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03 Feb 2016 description
report Jakarta Post

Callistasia Anggun Wijaya, thejakartapost.com, Jakarta | Jakarta | Tue, February 02 2016, 11:41 AM

As the rainy season nears its peak, the Jakarta city administration has begun preparing for flooding by readying water pumps, including mobile appliances, to secure a number of flood-prone areas in the capital.

"We’ve prepared 69 mobile water pumps and we have put them in five areas in Jakarta, especially in the areas that are prone to floods," Water Management Agency head Teguh Hendrawan told thejakartapost.com on Tuesday.

01 Feb 2016 description


Due to torrential rains that lasted for several hours in the mountainous area, two subdistricts in Aceh Besar, Province of Aceh were flooded. A total of 578 people and 173 houses from various villages were affected.The flooding occurred on Tuesday at 10 in the evening.

01 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch
Bahasa Indonesian version

President Joko Widodo’s record during his first year in office was mixed. His administration signaled it would more actively defend the rights of Indonesia’s beleaguered religious minorities, victimized by both Islamist militants and discriminatory laws, but made few concrete policy changes. He granted clemency in May to five of Papua’s political prisoners and released another one in October, but at time of writing had not freed the approximately 70 Papuans and 29 Ambonese still imprisoned for peaceful advocacy of independence.

01 Feb 2016 description
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English version


Between 28 and 31 Jan, flooding was reported in both Sumatra and Java. Approximately 2,600 houses were inundated for days and at least six bridges connecting villages in Aceh were damaged. This is in addition to the 4,900 houses that were inundated the previous week and where water has now receded.
Local authorities reported no casualties and provided basic relief assistance.

2,600 houses inundadated

28 Jan 2016 description
report UN Population Fund

No girl should be robbed of her childhood, education, health and aspirations. Yet today millions of girls are denied their rights each year when they are married young — UN Women.

Indonesian girls are no exception. Millions of young girls in Indonesia are married before they celebrate their 18th birthday.

Teen and child marriage is prevalent in many parts of Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, with the highest prevalence in Java, Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and South Sulawesi, mostly occurring in rural areas.

28 Jan 2016 description
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Bahasa Indonesia version

Key messages

  1. Following a delay in the onset of the monsoon season, rains have started in most of Indonesia. However parts of eastern Indonesia continue to face severe drought. An estimated 3 million Indonesians live below the poverty line in severely drought impacted districts with 1.2 million of these reliant on rainfall for their food production livelihood.

27 Jan 2016 description


Severe weather, including heavy rains and strong winds, affected several areas of Indonesia over the last two weeks causing floods and landslides.

25 Jan 2016 description


Between 19 and 23 Jan, local authorities reported floods in Sumatra (Jambi and South Sumatra provinces), Java (Central Java and East Java provinces), and Sulawesi (South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi provinces). Following torrential rains, landslides killed three people in Kerinci District, Jambi Province on 20 Jan and one person in Manado Regency, North Sulawesi Province on 21 Jan. This flooding inundated at least 4,900 houses. Local authorities have provided emergency assistance.

Four people killed

25 Jan 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

Despite Widodo’s promise of an “opening,” journalists are still being kept out of Papua.

Published in The Diplomat

Phelim Kine
Deputy Director, Asia Division

There are new hazards for foreign journalists attempting to report from Indonesia’s restive easternmost provinces of Papua and West Papua (generally referred to as “Papua”): visa denial and blacklisting. Just ask Bangkok-based France 24 TV correspondent Cyril Payen.

23 Jan 2016 description
report Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post, Kupang | Archipelago | Sat, January 23 2016, 3:21 PM

KUPANG: Dozens of babies in Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), are suffering from acute respiratory infection (ISPA) triggered by sulfur and other toxic gas emissions as the eruption of Mount Egon continues.

“Data, as of Thursday, showed that 24 babies in the evacuation shelters have been suffering from ISPA. A medical team from Sikka Health Agency has been deployed to provide immediate treatment,” Sikka Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) head Fred Djer told reporters.

20 Jan 2016 description
report Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post, Jambi | Archipelago | Wed, January 20 2016, 3:25 PM

A flash flood, triggered by the swollen Batang Asam River, struck houses in Tanjung Belit village, Jujuhan district, Bungo regency, Jambi, on Monday.

“The incidence took place at about 2 a.m. local time when most people were fast asleep. After seeing the water rise, people immediately left their homes,” said villager Azhar on Tuesday.

“A nearby bridge was also engulfed by water and logs have piled up under it,” he added.

19 Jan 2016 description

Kupang, Indonesia | AFP | Tuesday 1/19/2016 - 10:52 GMT

More than 1,200 people have been evacuated from their homes to escape a gurgling volcano in eastern Indonesia spewing clouds of ash and toxic gas into the air.

Officials said Tuesday they had distributed thousands of gas masks to villagers around Mount Egon in eastern Flores island as the choking fumes from the volcano intensified.

18 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Nick Baker, Communication and Knowledge Management Officer

It’s Monday morning at 8am in the Papuan village of Poumako. As a brass bell rings, groups of children emerge from their houses and begin the walk to class. But not Teo – the nine year old isn’t going to school today. He actually rarely does.

18 Jan 2016 description


Due to torrential rains that caused the Pase and Keureten Rivers to overflow, several sub-districts in Aceh Utara, Province of Aceh were flooded. I,505 people were affected and evacuated to safer areas by authorized agencies.

The sub-districts that were affected are Matang Kuli, Tanah Luas, Samudera, Geureudong Pase, Muara Batu, Sawang, Pirak Timu, Lhoksukon, and Nisam. The 1,505 people that were evacuated are from the sub-district of Matang Kuli.

The flooding occurred on Sunday morning and has now receded to a height of 70cm.

17 Jan 2016 description
report Jakarta Post

More than 1,200 people were evacuated from three villages in Egon Gahar, Matitara district, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, on Sunday morning, as the alert status of Mount Egon in the regency was raised to siaga (high alert).

17 Jan 2016 description

Jakarta, Indonesia | AFP | Sunday 1/17/2016 - 08:46 GMT

Eight people were hurt and about 120 houses damaged when a 5.5-magnitude earthquake shook remote eastern Indonesia on Sunday, a government official said.

The earthquake struck at a depth of 46 kilometres (29 miles) at 8:22 am local time (2322 GMT Saturday) in the Banda Sea near the Maluku islands, according to the US Geological Survey.

14 Jan 2016 description

A staff member of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) was seriously injured during Thursday's terrorist attacks in the vicinity of the UN offices in central Jakarta.

The Dutch national, a renowned expert in forestry and ecosystems management, was stationed in Jakarta as part of the UN team that provides support to the Indonesian Government in combating peat-land fires.

11 Jan 2016 description



Flooding in Pandrah and Jeunib subdistrict, Bireun, Aceh Province was caused by heavy rains. At least 27 houses were submerged and about 234 has. of paddy fields were inundated.

http://adinet.ahacentre.org/reports /view/799
Flooding in West Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan Province affected 600 families and inundated 596 houses.