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MSF PULSE: Nigeria's Malnutrition Crisis
Description: In this episode of Pulse we unpack the massive humanitarian crisis taking place in Nigeria as tens of thousands of people flee a violent conflict between government forces and Boko Haram. Learn more:
  21 Apr 2017   1m53s 4 82 0
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Lifesaving Foreign Assistance is #WorthThePenny
Description: The President has proposed a budget to slash lifesaving U.S. foreign assistance. This funding has long been a key pillar in our nation's leadership role in saving lives and bringing about a safer, more prosperous and more equitable world. Slashing these programs – which make up just one percent of the U.S. federal budget, or one penny on the dollar – wouldn’t balance the budget or pay for significant new domestic spending. But it would have a disastrous impact on the lives of millions of women, girls and families worldwide. It's not too late to reverse course. This proposal does not have to become law. Only Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs. But they won't act unless they hear from you. Tell Congress today: Foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny. Don't put this lifesaving aid on the chopping block. Go to to sign the petition.
  23 Mar 2017   1m1s 4 80 0
Desde el infierno de Boko Haram - Nigeria
Description: SÍGUENOS: Formamos un movimiento global para erradicar la pobreza y la injusticia y luchamos para que las personas gocen plenamente de sus derechos y vivan dignamente.
  15 Mar 2017   3m6s 7 124 0
Nigeria Famine Threat: Mothers Sharing Strength to Fight Hunger
Description: Action Against Hunger's "Porridge Moms" program in conflict-torn northeast Nigeria empowers women displaced by violence to protect their children from severe malnutrition and cope with the trauma they have experienced.
  08 Mar 2017   2m40s 5 407 0
DFID - Four countries, four crises. #UKaid to help millions of people at risk from famine.
Description: Four countries, four crises. #UKaid to help millions of people at risk from famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria:
  01 Mar 2017   56s 0 94 0
Fleeing Boko Haram: 'Every day we pray for protection and peace'
Description: More than two million people in the Lake Chad region have been displaced by the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria. Refugees and people displaced within Nigeria are in desperate need of help, with tens of thousands of children at risk of malnutrition. Women and men are in need of shelter, protection and psychological support after enduring horrific violence and abuse. A major international conference Oslo is drawing attention to the plight of these people as regional leaders and civil society discuss the possibilities for people to return home. The latest: Information for media: If you would like to use this video to communicate refugee stories or require B-Roll, transcripts, stills or much more information, please contact us at or --- Keep up to date with our latest videos: -- UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, works to protect and assist those fleeing war and persecution. Since 1950, we have helped tens of millions of people find safety and rebuild their lives. With your support, we can restore hope for many more. Read more at Support our work with refugees now by subscribing to this channel, liking this video and sharing it with your friends and contacts. Thanks so much for your help.
  24 Feb 2017   2m2s 15 390 0
When I was a child, I dreamed that one day...
Description: Orlando Bloom talks about dreams and hopes with children in the Lake Chad region.
  24 Feb 2017   2m32s 31 1178 0
Crisis Watch: Northeast Nigeria On The Brink Of Famine
Description: The war against Boko Haram has created massive displacement and famine-like conditions for 14.8 million affected people in northeastern Nigeria. 5.1 million people are food insecure, and 2.8 million children are severely malnourished. If nothing changes, 205 children will die each day. This crisis is man-made, but the solutions are too. The IRC is scaling up its life-saving response in northeastern Nigeria, but we must do more. Please learn more and donate at The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future. DONATE NOW: LEARN MORE
  22 Feb 2017   3m53s 9 1462 0
MONTH IN FOCUS | February 2017
Description: Nigeria – Rann camp in northern Nigeria bombed in airstrike Yemen – Providing medical care amid bombs Syria - MSF calls on technology to establish the facts behind hospital bombings Serbia - Refugees trapped in Belgrade in 20°C below Kenya- Sexual violence United States: “Global gag order will lead to more deaths” Cambodia - Hepatitis C Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Help us caption & translate this video!
  22 Feb 2017   13m34s 10 982 0
WFP Scaling Up to Fight Extreme Hunger in Areas Affected by Boko Haram in Nigeria
Description: WFP is extremely concerned about the critical food insecurity situation in northeastern Nigeria, regardless of whether a famine can technically be declared. In Boko Haram-affected areas, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States, 4.7 million people are facing hunger, of whom 1.8 million people are in need of emergency food assistance.
  27 Jan 2017   3m1s 11 212 0
Diario de Daniel
Description: Daniel, 21 años, de Nigeria. Tuvo que abandonar Nigeria cuando estalló la violencia entre diferentes facciones y bajo la amenaza de Boko Haram. Cruzó el mar Mediterraneo desde Libia hacia Italia donde recibe el apoyo de Oxfam para aprender la lengua y buscar trabajo. Su historia es también la de miles de personas que buscan refugio y una vida digna en Europa. ((El nombre real de esta persona ha sido modificado por razones de seguridad)). SÍGUENOS: Formamos un movimiento global para erradicar la pobreza y la injusticia y luchamos para que las personas gocen plenamente de sus derechos y vivan dignamente.
  16 Jan 2017   6m58s 13 341 0
Malnutrition Emergency in Northeastern Nigeria
Description: Across Borno state, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is running 11 permanent health facilities, while its medical teams make regular visits to five more health facilities. MSF is deeply concerned for the hundreds of thousands of people who could be living in areas of the state where aid agencies have not been granted access and who may not have food, water or medical care. MSF's pediatric and nutrition advisor, Dr. Kerstin Hanson, said: "When I go to the field, I'm used to being surrounded by a lot of kids. Bubbly, jumping, laughing. In Borno this is not the case, especially in the displacement camps where the kids, especially the children under five, were missing. Most of them had, unfortunately, already died. On the other hand, however, in our hospital for severely, acutely malnourished children with really severe medical complications, here the number of malnourished kids was alarming. They were of a severity that I had not recently seen in any of the projects that I've visited." Read more about this crisis:
  04 Jan 2017   3m17s 24 1200 0