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Solomons still recovering from April floods

Six months after devastating floods in Solomon Islands, the clean up is continuing.

Solomons still recovering from April floods (Credit: ABC)

22 people were killed and 9,000 left homeless when flash flooding swept Honiara and Guadalcanal Plains in April.

Since then, World Vision has been working on the recovery effort and is nearing the end of its work to fully restore water supply and sanitation.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Measles Outbreak, Solomon Islands - Health Situation Report No. 6

Cases are now being reported from all ten provinces. The number of cases in both Honiara and Guadalcanal Provinces has decreased, but is increasing in the other provinces.

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Disaster “lessons learned” workshop underway

by George Herming

A two days workshop on the “lessons learned” following the April Floods in Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal is underway in Honiara.

The workshop brings together a diverse group of people and organizations who have been involved in and still involved in the disaster management operations of the April Floods.

Workshop participants were drawn from a range of stakeholders including Government Agencies, the Donor Community, International Humanitarian Agencies and NGOs.

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Agriculture assistance for flood-affected

Farmers who lost crops and livestock during April’s flash floods are beginning to receive assistance under one of several different programs.

Those who need the most help are being prioritized, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).

Over the long term, MAL will try and help everyone whose livelihoods were damaged or destroyed.

“Right now we want to make sure the worst-affected farmers receive the assistance that will help them the most,” MAL Extension Services Director Michael Ho’ota said.

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Solomons measles outbreak worsens

Three more people have died from measles in Solomon Islands bringing the death toll from the outbreak to six, with 2300 cases reported so far.

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With 'even the fish confused', Solomons seek new weather data


Author: Dana MacLean

AVUAVU, Solomon Islands (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An abandoned airstrip overgrown with weeds marks the entrance to this village of 400 people on Guadalcanal, the largest of the Solomon Islands. Since January, it has been home to the Solomon’s first automatic weather station, a device that may help the Pacific archipelago nation bear up to climate change.

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Solomons tsunami victims still in shelters

19 months on from the tsunami that hit Temotu province in Solomon Islands, victims are still living in temporary shelters and awaiting funds to help rebuild their permanent homes.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

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Solomon Islands + 1 other
Australia-Solomon Islands partnership delivers infrastructure repairs in West Guadalcanal

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), Moses Virivolomo, and the Australian High Commissioner, Andrew Byrne, inspected the completed flood repairs in West Guadalcanal on Thursday 18 September 2014.

Bridge approaches and other crossings on the West Guadalcanal Highway were washed out during the floods in April, cutting access to Honiara for thousands of people between Kakambona and Lambi.

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Navy ships deliver supplies to Solomon Islands

Two Royal Australian Navy landing craft have delivered vital supplies to remote communities in Solomon Islands as part of Australia’s commitment to provide support to the region.

HMA Ships Labuan and Tarakan transported education, medical and flood relief supplies from the capital Honiara to coastal communities in need. Labuan headed north and east to Tulaghi and Auki, with her sister ship Tarakan heading south to Guadalcanal’s very remote Weather Coast.

Commanding Officer of Tarakan, Lieutenant James Carroll, said the landing craft were ideally suited to the task.

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Temotu, a year and a half after the tsunami

Many Temotu communities affected by the February 2013 tsunami are on their way back to normalcy, thanks to the resilience of communities and some assistance from various organisations.

Restored food gardens, temporary shelters, and some new livelihood opportunities are among the signs of recovery, one year and a half on from the disaster.

"It’s the local people here who take the initiative to make these programs work at a village level,” said Temotu Premier Fr. Charles Brown Beu.

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Measles Outbreak, Solomon Islands - Health Situation Report No. 4


  • Measles cases continue to rise; 1308 cases were reported as of 7 September 2014.

  • This week, 355 new cases were reported.

  • A 21-year-old female from Malaita died from pneumonia related to measles.

  • The National Measles Vaccination Campaign started in Guadalcanal Province (GP) this week.

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UNICEF Solomon Islands Humanitarian Response and Recovery Final Update - Reporting period: 11 Aug - 12 Sept 2014


  • Remaining flood displaced families have relocated to April Hill, a government land allocated for IDPs, or to family-origin provinces. Consequently, the last two remaining centres (at FOPA and Rove Police Club) are now closed.

  • Water trucking to FOPA and Rove Police club stopped following the closure of both centres in this reporting period but work on sanitation and hygiene promotion in affected communities continues.

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Measles Outbreak, Solomon Islands - Health Situation Report No. 3


  • 953 cases of measles have been reported in Solomon Islands since 1 July 2014. 436 new cases were reported in the last week.

  • Cases have been reported from Honiara, Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Isabel, Malaita, Makira, Renbel and Temotu provinces.

  • On 1 September, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) launched a National Measles Vaccination Campaign to target all aged 6 months to 30 years in Solomon Islands. The campaign commenced in Honiara and will roll out in the other provinces later in the month.

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People urged to take precaution in wake of heavy rain alert

People residing in flood-risk areas have been advised to take precaution and observe disaster safety measures in wake of the current rainy weather.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service has issued a Heavy Rain Alert this morning which is in force for all Provinces in the country.

The situation was caused by a depression which lies over the Solomon Islands and links to a low pressure system located to the southwest of Choiseul Island and slowly moving in a westerly direction.

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Measles vaccination to start in Solomons

Health authorities in Solomon Islands are scrambling to control a measles outbreak in the country which has claimed the lives of two children, with more than 500 cases reported so far.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

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Two dead in Solomons from measles

The Solomon Islands Health Ministry has confirmed that two children have died from complications related to measles, as the outbreak escalates.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

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Measles Outbreak, Solomon Islands - Health Situation Report No. 2


  • There has been a measles outbreak in Solomon Islands since June 2014 which is spreading rapidly from Honiara to the other provinces.

  • Over 600 cases were reported at the end of August 2014 and there have been two measles-related deaths in children under 3 months of age.

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Housing plans for disaster-affected around the country awaiting government endorsement

Housing plans to assist disaster-affected people have been developed, and are awaiting approval and financial support from the government.

A budget submission seeking funds for housing repairs and reconstruction in Honiara, Guadalcanal and repatriation areas had been submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

The submission also includes permanent housing reconstruction for Temotu communities affected by the 2013 tsunami and earthquake.