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28 May 2017 description

Bangui, 28 May 2017 – The Humanitarian Coordinator in the Central African Republic, Najat Rochdi, expresses great concern at the resurgence of violence, atrocities and the violation of human rights with religious and ethnic connotations, committed in the past days. Six women and several children were brutally murdered by armed men based on their religious affiliation over the past week. Najat Rochdi strongly condemns all these assassinations and extreme violence targeting particular communities.

28 May 2017 description

Bangui, le 28 mai 2017 – Le Coordonnateur humanitaire en République centrafricaine, Najat Rochdi, exprime sa grande inquiétude face à la résurgence des violences, des atrocités et de la violation des droits humains commis les derniers jours et à connotation religieuse et ethnique. Six femmes et plusieurs enfants ont été sauvagement assassinés par des hommes armés en raison de leur appartenance religieuse au courant de la semaine dernière. Najat Rochdi condamne fermement tous ces assassinats et ces violences graves ciblant spécifiquement les membres des communautés particulières.

28 May 2017 description

Key Messages

  1. An estimated 410,000 people in Sri Lanka are currently affected by adverse weather conditions that have caused flooding and landslides in the south-west of the country. To date, almost 100 people have been killed and more than 90 people remain missing, while an estimated 20,000 people have been displaced and are being sheltered in 119 safe locations across affected districts.

28 May 2017 description

27 May 2017: A formal request for support by the Government of Sri Lanka was received by the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office on 26 May 2017 following the onset of the monsoon and its impact in the Southern and Western regions of the country.

28 May 2017 description


  • A total of 2,319 AWD/cholera cases and 22 deaths (CFR– 0.9%) were reported during week 20 (15th– 21th May 2017) from 41 districts in 14 regions. Of these, 305 cases (13% of the total cases) were reported from Wadajr district in Banadir region.

  • There was a decrease in the number of new AWD/cholera cases from 2,472 cases and 10 deaths in week 19 to 2,319 cases and 22 deaths in week 20.

28 May 2017 description

Sites Affected JERE, KAGA, KONDUGA and Maidugri MC

With the onset of the rainy season in Nigeria’s north-eastern State of Borno, varying degrees of damages are expected to infrastructures (self-made and constructed) in camps and camp-like settings, as the rains are more often than not accompanied by very high winds and have been known to cause serious damage to properties.

28 May 2017 description


In 2017, thousands of people are still on the move across Borno state in northeast Nigeria. There are many reasons for this movement. Some are being displaced for the first time; others are moving or being relocated by authorities into LGA headquarters either from rural areas in the LGA, from already established IDP sites elsewhere and across the border from Cameroon into Nigeria, back across the border where they become IDPs.

28 May 2017 description

The movements of refugee returnees from Banki to Pulka continue and humanitarian groups continue to provide life-saving assistance despite numerous challenges, especially limitations in the water supply. On 27 May, close to 1,300 women, children and men arrived in school buses and trucks, carrying their remaining possessions (such as bicycles, chickens, mattresses, water jugs, and other items).

SITUATION TO DATE (Needs and gaps)

28 May 2017 description
report iMMAP

21 May, 2017

  • Popular Mobilization Forces announced the liberation of Tal Banat, Ain Ghazal, Ain Fathi Al-Shimaliyah, Aziz, Thari Al-Uwaist, Nayliyah, Sada Zawbaa, Tal Qasb, and Masbas villages’ northern and southern Al-Qairawan subdistrict of Sinjar district in Ninewa province.

  • VBIEDs, IEDs, and mined houses were found and cleared by the Popular Mobilization Forces in the liberated villages mentioned above.

28 May 2017 description

MUKALLA: The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, on Saturday launched its Ramadan iftar project in Hadramaut governorate, south Yemen, for this year and distributed iftar meals and other food supplies to fasting people with the help of local volunteers.

Now in its second year, the annual charity project is in line with directives from President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to ease the suffering of Yemenis during the crisis that their country is going through.

28 May 2017 description

TARIM: Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) opened on Friday a building for blind in the Yemeni Directorate of Tarim in Hadramaut valley, following the completion of rehabilitation in accordance with an agreement signed last April to rehabilitate the building to support the community.

The move is part of the ERC development and service projects carried out in Hadramaut and various liberated areas.

28 May 2017 description

DAR ES SALAAM: A joint medical voluntary team from the UAE and Zanzibar has treated more than 2,000 children and elderly people, mostly suffering from cardiac disorders, in four medical camps.

The charitable medical mission in Zanzibar is run by Zayed Giving Initiative with support from Dar Al Ber Society, Sharjah Charity International and the Saudi-German Hospital, in coordination with the UAE embassy there.

The mission is in response to an appeal from the Zanzibar ministry of health and is also in line with the Year of Giving.

28 May 2017 description

BERBERA, Somalia: A UAE ship carrying 1,700 tonnes of food supplies, provided by the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation to alleviate the dire living conditions and assist those affected by drought, has arrived in the Berbera Port in Somalia.

28 May 2017 description
report Sudan Tribune

May 27, 2017 (IMATONG) – South Sudan’s armed opposition factions under the overall command of General Patrick Ohiti in Imatong state have reportedly accepted in principle to join the national dialogue.

The move, officials say, came after months of intense negotiations.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir officially launched the long-awaited national dialogue initiative in the capital, Juba on Monday.

28 May 2017 description

Rome hoped to persuade other major industrialised nations to open more legal channels for migration and to focus attention on food security

  • Migrants coming by sea to Italy at record pace

  • Calm summer waters mean surge in arrivals looms

By Steve Scherer and Giselda Vagnoni

28 May 2017 description

Amman, Jordan: The Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN) has recently delivered a series of introductory food security trainings in Jordan to government employees from 15-22 May 2017, with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Representation in Jordan, and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

The participants included various staff members from the MoA and Department of Statistics (DoS).

28 May 2017 description


  • Humanitarian partners have assisted more than 80,000 people in Akobo, Nyirol and Uror counties.

  • Emergency food assistance has been distributed to more than 17,300 people in Aburoc. Water remains a predominant concern.

  • An attack on Luom, Mayendit County, in May left homes looted, burned and destroyed, and the area’s Primary Health Centre reportedly looted.

  • Eleven months on, the cholera outbreak continues to spread, with counties most recently affected increasingly distant from the River Nile.

28 May 2017 description
report UN Population Fund
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Cairo, 28 May 2017 – I am deeply concerned by the confirmed news on the rise of cholera in Yemen, which comes as a possibly fatal addition to the hardships that Yemeni men and women have been facing due to the conflict, displacement and malnutrition. With some 2,000 suspected cases reported daily, the recent and unprecedented cholera outbreak in Yemen threatens the lives of 1.1 million malnourished pregnant women, who need immediate care and reproductive health services.