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Water Access in the Philippines: Fixing the Institutions that Fix the Pipes
Description: 8 million Filipinos still lack access to clean water. A project in the Philippines is helping to train water suppliers and ensure that service is sustainable in the long-term to close the water access gap in the country. #WorldWaterDay
  22 Mar 2017   2m19s 6 181 0
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Forgotten Conflicts: The Philippines
Description: Overlapping conflicts have been raging in the Philippines for decades. Militancy is rising in southern Mindanao as peace talks stall.
  25 Jan 2017   2m18s 1 367 0
Philippines: Deeper Scars
Description: A collection of photo stories of human trafficking victims and survivors from Eastern and Central Visayas regions of the Philippines.
  21 Dec 2016   11m18s 3 116 0
The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations
Description: Take a closer look at the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHEs) of the response to the crises in the Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan) in 2014 and in the Central African Republic and South Sudan in 2015. The video provides a brief overview of the situations that triggered the Level Three (L3) emergency responses, and presents the questions the IAHEs considered: how relevant and how effective were the responses? Were the expected results achieved? What was the level of engagement of national actors and governments? And which areas need to be strengthened?” Independent evaluators and a member of the IAHE management group speak about the evaluation findings, as well as good practices and lessons learned identified. For more information on Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations and to download the full evaluation reports or synthesis of findings, visit the IASC website:
  30 Nov 2016   11m4s 4 956 0
Conflict Alert - monitoring conflicts in the southern Philippines
Description: Conflict Alert is our new comprehensive monitoring system that allows conflicts to be analysed and compared in different parts of the southern Philippines. This video explores what the system tracks, how to use it, and why it can be a vital tool for building peace in the region.
  14 Nov 2016   3m55s 1 119 0
Typhoon Yolanda - More resilience 3 years on
Description: World Vision joins the people of Leyte and the rest of the country in commemorating the third year of typhoon Yolanda that hit central Philippines on November 8, 2013. After 1095 days, rehabilitation work in Yolanda-affected areas remains community-centered recognizing the people’s local capacities and the strong partnerships among NGO’s, community partners, government and donors
  08 Nov 2016   3m9s 73 0
Description: Denen Derecho, 25, became a community volunteer after the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda. She was taught Sanitation and Hygiene by Philippine Red Cross and is currently enrolled as Disaster Risk Reduction team leader in the community. Through the help of PRC, she was able to extend help to her community by sharing her knowledge and skills.
  03 Nov 2016   1m14s 0 36 0
3 Years after Typhoon Haiyan
Description: On November 8th, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. It was the strongest tropical storm ever to make landfall. With your support, people like Leonida, Antonio and Eduardo were able to start putting their lives back together. Here's how. Learn more about LWR's work in the Philippines: Learn more about LWR's emergency response: Video by Made Known Pictures, for LWR
  19 Oct 2016   3m10s 2 929 0
Typhoon Haiyan: Preparing for the next catastrophe
Description: Typhoon Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people, and turned the lives of countless other upside down. Never again do we want a disaster to like this to impact communities as much as it did. We are working the the Coalition of Services of the Elderly to implement a disaster risk reduction programme that ensures early warning systems are in place and that older men and women know exactly what to do when a typhoon hits, as well as in its aftermath.
  04 Jul 2016   7m12s 2 340 0
Emergency Psychosocial Support for Students Affected by Typhoon in the Philippines (long version)
Description: Emergency Psychosocial Support for Secondary School-aged Students Affected by Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. The overall goal of the project is to support the Government of Philippines' education system through the enhancement of national and local capacities in response to immediate needs of secondary school children affected by emergency situations such as typhoons, earthquakes and/or floods. A collaborative effort to revisit existing tools, systems and policies in addressing post-disaster stress among school children, particularly secondary students, was facilitated by this partnership with the Department of Education, their principals and teachers. This project aims to strengthen the National Education System to respond to the immediate needs of secondary school students affected by emergency situations such as typhoons, earthquakes and/or floods through a collaborative effort to improve the quality of existing psychosocial training module in cooperation with Department of Education.
  23 Jun 2016   9m58s 6 221 0
The Girl and the Typhoons
Description: French actress Marion Cotillard travelled to the Philippines to meet with children and young people on climate change and what they want big-polluting governments to do about it. One of the girls she met is Marinel who is taking action on climate change in her own community. She participates in Plan International’s climate change adaptation projects and now teaches at youth camps to pass on everything she has learnt to the younger children. Marinel travelled to Paris with Plan International for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in December 2015.
  09 Jun 2016   4m11s 6 338 0