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Sri Lanka: A son missing, a family in turmoil
Description: When Punchibanda watched his son leave to join the army in 1995, he could not have imagined the heartache he would have to endure five years later. In 2000, he and his wife were informed that their son was missing. After a desperate and futile search that lasted four months, they received news one day that their son's remains had been recovered. The ICRC is contributing to address the needs of families of missing people in Sri Lanka, and advocating for and providing technical support to the authorities to clarify the fate and whereabouts of these families’ missing relatives.
  17 Feb 2017   2m27s 3 251 0
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Internews in Sri Lanka - Drone Journalism Footage
Description: Drone footage of Polonnaruwa, a region of Sri Lanka that is experiencing severe drought, showing elephants trying to find water; landfills in Batticaloa; and schoolchildren catching their first glimpse of a drone.
  28 Oct 2016   7m52s 2 133 0
Sri Lanka: Reducing Flood Risk for a More Livable Metro Colombo
Description: The Metro Colombo Urban Development Project is investing in Colombo’s public spaces, wetlands, and infrastructure to improve its flood resilience, quality of life, and competitiveness. When completed, 232,000 residents will have greater protection from flooding and the entire city of over 6 million people will benefit from an improved quality of life.
  14 Sep 2016   3m54s 13 1557 0
Description: Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur notre site : Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook : Suivez-nous sur Twitter :
  02 Aug 2016   2m2s 5 434 0
Red Talks: Nimal talks about refugees beginning life again
Description: Nimal came to Australia to study for his PhD and started volunteering for Red Cross back in 2011 by offering support to Tamil refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka. Today at Red Cross he helps to empower small community organisations and newly arrived migrant communities in Western Sydney. Get involved with Red Cross today -
  21 Jul 2016   10m59s 12 868 0
Building on Success: Reducing Poverty in Sri Lanka
Description: Sri Lanka’s development features robust growth and impressive poverty reduction. It has ample opportunity for success due to many advantages in geography and education. To make the most of its development opportunity, how can Sri Lanka overcome remaining challenges? For more information, visit:
  24 Mar 2016   3m54s 10 1976 0
Home - Documentary on the Red Cross Post Conflict Recovery Programme
Description: Home - A look back at the Red Cross Post Conflict Recovery Programme that began in 2010. As the programme comes to an end in 2015 we look back at the impact this has made in the lives of the people we aimed at serving. For more information on the programme please log on to
  21 Dec 2015   19m1s 2 444 0
Creating safe spaces to learn in South Asia
  29 Oct 2015   4m19s 2 52 0
HRC30: FORUM-ASIA Statement on OHCHR Report on Sri Lanka, 30 September 2015
Description: 30th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council FORUM-ASIA statement delivered by R.Iniyan Ilango, FORUM-ASIA United Nations Advocacy Programme Manager, during the General Debate on the OHCHR Report on Sri Lanka. Statement:
  02 Oct 2015   2m 1 29 0
25 years of Restoring Family Links in Sri Lanka
Description: During the conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers, the ICRC helped separated families keep in touch through Red Cross messages and visits to places of detention. In the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, we worked with the Sri Lankan Red Cross to trace missing persons and restore contact between relatives. Currently, the ICRC is planning how best to help the families of missing persons.
  07 Jul 2015   6m 1 261 0
10 years on - Tsunami Commemoration
Description: A look back at the recovery & rehabilitation from Sri Lanka Red Cross and its partners since the Indian Ocean Tsunami that struck 10 years ago in Sri Lanka
  26 Dec 2014   13m51s 1 139 0
Tsunami: Walking the last mile
Description: Ten years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit the coasts of Asia-Pacific, much has been done to fill the gaps in disaster prevention, risk reduction and warning systems which contributed to the huge loss of life. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific plays a significant role in this - galvanizing regional efforts, promoting new technologies and fostering early warning projects through its Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness. This short video, produced in partnership with the Asian Broadcasting Union, outlines the work that remains to be done on disaster risk reduction in the region.
  22 Dec 2014   4m43s 411 0