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This water well helped an entire community in Sierra Leone avoid the Ebola virus
Description: Access to water in Charlotte, Sierra Leone helped the community to avoid Ebola.
  22 Mar 2017   1m12s 1 273 0
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MERCY Malaysia's Sierra Leone Mission (with subtitiles)
  07 Mar 2017   4m34s 1 35 0
In The Name Of Humanity
Description: Two years ago Sierra Leone, a small West-African coastal country, was hit by a catastrophe among its neighbours. It was in the news all-around the world. Ebola. It crossed the borders from Guinea to Sierra Leone in the spring 2014. Towards autumn, it started to look like the spreading of the virus was about to spiral out of control. There was urgent need for action. International help was deployed to the country. Local operators bent over backwards. Sierra Leone Red Cross started to recruit people to join the battle, where the enemy was invisible but surely fatal. Any volunteers? Yes. Thousands. Close to 4,000 people died of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and over 11,000 people across the region, since December 2013. The International Red Cross and National Red Cross Societies in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone trained over 10,000 volunteers, who carried out jobs no one else wanted to do. They treated patients, conducted safe and dignified burials, traced and monitored contacts of Ebola patients, provided psychosocial support to survivors and their families, and educated 4.6 million people with accurate information about the disease. (© Saara Mansikkamäki / Finnish Red Cross)
  01 Dec 2016   12m59s 16 698 0
The Aftermath of Ebola
Description: The transmission of Ebola from the big outbreak which affected more than 28,000 people in West Africa is over. However there is plenty of long-term impact felt in each of the three countries, from economic impact, to schools closing, to medical schools closing for an extended period of time. In Liberia, for example, before the outbreak they only had 50 doctors. And then for one or two years there’s been no doctors who’ve graduated and some doctors died during the outbreak. Clinics have shut down. Routine health care had shut down. So HIV testing, TB program, routine immunization for children, all of this was compromised. Now in Monrovia, Liberia, we’re seeing measles cases, just because there wasn’t routine vaccination during the outbreak. We’re also seeing the psychological impact on the population and on communities. We’re seeing PTSD and depression. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was one of the biggest actors in the response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in all three countries. We treated more than 5,000 patients, half of which survived. It was quite a difficult time, and something we had never seen before, so at MSF we also learned quite a lot. Now what we’re doing is we’re trying to create a new guideline for hemorrhagic fever for both us, as MSF in the future, and also for other actors. They can use and we can learn from these lessons. We’re also working to help find a vaccine. We've been running survivor clinics, one in every country, because we were seeing that Ebola survivors have symptoms that continue after they’re cured. Namely, eye problems, generalized body pain, joint pain, aches s and pains, as well as psychological problems. These clinics will end by the end of 2016 and the survivors will be re-integrated into the normal healthcare system. Find out more about MSF's work in This is MSF:
  31 Oct 2016   3m35s 13 1268 0
En Sierra Leone, les élèves retournent à l’école après l’épidémie d’Ebola
Description: En 2014 et pendant une grande partie de l’année 2015, la Sierra Leone a été durement frappée par une épidémie d’Ebola. Les écoles ont fermé pendant huit mois. Travaillant dans des conditions difficiles, les autorités, les parents et les élèves de Sierra Leone ont fait de leur mieux pour atténuer l’impact de cette interruption de l’éducation et permettre la reprise après la crise.
  08 Sep 2016   5m27s 4 1808 0
West Africa Food Security Outlook (August 2016 - January 2017)
Description: To project food security outcomes, FEWS NET develops a set of assumptions about likely events, their effects, and the probable responses of various actors. FEWS NET analyzes these assumptions in the context of current conditions and local livelihoods to arrive at a most likely scenario for the coming six months.
  01 Sep 2016   15m23s 1 129 0
WHD 2016 - #OneHumanity
Description: With our eleven commitments (, we have focused on meeting people’s essential needs and developing solutions with and for those impacted; investing in local capacities, and putting people at the centre of the response through local and national empowerment and building community resilience. Watch the video produced by ACT member Christian Aid which remember us that humanitarian action is first and foremost about humanity. ‪#‎ShareHumanity‬ ‪#‎ACT4Humanity‬
  19 Aug 2016   3m50s 1 184 0
Sierra Leone: Going Back to School After Ebola
Description: Starting in 2014 and well into 2015, Sierra Leone was hit hard by an Ebola outbreak which left schools closed for eight months. Having lived through years of civil war, Sierra Leoneans knew the setbacks that lost educational opportunities would inflict on a young generation. The government, working with donor partners, initiated a number of interventions to mitigate these losses. Read the blog:
  15 Aug 2016   5m19s 18 1904 0
Ebola in Sierra Leone: the role of faith leaders
Description: Faith leaders replaced messages of fear with hope, bringing about changes in behaviour, and transforming local practices from within communities. There is a vital need to sustain the level of local and international interest and activity so that affected communities can fully recover and move forward. ACT member Christian Aid invited faith leaders, survivors, and orphans of the Ebola in Sierra Leone to tell their stories.
  01 Jun 2016   7m15s 1 35 0
A heart for Sierra Leone
Description: Sierra Leone starts from scratch after being harshly hit by a striking epidemic of Ebola and looks up for a better future: COOPI's project is targeted at training and supporting local population along the cashew chain for poverty reduction purposes. Further info at: Photo credits to Alessandro Gandolfi Video by Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo e Pholpo
  06 May 2016   3m21s 1 63 0
VLOG | Running an Ebola survivor clinic in Sierra Leone
Description: Justin Healy, a British doctor from Anglesey in Wales, vlogs from Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he's running an Ebola survivor clinic. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? Justin will be in Freetown until July 2016 so if you have a question for Justin, ask him in the comments below. We'll ask Justin to record his answers to the most popular questions. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Help us caption & translate this video!
  03 May 2016   2m59s 18 1094 0