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Despite terrible drought in Somalia, there is a sense of optimism says UN envoy Michael Keating
Description: New leadership in Somalia provides hope despite great security and humanitarian challenges says Michael Keating, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, who spoke to UN News shortly after briefing the Security Council.
  23 Mar 2017   1m6s 8 403 0
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Lifesaving Foreign Assistance is #WorthThePenny
Description: The President has proposed a budget to slash lifesaving U.S. foreign assistance. This funding has long been a key pillar in our nation's leadership role in saving lives and bringing about a safer, more prosperous and more equitable world. Slashing these programs – which make up just one percent of the U.S. federal budget, or one penny on the dollar – wouldn’t balance the budget or pay for significant new domestic spending. But it would have a disastrous impact on the lives of millions of women, girls and families worldwide. It's not too late to reverse course. This proposal does not have to become law. Only Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs. But they won't act unless they hear from you. Tell Congress today: Foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny. Don't put this lifesaving aid on the chopping block. Go to to sign the petition.
  23 Mar 2017   1m1s 3 20 0
How To Save Children During A Drought
Description: Donate NOW to help hundreds of thousands of children across East Africa: In Somalia, 50,000 children are already at risk of death. Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan. And across Kenya and Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of children are dangerously malnourished. But with your help, we can still prevent a catastrophe. KEEP UP TO DATE WITH OUR WORK - follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
  23 Mar 2017   1m33s 32 275 0
Update from Somalia - East Africa Crisis | Islamic Relief UK
Description: Our Deputy Director, Tufail Hussain, is currently in Somalia assessing the critical situation in the country where currently over 6.2 million people urgently need humanitarian aid. Our teams are on the ground responding to the East Africa Crisis in Somalia, as well as in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan where drought and famine has left over 800,000 children severely malnourished. If we don't act now, the situation will get worse. Don't delay. Donate
  22 Mar 2017   43s 9 148 0
Fatouma's Story - East Africa Crisis | Islamic Relief UK
Description: During his visit to Somalia, Tufail Hussain (Deputy Director, Islamic Relief UK) met Fatouma who heartbreakingly told him her story. She lost her 3 young children due to the severe drought in Somalia. Children are dying from malnutrition across East Africa. If we don't act now, it will get much worse. Don't delay, donate:
  22 Mar 2017   1m40s 7 71 0
WFP Fighting Famine with Finance in Drought Stricken Somalia
Description: In February 2017, WFP reached almost a million people in Somalia using a combination of food distributions and digital cash cards that allow people to buy food in local markets-that’s more than twice the number of people reached in January. Close to 3 million people cannot meet their daily food requirements and require urgent humanitarian assistance, while another 3.3 million Somalis need livelihood support to keep from sliding into crisis. WFP is mobilizing air and other logistics assets to ensure a rapid and comprehensive response.
  21 Mar 2017   1m48s 4 133 0
The Somalia News Update
Description: We bring you the latest news from hospitals and treatment centres on the ground in Somalia. Don't delay, Donate: Follow the DEC for updates: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  20 Mar 2017   1m 1 27 0
Improving life for displaced Somalis
Description: Conflict and drought have driven 1.1 million Somalis from their homes and into over-crowded settlements around the capital Mogadishu and other nearby towns. Most of the displaced rely on humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs such as water and sanitation. With funding from the European Commission, UNICEF is working to improve life in the settlements by installing or rehabilitating water points and sanitary facilities. These actions prevent disease and make life more dignified for thousands of people. Video by UNICEF
  08 Mar 2017   1m58s 3 27 0
Ex-child soldiers learn new skills
Description: Conflict is ever-present in Somalia where armed groups continue to recruit young boys and girls. Recently released, 900 children are being taught new skills such as mechanics, tailoring and carpentry in an effort to help them integrate back into society. The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Operations contributes funds to these trainings, which are organised by UNICEF and its local partners. The children also receive psychosocial support as a way of recovering from traumatic experiences and getting their lives back on track. Video by UNICEF
  08 Mar 2017   59s 4 20 0
Somalie : avec le support de ses collègues, une femme à la tête du centre orthopédique de Mogadiscio
Description: Halima Abdulle, en tant que femme et que Somalienne est bien consciente que les postes à responsabilités sont dans son pays traditionnellement réservés aux hommes. Mais cette réalité ne l'a pas empêchée de de se trouver à la tête du Centre de réhabilitation physique de Mogadishu
  08 Mar 2017   49s 3 40 0
Somalia: Encouraged by colleagues, a woman heads Mogadishu rehab centre
Description: As a woman in Somalia, Halima Abdulle is well aware that leadership roles in her country have traditionally been reserved for men. But this reality didn’t stop her from rising to the top of her field. Soft spoken with an easy demeanor, Halima is a registered nurse, a physiotherapist and the director of the Somali Red Crescent Rehabilitation Centre, a facility in Mogadishu that helps patients learn to use new prosthetic arms or legs. Halima worked at the rehabilitation centre for 27 years before being named director in March 2016. She remembers telling colleagues that maybe a male should be in charge, but she said that her co-workers, mostly men, told her she could do it. “In Somalia we don’t traditionally have females in high positions, but we are trying to push and change things,” Halima said, adding later: “l was both excited and afraid at the beginning, but slowly l have gained confidence, and l am up to the task.” Since joining the rehabilitation centre in the 1980s, she has seen a wave of change in the types of diseases and injuries that residents have been exposed to. The centre opened in 1982, about a decade before the country’s long civil war began. “Before the civil war, we used to have patients mostly from traffic accidents and diseases like Polio. But today, they have injuries from shelling or bullets,” said Halima, the 51-year-old mother of two. “Patients arrive here in wheelchairs or carried by relatives.” What has kept Halima, in the same centre for nearly three decades? The determination and effort put in by her disabled patients, she says. Many of them have lost limbs and must begin using prosthetics for the first time. “When they realize that they can use crutches and do things on their own without being dependent, it brings a lot of happiness to them,” she said. “After they are fitted with the prosthetics or orthotics, they realize they can do more in life. They begin to go to the market and some can even drive cars.” The centre, which is supported by the Norwegian Red Cross, makes prosthetic arms and legs as well as orthopedic braces. Last year nearly 4,500 patients took advantage of the centre’s services, including 3-year-old Mohamed. “You’re becoming strong, good, keep it up,” Halima told the child during a recent round of visits with patients. She lifted the boy’s trousers and massaged his knee for a minute before flashing a smile and moving on to the next patient.
  08 Mar 2017   49s 3 103 0
Somali woman heads Mogadishu rehab centre
Description: As a woman in Somalia, Halima Abdulle is well aware that leadership roles in her country have traditionally been reserved for men. But this reality didn’t stop her from rising to the top of her field.
  07 Mar 2017   49s 9 756 0