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28 Jun 2017 description

Emergency Appeal no MDRVN014

EA update no 2: 15 June 2017

Timeframe covered by this update: 27 October 2016 – 31 May 2017

Operation start date: 17 Nov 2016

Operation timeframe: 9 months (November 2016 – July 2017)

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

28 Jun 2017 description

46,000 Individuals displaced by the drought

149,327 Drought affected individuals assisted

53,754 Individuals benefited from cash assistance

2,369 Individuals enrolled in community-based projects


28 Jun 2017 description


  • 18.8 million people in need

  • 1,988,946 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

  • 81 Percentage of IDPs displaced for more than a year

  • 900,258 IDP returnees

  • 860,061 recipients of NFIs since March 2015

  • 280,096 refugees and asylum seekers

  • 24,559 new arrivals to Yemeni coast since 1 January 2017


28 Jun 2017 description


  • By 25 June, the overall number of new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants counted in Serbia shrunk to 5,948. 93% were accommodated in 18 governmental centres.

27 Jun 2017 description

Keynotes and Events of Public Health Significance

  • One hundred-one cases with 29 deaths were reported from 15 counties

  • Ninety-nine percent (99%) completeness in reporting from health facilities

  • Ninety-nine percent (99%) reporting timeliness from health facilities

  • Six confirmed measles cases reported from the National Reference Laboratory

27 Jun 2017 description
report Voice of America

Eight people were killed Tuesday in Kenya when the truck carrying them rolled over a land mine several miles from the Somalian border, police said.

"Four police officers and four children have been killed in an IED explosion in Lamu [county]," a police spokesperson said. Kenyan officials said the children were returning to school after Eid celebrations when the explosion occurred.

27 Jun 2017 description
report CARE

One night, at a refugee settlement in Uganda, 26-year-old Joyce (not pictured above) watched in fear as her husband continued to drink and his behaviour became increasingly erratic. Ever since they’d fled the war in South Sudan, her husband’s drinking had gotten worse and sometimes led to violent outbursts. As he became more intoxicated, he started yelling and hitting her. Suddenly, he grabbed a machete and threatened to cut her. Terrified, Joyce grabbed their six children and ran to a neighbour’s tent.

27 Jun 2017 description

Bulletin hebdomadaire d’information sur la réponse à l’épidémie de virus Ebola en République Démocratique du Congo.

L’OMS appuie la gratuité des soins dans les structures de santé de la zone de Likati

27 Jun 2017 description
report IRIN

The children, all refugees and mostly from Syria, filed awkwardly into the unfamiliar school. With its lush grounds and English posters on the walls, it was starkly different from their government-run public school in an outer suburb of Beirut.

27 Jun 2017 description

Health systems are the backbone of our efforts to save lives. While the connections between health systems and health outcomes make intuitive sense in the global health space, health systems strengthening (HSS) interventions have often been thought of as too far removed from health outcomes to establish a direct linkage.

27 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • UNICEF is supporting the Government of Angola and UNHCR to resettle refugees from existing reception centres which are near capacity to an identified new settlement site in Lovua. Relocation has not yet commenced.

  • UNICEF and partners have constructed 108 latrines and 92 shower units to improve sanitation and hygiene conditions benefitting 5,700 people, and reached 16,729 refugees with hygiene promotion messages.

27 Jun 2017 description

Key Issues

  • The Fall Armyworm infestation continues to destroy meher crops across 233 woredas in six regions, and it is spreading at an alarming rate.

  • First quarter Therapeutic Feeding Program admissions exceeded HRD projections.

  • The number of irregular Ethiopian migrants returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has reached 35,000 (of an estimated 750,000 irregular Ethiopians residing in KSA) as the Amnesty period ends this week.
    Government of Ethiopia is negotiating for an extension to the amnesty period.

27 Jun 2017 description

I. Introduction to the MAM Decision Tool

A. Background and rationale for the decision tool:

27 Jun 2017 description

En el marco de la campaña solidaria “Todos por el Sur”, impulsada por el Ministerio de Educación y Ciencias (MEC), se procedió la semana pasada a la entrega de las donaciones recibidas, tales como abrigos y alimentos, con el apoyo logístico de la Secretaría de Emergencia Nacional (SEN). Adicionalmente, fueron entregadas las botas donadas por el Gobierno de Israel a la SEN, y cedidas al MEC. La entrega de las botas inició con niños y niñas de instituciones educativas del distrito de Guazu Cuá.

27 Jun 2017 description


  • Lebanon has submitted its Country Strategic Plan (2018-2020) for approval at the upcoming session of the WFP Executive Board in June.

  • Assistance to vulnerable Lebanese under the National Poverty Targeting Programme commenced in May.

27 Jun 2017 description


  • In May, WFP resumed life-saving assistance to over 60,000 Syrians stranded at the north-eastern border with Syria, the Berm, for the second time this year. The distribution was carried out through a third party contractor. The distribution is complemented with registration through iris scanning being conducted by third party monitors and through UNHCR.

27 Jun 2017 description


  • The CO received a mission from the Adaptation Fund from 30 April-3 May 2017 to document success stories from the Climate Change project. The mission found the work very impressive, and will be documenting the project’s stakeholder engagement and gender mainstreaming approaches as best practices in a knowledge product for guidance on Adaptation Fund projects.

27 Jun 2017 description

Iraqis say militants gun down civilians escaping fighting in old Mosul, while thousands trapped there are used as human shields.

By: Cathy Otten

HAMMAM AL-ALIL, Iraq - After his nephew was shot trying to flee the old city of Mosul, Abu Taha was trapped. Under the rule of armed extremists, just to be seen with a packed rucksack was enough to get him killed.