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Menstrual hygiene management in schools: the practice in South Ari woreda
Description: Creating a favorable school environment for girls fosters their education. Raising awareness around the importance of menstrual hygiene management is important to break the taboos around menstruation and to take actions in order for girls to stay in schools. For this years Menstrual Hygiene Management Day on 28 May - we interviewed pupils, girls club members and teachers about the challenges with menstrual hygiene management in Mytol primary school and Getamer Primary school in South Omo Zone, South Ari woreda, Ethiopia and the actions they were taking to fight the challenges.
  19 Jun 2017   8m4s 0 23 0
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Ethiopia urged to give attention to all human rights
Description: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein ended a three-day visit to Ethiopia, where he lauded the country's development efforts but also called for equal attention to all sets of rights.
  05 May 2017   1m58s 6 831 0
Ethiopia: Planning for an Uncertain Future in the Face of Drought
Description: The 2016 rainy season wasn’t as good as expected, and now, in 2017, pastoralist communities in southeastern Ethiopia find themselves at the mercy of a new drought that they weren’t prepared for. With changing weather patterns, as well as crop and livestock losses, these communities will need help in the form of social safety nets to protect them from the worst. The World Bank and partners support the financing of Ethiopia’s drought response system to help plan for extended drought, reduce the need for humanitarian aid, and ensure that vulnerable communities have the resources they need to stave off hunger and thirst.
  02 May 2017   3m33s 8 742 0
DEC Member Save The Children responds to the East Africa Crisis
Description: DEC Member Save The Children are delivering life-saving aid across East Africa. Find out more about the amazing work they are doing thanks to the generous donations from the UK. Don't delay, Donate: Follow the DEC for updates: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  28 Mar 2017   1m12s 3 116 0
Two Years Without Rain
Description: East Africa is in the grip of a devastating food crisis. Millions of families are facing starvation because of droughts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Famine has been declared in parts of conflict-stricken South Sudan. Oxfam is there with life-saving support, but we urgently need your help to do more. You can help: Donate now
  23 Mar 2017   1m30s 10 306 0
Ethiopian girl Tsion on surviving drought and fighting hunger together
Description: Last year, when a devastating drought struck Ethiopia, EU and World Food Programme (WFP) assistance helped keep millions of people from hunger. Follow Tsion's story about rebuilding lives then and how we need to continue the fight against hunger with a new drought hitting parts of the country again. #WhatFoodMeans is a new campaign which makes people in Europe aware of how the European Union has enabled the World Food Programme to defeat hunger at a critical time for Ethiopia. It showcases how the right partnerships and interventions can achieve more than saving lives: EU assistance ensures Ethiopian families and refugees living in the country, have access to adequate and nutritious food to keep going. EU assistance also prevents smallholding farmers and pastoralists (nomadic livestock herders) from selling their livestock or losing their income. Drought is affecting new parts of Ethiopia again this year, putting over 5 million people in need of urgent food assistance. Through Tsion's personal experience, find out how, by working together, lives can be saved. Video by Project Everyone/WFP/EU
  03 Mar 2017   2m59s 5 163 0
'Give them opportunities': refugees in Ethiopia
Description: Atakelt Tesfay, Ethiopia Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service, draws a link between the lack of opportunities experienced by Eritrean refugees in the country and the number risking their lives to attempt the dangerous journey to Europe. Find out more:
  01 Mar 2017   1m27s 1 115 0
Description: The European Union and World Food Programme sent five chefs to Ethiopia to find out #WhatFoodMeans for people living there.
  22 Feb 2017   35s 5 160 0
Value Chain Development for improved livelihoods in Ethiopia
  28 Dec 2016   7m48s 2 213 0
Accessing the Remote
Description: As Ethiopia recovers from its worst drought in decades and continues to host the most refugees of any country in Africa, the UN’s Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) provides reliable flights which allow aid workers to reach remote places with much needed assistance. The WFP-managed service frees dozens of UN agencies and non-governmental organisations from the stress of having to arrange safe, fast and efficient ways of getting their staff and supplies to destination. The European Commission supports UNHAS in 10 African countries including Ethiopia. Video by World Food Programme
  10 Nov 2016   1m50s 3 93 0
The devastating impact of climate change in Ethiopia
Description: Ethiopia is facing one of the worst droughts in decades. Six million children are in danger - facing hunger, disease and lack of water. Right now, world leaders are meeting at the annual climate conference in Marrakech to discuss how to best achieve the climate goals they committed to at last year’s conference. Inaction is not an option. Subscribe to UNICEF here: The official UNICEF YouTube channel is your primary destination for the latest news updates from the frontline, documentaries, celebrity appeals, and more about our work to realize the rights of every child. Click here to see all of our latest trending videos: For more about UNICEF's work, visit: Follow UNICEF here: UNICEF Connect blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Medium:
  09 Nov 2016   2m31s 66 3001 0