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24 Jun 2017 description

Many of the displaced remain beyond the reach of aid workers

By Christian Elion

BRAZZAVILLE, June 24 (Reuters) - More than 80,000 people have fled their homes in Pool province surrounding Congo Republic's capital since the government began a military operation there last year, a joint U.N. and government statement said.

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22 Jun 2017 description

Several students sitting exams wounded in an explosion at a school

By Aaron Ross

KINSHASA, June 22 (Reuters) - At least 12 people were killed in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo in heavy firefights between the army and militia fighters on Thursday, and several students sitting exams were wounded in an explosion at a school, local activists said.

22 Jun 2017 description

by Anastasia Moloney

About 20,000 Colombians, most of them women and girls, have been victims of rape and sexual violence, a weapon used by all sides in Colombia's war

By Anastasia Moloney

BOGOTA, June 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Colombia's FARC rebels prepare to hand over the last of their weapons next week, leading rights activist have warned women are not yet playing a strong enough role in implementing a peace deal signed last year by the government and the fighters.

21 Jun 2017 description

by Zoe Tabary

"He told me to make the bed, he gripped my throat so I couldn't scream, and then he hurt me," but when the 15-year-old told elders, they suggested marrying her rapist - her uncle

WAJIR, Kenya, June 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mariam Mohammed was 15 when her uncle raped her in the family hut in Wajir, northeastern Kenya.

"He told me to make the bed, he gripped my throat so I couldn't scream, and then he hurt me," she recalled, nervously drawing in the red sand with a twig while cradling a baby boy.

20 Jun 2017 description

"There are bodies strewn across the streets. There are also fires and looting of houses taking place"

By Crispin Dembassa-Kette

BANGUI, June 20 (Reuters) - Bodies lay in the streets and at least 35 people were wounded on Tuesday in fighting in Central African Republic a day after a peace deal was signed to end years of bloodshed, aid workers and witnesses said.

20 Jun 2017 description

Al Shabaab wants to force out African Union peacekeepers, topple the Western-backed government and impose its strict version of Islam

By Feisal Omar and Abdirahman Hussein

NAIROBI, June 20 (Reuters) - At least 10 people were killed on Tuesday in a car bomb attack on a government building in the Somali capital of Mogadishu that was claimed by Islamist insurgents, a government official said.

20 Jun 2017 description

Church officials have accused militia of killing hundreds of people, destroying four villages and attacking church property

KINSHASA, June 20 (Reuters) - Congolese security forces and a militia fighting them have killed at least 3,383 people in the central Kasai region since October, the Catholic church said on Tuesday, in the most detailed report to date on the violence.

Church officials, citing their own sources in the remote territory bordering Angola, said the army had destroyed 10 villages as it sought to stamp out an insurrection.

19 Jun 2017 description

by Reuters Sunday, 18 June 2017 09:17 GMT

The fugitives are part of the biggest movement of people in Africa since the 1994 Rwandan genocide

  • Nearly 4 million displaced by South Sudan war

  • U.N. refugee chief points finger at political leaders

  • Tribal tensions, oil at root of conflict

By David Lewis

18 Jun 2017 description

Some 34,000 lost power

SANTIAGO, June 17 (Reuters) - Intense rains and snowstorms in central and southern Chile have left four people dead and nearly 3,000 homeless, as well as hundreds of thousands without power, authorities said on Saturday.

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18 Jun 2017 description

"Over 1,000 trucks of assorted grains are now on course"

LAGOS, June 18 (Reuters) - At least half of Nigerian government food aid sent northeast for hungry people driven from their homes by Boko Haram has been "diverted" and never reached them, a government official said.

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16 Jun 2017 description

"We suspect it is al Shabaab militants"

NAIROBI, June 16 (Reuters) - Four people were killed and 11 injured when their landcruiser detonated a bomb planted on a road in northeast Kenya on Friday, a senior government official said, in the latest of a series of such attacks.

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16 Jun 2017 description

by Reuters
Friday, 16 June 2017 14:26 GMT

UN has reported a surge this year in LRA abductions of girls and boys around the ages of 12 or 13

By Tom Miles

GENEVA, June 16 (Reuters) - The outlawed Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has stepped up attacks in Democratic Republic of Congo close to the South Sudanese border as a U.S.-supported regional task force pulls out, the U.N. humanitarian office said in a report on Friday.

16 Jun 2017 description

Arrivals of migrants to Italy are up almost 18 percent on the same period last year

ABOARD VOS HESTIA RESCUE SHIP, June 15 (Reuters) - H umanitarian rescue ships picked up more than 1,000 migrants from nine rubber and wooden boats off the coast of Libya on Thursday, Italy's coastguard said.

The Vos Hestia, operated by Save the Children, rescued more than 100 migrants, most of them from Bangladesh, from a rubber dinghy about 21 miles off the coast of Libya in international waters.

15 Jun 2017 description

A Reuters witness said at least 3,000 people crossed on foot into Syria

  • Some 3000 seen passing through Cilvegozu border crossing

  • Right to return within a month

  • Turkish government has spent billions on housing refugees

By Umit Bektas

15 Jun 2017 description

As part of a peace deal to end more than 52 years of war the FARC will become a political party and most fighters will receive amnesty after explaining their actions publicly

By Gwladys Fouche

OSLO, June 15 (Reuters) - The leader of Colombia's Marxist FARC rebel group told Reuters on Thursday that all the group's weapons will be handed over to the United Nations by June 20 as planned, part of a peace deal signed with the government to end more than 52 years of war.

14 Jun 2017 description

The U.N. assumes that 440,000 people may need humanitarian aid

By Tom Miles

GENEVA, June 14 (Reuters) - Syria has given the United Nations permission to get aid to the Kurdish-dominated city of Qamishli by truck, the organisation said on Wednesday, relieving the strain on a base supporting thousands displaced by the war with Islamic State.

Although Qamishli lies on the Turkish border, the crossing is closed and the U.N. aid effort in northeastern Syria has relied on airlifts from Damascus to Qamishli since July 2016.

14 Jun 2017 description

by Reuters
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:00 GMT

Many people are still missing and the death toll could rise further as rescuers search for bodies

  • Death toll rising as rescuers recover more bodies

  • Bangladesh likely to see more rains in next 24 hrs

  • India offers help to Bangladesh with rescue efforts (Updates death toll; adds fresh landslides, paragraph 4; weather forecast in paragraph 9)

By Ruma Paul and Zarir Hussain

13 Jun 2017 description

Death toll can go up as rescuers search for bodies

DHAKA, June 13 (Reuters) - At least 94 people were killed in Bangladesh on Tuesday when landslides triggered by heavy rain buried hillside homes, officials said.

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13 Jun 2017 description

By Kieran Guilbert

DAKAR, June 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A drop in global cocoa prices threatens to undermine efforts to stamp out child labour in Ghana and Ivory Coast, the world's two biggest growers, as falling incomes could force farmers to send their children to work, charities said on Monday.

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10 Jun 2017 description

"There is donor fatigue because there are a lot of crises"

By Aaron Maasho

WARDER, Ethiopia, June 10 (Reuters) - Ethiopia will run out of emergency food aid for 7.8 million people hit by severe drought by the end of this month, the government and humanitarian groups said.

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