 May 2017   1m48s 7 581 0
The Midwife
Description: During the 1967 hostilities, the midwife Umm-Ismail helped other refugee women safely give birth while she fled from Ein el-Sultan camp near Jericho to Jordan, despite being separated from her own children and surrounded by the ongoing conflict. In this short film, Umm-Ismail recalls her harrowing memories of those fateful days and the immediate aftermath.
  25 Apr 2017   9m3s 1 93 0
Old Hands
Description: Yousef Qinawi and Mahmoud Abdullah are former UNRWA staff members who served on the front-line to help the Palestine refugees fleeing the 1967 hostilities. In this interview, they recount the challenges they faced as they set up sanitation systems and erected tents in the Jordan Valley amid gunfire, exhaustion, harsh weather and chaotic conditions.
  25 Apr 2017   9m2s 4 66 0
In Their Own Words: Suzan - حكايتهن : سوزان
Description: وخلال القتال الذي دار في غزة في صيف سنة 2014 ، قصفت البناية التي تسكن فيها سوزان وعائلتها. كنائبة لمدير مدرسة من مدارس الوكالة للبنات، رفضت سوزان التوقّف عن العمل حينما لجأت هي وعائلتها إلى ملجئ طوارئ في غزّة، حيث عينت كنائبة مدير الملجأ. In 2014, in the middle of another war in Gaza, the building where Suzan and her family lived was hit. A deputy school principal for an UNRWA girls’ school, she refused to stop working when her family moved to a designated emergency shelter during the war and became a deputy shelter manager
  01 Mar 2017   4m16s 3 86 0
Rented Premises in Jordan
Description: Originally established as a temporary solution to address the lack of educational and health facilities, rented buildings have emerged as a leading challenge for UNRWA in Jordan. With more than 28,000 Palestine refugee students studying in 57 schools run from 32 rented buildings and 8 rented health centres serving a population of more than 237,000 Palestine refugees, these rented buildings are no longer able to meet the needs of the growing population of refugees. To address this, in cooperation with partners and the Government of Jordan, UNRWA has ramped up efforts to rehabilitate and construct facilities to best meet the Agency’s needs and the needs of its beneficiaries. In doing so, UNRWA will be able to provide better, more accessible services for Palestine refugees in Jordan and continue to support their human development.
  28 Feb 2017   3m5s 5 255 0
Why should the world care about Palestine refugees from Syria?
Description: 500,000 Palestine refugees from Syria survive on humanitarian assistance. They deserve adequate shelter, quality education and access to health care. #UNRWA_Appeals #ShareYourWarmth
  11 Jan 2017   1m24s 5 546 0
Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives in Gaza
  22 Nov 2016   1m10s 7 164 0
Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza speaks to the press
Description: The Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, Bo Schack, gave a press briefing on 17 October at the UNRWA Gaza Training Centre. In the press conference, Mr. Schack emphasized the Agency’s achievements over the past months in the areas of reconstruction, education, health and other services. He said that to address the impact of the ever growing student population in Gaza, over the past year the Agency built between one and two new school buildings per month. Mr. Schack also talked about the impact of the blockade on the people of Gaza, particularly its youth, and how the severe restrictions lead to more frustration, pessimism and, possibly, radicalization. He also answered questions on a wide range of topics, including the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism and the Agency’s role in addressing the unemployment situation.
  26 Oct 2016   28m21s 6 195 0