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FIJI: Cyclone Winston – One Year On
Description: On 20 February, 2016, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston devastated large parts of Fiji. Forty-four people were killed, and 350,000 people were affected. 32,000 houses were destroyed or damaged. One year on, Fiji Red Cross continues to work in the hardest-hit areas. In the last year it has helped 77,000 people, providing emergency relief items, as well as safe water, health and hygiene messaging, psychosocial support, new houses, Build Back Safer training and messaging, and improved sanitation. Fiji Red Cross is also rebuilding the 230-pupil Vunikavikaloa Arya School as part of the Government’s Adopt A School programme. Volunteers and staff will continue to work with the affected communities for the duration of the recovery operation which ends on 31 May 2017.
  19 Feb 2017   4m15s 10 252 0
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Fiji Just Play Emergency Programme
Description: To help children recover emotionally, The Oceania Football Confederation and UNICEF developed the Just Play Emergency Programme. It uses sport to support the psycho-social recovery of children after an emergency like Cyclone Winston. Recognizing the important role that sport can play in supporting the emotional recovery of children following an emergency, see how the UNICEF supported Just Play Emergency Programme helped over 10,000 children across Fiji recover following TC Winston.
  16 Feb 2017   4m31s 1 46 0
Sustainable Development Goals: Leaving No One Behind – Examples from Papua New Guinea
Description: United Nations - In 2015, 193 states, including Papua New Guinea, adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, as well as to build prosperity and peace. These Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs serve as a platform to transform the world by 2030. The SDGs aim to improve the quality of each person’s life, because everyone matters. This film tells the stories of three families in the Coastal, Highlands and Central regions of Papua New Guinea. It documents the challenges the families face in their daily lives, how they are overcoming these and their aspirations for the future.
  07 Feb 2017   7m16s 34 842 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 5 - Earthquake
Description: Learn what to do to prepare for and respond to an earthquake and also about tsunami and evacuating to a safe haven.
  07 Feb 2017   7m56s 2 11 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 6 - Storms Floods
Description: Learn all about storms and how floods and how to stay safe and prepare yourself.
  07 Feb 2017   9m17s 2 21 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools-Part 1-Children's rights
Description: Learn about the hazards in our region and also about the importance of children's rights to safety and educational continuity.
  07 Feb 2017   8m11s 2 9 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 7 - Lockdown and safe family reunification
Description: Learn what you need to do for lockdown and learn all about the procedure for safe family reunification. This clip also includes making an emergency call.
  07 Feb 2017   6m14s 3 14 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 4 - Fire safety
Description: Learn how to put out a small fire, how to evacuate in case of a fire and what to do and how to help if someone is on fire.
  07 Feb 2017   4m49s 2 14 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 3 - Building evacuation
Description: Learn the building evacuation rules and how to evacuate a building safely.
  07 Feb 2017   3m30s 2 12 0
Fiji Emergency and safety procedures for schools - Part 2 - SOPs
Description: Learn about the 6 basic Standard Operating Procedures for school safety.
  07 Feb 2017   5m13s 2 6 0