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06 Dec 2016 description



A teachers strike since September due to non-payment of salaries continues to affect access to education throughout the country. In the eastern Ouaddai region, for instance, only around a quarter of the 365 schools are currently functioning. However, 90 per cent of them are private. As a result, parents in some localities have mobilized to recruit community teachers, but there are concerns about the quality of education provided by these teachers.

05 Dec 2016 description

The Lake Chad Basin millions of people are facing one of the largest humanitarian crises. Since 2009 violence perpetrated by the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram in Central and West Africa have never ended and attacks against local population became too usual.

The crisis became complex and unprecedented and today the humanitarian assistance is difficult and for this reason more necessary: food insecurity, loss of homes, weak infrastructure, limited resources, especially for hundreds of thousands people remain trapped by the conflict without access to humanitarian assistance.

05 Dec 2016 description
report IRIN

Cash-strapped Chad is hosting tens of thousands of people made homeless by the insurgency

Story by Ashley Hamer

BAGA SOLA, 5 December 2016

Ali Mboudou was at home with his children one night in late 2015 when Boko Haram militants entered his village. They came in trucks and on foot from many directions, heavily armed.

03 Dec 2016 description

Faits saillants

  • Le 24 novembre, 714 enfants et femmes ont été transférés par les autorités tchadiennes à leurs chefs de cantons d’origine.

  • Environ 315 hommes et potentiellement des enfants sont toujours retenus au lycée de Baga Sola dont le statut reste à être déterminé par les autorités compétentes.

  • A la date du 02 décembre 2016, 62 enfants suspectés d’association à un groupe armé ont été accueillis au CTO.

03 Dec 2016 description


  • On 24 November, 714 children and women were transferred by the Chadian authorities to the leaders of their areas of origin (chef de canton).

  • Some 315 men, women and children are still being held at Baga Sola high school; the status of these people has yet to be determined by the competent authorities.

  • As at 2 December, 62 children suspected of association with an armed group have been brought to the CTO1 in Bol.

01 Dec 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

31 October 2016


• As of end of October 2016, there are 123,293 people displaced by the Nigerian crisis in Chad’s Lac region. Three additional sites were discovered this month.

• A Hepatitis E outbreak has been reported in the Salamat Region. A total of 128 cases, including 20 positive cases (16% positivity rate) and 2 deaths (1.6% case-fatality) were registered in Amtiman, the main city of Salamat Region.

01 Dec 2016 description

Sorghum, millet, white maize, and local and imported rice are the most important food commodities. Millet is most heavily consumed in the eastern and northern regions of the country. Local rice is another basic food commodity, especially for poorer households. Imported rice and white maize are most commonly consumed in and around the capital. The Marché d'Atrone in N’Djamena, the capital city, is the largest market for cereals. Moundou is an important consumer center for sorghum and the second largest market after the capital. The Abéché market is located in a northern production area.

30 Nov 2016 description

Iriba, 28 novembre 2016 - « Notre société pense que nos filles ne sont là que pour la reproduction, pour prendre soin des enfants à la maison et s’occuper du ménage. Ce point de vue rétrograde les femmes, leur image et leur rôle dans la société » a dit Nafisa, bibliothécaire au Centre Jeunesse dans le camp de réfugiés d’ Amnabak.

30 Nov 2016 description

Iriba, 28 November 2016 - “Our society thinks that daughters are only for reproduction, for taking care of the children at home and for looking after the household. This view demotes women, their image and their role in society” says Nafisa, a librarian at the JRS Youth Centre in Amnabak Refugee Camp.

29 Nov 2016 description
infographic UN Population Fund

This infographic snapshot provides an overview of national level data for more than 150 indicators covering the full scope of HIV and SRHR linkages including: key connections; enabling environment (policy and legal); health systems; integrated service delivery; a focus on adolescents and youth; and a focus on key populations.

28 Nov 2016 description

Qu’est ce que la biomasse?

La biomasse est une mesure de la production de la végétation, précisément de la matière sèche (MS) exprimée en kilogramme, par jour et par hectare. Le terme « matière sèche » est utilisé pour décrire toute forme de végétation au dessus du sol, sans comptabiliser son contenu en eau. Pour une analyse de la situation pastorale, la MS représente un moyen efficace pour mesurer de manière normalisée la disponibilité en ressources fourragères.

25 Nov 2016 description

N’DJAMENA – Refugees who have been finding shelter in Chad for the past ten years or more continue to require food assistance and their food security situation remains precarious, a joint assessment by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) has found.

25 Nov 2016 description

N’DJAMENA – Les réfugiés qui vivent au Tchad, parfois depuis plus de dix ans, ont toujours besoin d’assistance alimentaire et leur sécurité alimentaire reste précaire : c’est le constat d’une mission d’évaluation conjointe menée par le Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés (UNHCR) et le Programme Alimentaire Mondial (PAM).

23 Nov 2016 description
infographic REACH Initiative

Cette fiche présente un profil des communautés dans 11 sous-préfectures.