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Godfrey's Journey: Treating NTDs in Malawi
Description: Godfrey Yonasi Cheleni is a health worker in Malawi in charge of delivering drugs to treat Lymphatic Filariasis - a painful and debilitating disease - to 8 villages in Malawi. Follow his journey to deliver these drugs to people who need them most.
  21 Apr 2017   2m57s 8 195 0
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Tanzania and Malawi: Using climate forecasts to shape local DRR solutions
Description: In order to support community-level DRR decisions, National Red Cross Societies in Malawi and Tanzania have been working with local and international partners to bridge the gap between science, policy and practice under the Climate Services Adaptation Programme, and more broadly the the Global Framework for Climate Services. The programme seeks to ensure vulnerable communities have better access to and understanding of climate forecast information, are able to make informed choices and decisions about their livelihoods, and are therefore more resilient to a changing climate. This video draws from comments made during the programme’s participatory evaluation process.
  24 Mar 2017   15m1s 3 226 0
Human Rights Activist in Motion: Albert's tale
Description: "When I started my university, I got the opportunity to start working for a human rights organization. I was in my country and I had my dreams, I planned everything. When I arrived here to Malawi in Dzaleka, I found the opportunity to study at JC:HEM diploma program (Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins). I think that education is very important, especially for people living in marginal situations, like refugees."
  20 Dec 2016   5m3s 1 51 0
Schools in drought-hit Malawi receive food programme
Description: Schools in Malawi have benefited from the Red Cross's programme that aims to keep students in school by providing meals for those attending. When faced with days without a meal, the students have no strength to learn, to pay attention, sometimes even to find their way to school. Since May 2015, the southern Africa region has been experiencing an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened, a result of the negative impacts of the 2015/16 El Niño, the worst in 35 years. You can donate at
  29 Nov 2016   2m4s 3 82 0
The Food-Energy-Water Security Nexus in Malawi
Description: The Food-Energy-Water Security Nexus is a cross-sectorial approach that motivates policy makers and researchers to think about water, energy, and land-related natural resources in a competing way. The aim of this video is to highlight the importance of the Food-Energy-Water Security Nexus in practice. It shows how a very simple technology, like improved cookstoves, can strongly contribute to overcoming food, energy and water insecurity in Malawi if policy makers and other stakeholders are coordinating activities.
  26 Oct 2016   7m53s 6 237 0
Profits Over People: Mining Ruins Lives in Malawi
Description: Malawi’s government has failed to protect the rights and livelihoods of people living in nascent mining communities, Human Rights Watch said today in a report released on eve of the International Right to Know Day. Families living near coal and uranium mining operations face serious problems with water, food, and housing, and are left in the dark about health and other risks from mining. The 96-page report, “‘They Destroyed Everything’: Mining and Human Rights in Malawi,” examines the impact of extractive industries on communities in some of Malawi’s first mining areas, in Karonga district located on the northwestern shores of Lake Malawi. Malawi’s government has promoted private investment in mining and resource extraction to diversify its economy. But environmental risks are common in resource extraction and mining significantly contributes to climate change, which in turn affects governments’ ability to realize the rights to health, water, and food.
  26 Sep 2016   5m44s 20 1920 0
Crisis in Malawi - Worst harvest of their lives
Description: Mary's Meals founder and chief executive Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow reflects on a recent visit to Malawi during the current food insecurity in southern Africa.
  25 Aug 2016   20s 4 119 0
“This year’s hunger is a hunger I have never experienced.”
Description: Gertrude Muotcha is a single mother of four young children. She has no job and no income, making this year’s drought in southern Malawi challenging to survive. Like many others, her family is only eating one meal a day. The Malawi Red Cross Society, with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, is providing life-saving assistance to 25,000 people affected by the drought through food security, nutrition and livelihoods interventions.
  09 Aug 2016   1m49s 2 81 0
Description: Grèce - "C'est ça l'Europe ?" Yémen - A Aden, une situation toujours volatile Malawi - Auprès des pêcheurs du lac Chilwa Jordanie - Retourner en Syrie Décryptage - Les risques du métier A voix haute - "Notre rôle, comme traducteur : rassurer les réfugiés" Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur le site de l'une des sections MSF francophones : • MSF Belgique : • MSF France : • MSF Luxembourg : • MSF Suisse :
  29 Apr 2016   13m1s 2 300 0
BBC Click - Using tablet technology in classrooms in Malawi
Description: Technology has huge potential to increase the scale and effectiveness of our education programmes. Last year in Malawi, primary schoolchildren involved in a pilot project using tablets to increase numeracy skills made more progress in eight weeks than in 12-18 months of usual classroom teaching. This project has been scaled up to 100 schools across the country.
  29 Apr 2016   4m25s 3 468 0
Building resilience to food insecurity in Malawi through livestock distribution
Description: In southern Malawi, the Malawi Red Cross Society, with the support of the Finnish Red Cross, has been implementing an integrated food security and livelihood project aimed at building resilience to food insecurity. Reaching 3,488 people, the five-year project aimed at increasing the knowledge and capacity of families on livelihoods, and improving availability and accessibility to food at the household level. The project adopted a diversified approach and included activities such as livestock distribution. The most vulnerable were selected to participate, including people living with HIV, as they are among the most affected when drought strikes. Recipients say because of these interventions they now have enough food for their families, as well as surplus which they sell, which provides them with funds to send their children to school.
  28 Apr 2016   2m19s 1 161 0
Using fish to build resiliency to food insecurity in Malawi
Description: To help build resilience to food insecurity in Malawi, the Malawi Red Cross Society and its partners are implementing a number of small scale long-term interventions with sustainable impact. This includes fish farming, where participants are provided with training and the tools needed to create a pond, stock it, and maintain it. Recipients say the fish has benefitted them in that it provides additional nutrients to their diets, and they can sell the fish for additional income. This, in turn, helps them operate small businesses and send their children to school. The project adopted a diversified approach and included activities such as bee keeping, fish farming, small scale irrigation, backyard gardens, and livestock production. 210 people were selected in 15 villages to be part of the activity which resulted in the establishment of 22 small scale irrigation schemes. People received a treadle pump, fertilizer, seeds, and training. The training included how to prepare fields for irrigation, how to set up the treadle pump which resulted in a wider area of cultivation for them, knowledge about different types of crops and techniques such as crop rotation. Recipients say because of these interventions they now have enough food for their families, as well as surplus which they sell. They use the money to purchase additional supplies to prepare for the next planting season.
  28 Apr 2016   2m14s 1 391 0