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26 Jul 2017 description

Children in the electorate of Papua New Guinea's incumbent prime minister are too scared to turn up to school due to election-related violence.

Read more on Radio New Zealand International.

25 Jul 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Duterte Should Sign ‘Safe Schools Declaration,’ Not Threaten Students

By Carlos H. Conde

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened airstrikes on schools for indigenous children on the southern island of Mindanao that he alleged are teaching “subversion [and] communism.”

“I will bomb those schools,” Duterte said on Monday. “I will use the Armed Forces, the Philippine Air Force…because you’re operating illegally and you’re teaching the children to rebel against government.”

25 Jul 2017 description
report ACTED, People in Need

In the nearly 9 months following the beginning of military operations to retake the city of Mosul, 933,000 individuals have been displaced. On the 9th of July, the military campaign to retake Mosul was officially declared ended. 224,000 people were able to return home once the neighbourhood they were living in was retaken. Nevertheless, 709,000 Mosul residents remain displaced in the Mosul corridor in Ninewa governorate. Approximately 53% of the displaced live with host communities, while the remaining individuals live across 19 camps and emergency sites.

25 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The total number of Burundian refugees in Rwanda has increased to 86,600. Of this, 54,257 refugees are living in Mahama Camp.

  • Successful “Back to school campaign” resulted in 2,300 children entering/re-entering school. Education is being supported to build capacity, improve quality, and increase access impacting 389 teachers and more than 20,000 children.

25 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Yemen is today one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises. It is estimated that now 20.7 million people – including over 11 million children – require humanitarian assistance, 2 million more than those in need at the end of 2016. The AWD/suspected cholera outbreak, the threat of famine and the undermined national systems, are contributing to exacerbate the suffering of millions of children and families.

25 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Escalated conflict and security restrictions have significantly affected UNICEF’s ability to reach many areas with critical assistance in 2017. In response, the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) was scaled up at the beginning of the year in an effort to reach the most vulnerable populations in hard to reach locations. Since January, 27 RRM missions have taken place reaching 498,461 people with live-saving support.

25 Jul 2017 description
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Technical annex

The full implementation of this version of the HIP is subject to the adoption of the decision amending Decision C(2016) 8795

AMOUNT: EUR 20 000 000

25 Jul 2017 description

In June, the security situation continued to deteriorate in the south. The situation in Dera’a city and camp, Jilien, and Muzeirib remained extremely tense due to the heavy shelling, mortars and clashes, amid airstrikes. In Rif Damascus, violent clashes continued in Yarmouk, Douma, Harasta, Jobar, and Hajar el Aswad.

25 Jul 2017 description

Executive Summary

Bangladesh graduated to lower-middle-income country status in 2015 and enters the era of the Sustainable Development Goals from a solid base, having made progress in reducing poverty, hunger and undernutrition in recent decades.

Numerous policy instruments provide a conducive environment, and emerging programmes supported by reforms, notably in social protection, have the potential to reduce the levels of food insecurity and malnutrition, which remain high, affecting a large proportion of the population.

25 Jul 2017 description
  • 57,215 new arrivals from CAR identified by local authorities, General Direction of Migration and National Commission for Refugees starting from mid-May 2017. Figure to be verified.

  • In June, a total of 1,280 South Sudanese refugees arrived in the DRC, a decrease again in comparison to May (2,139) and April (3,208)

  • As of 30 June, 30,036 Burundian refugees (9,043 households) live in Lusenda Camp, 61.3% of them are children under 18.

Working with Partners

25 Jul 2017 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewswire) Several Salesian programs in Italy have come together with the support of UNICEF to launch the “La Perla, Starting over from the streets” project. The new initiative aims to address the needs of unaccompanied foreign minors who are at risk on the streets of Rome, Italy.

25 Jul 2017 description

NIAMEY - Les Etats Unis apportent un soutien conséquent à plus d’un demi-million de personnes vulnérables au Niger pendant la période la plus difficile de l’année de juin à septembre, grâce à une généreuse contribution en nature d’une valeur de 45 millions de dollars (environ 26 milliards 250 millions de francs CFA) au Programme Alimentaire Mondial. Cette aide permettra de financer l’assistance alimentaire et les activités de renforcement de la résilience, notamment dans les zones affectées par les violences liées au conflit avec Boko Haram.

25 Jul 2017 description
report Theirworld

Damaged buildings, unexploded bombs and overcrowding are just some of the problems as schools try to get back to normal in the war-ravaged Iraqi city.

More than 80 schools have reopened and almost 60,000 students have returned to classrooms in the devastated western part of Mosul in Iraq.

But thousands of children remain traumatised and are still suffering dreadfully. Some have even been found hiding in tunnels under the war-torn city - the country's second largest.

25 Jul 2017 description


1 in 11 - Proportion of Jordan’s population who are refugees registered with UNHCR

7 - Jordan is the seventh largest refugeehosting country in the world

4 out of 5 - Proportion of Syrians living outside of camps and below the poverty line in Jordan

80,000 - Syrians living in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp

78 - Percentage of Syrians registered with UNHCR in refugee camps who are women and children

25 Jul 2017 description


  • Près de 12 000 enfants déplacés internes

  • Environ 174,000 enfants de moins de 5 ans touchés par la malnutrition aiguë

  • Augmentation de 25% des cas de paludisme


Pop. dans le besoin 3 millions

Population ciblée 1 million

PDI 202 726

Réfugiés congolais 61,427

Réfugiés burundais 416 946

Pers. en insécurité alimentaire 2,6 millions