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U.N. Launches Ambitious Humanitarian Plan for Gaza

By Mel Frykberg

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Sep 17 2014 (IPS) - The UN agency for Palestinian refugees has launched an ambitious recovery plan for Gaza following the 50-day devastating war between Hamas and Israel which has left the coastal territory decimated.

However, the successful implementation of this plan requires enormous international funding as well as a long-term ceasefire to enable the lifting of the joint Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the territory.

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Gaza: Fact Sheet, September 2014

World Bank

Area: 360 KM Population: 1.8 million GDP (current prices): US$2,9 billion GDP per capita (current prices): US$1,715.4 Poverty: 39 percent Unemployment: 41 percent

A. The Palestinian Economy

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Turkey + 1 other
UNHCR Turkey Syrian Refugee Daily Strep 12 September 2014


● On 11 September, AFAD, the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency of Turkey's Government, announced that the total number of Syrians registered and assisted in the 22 camps located in 10 provinces was 220,240. AFAD reported that from 10 to11 September, a total of 580 Syrians were admitted and registered in the camps and 683 Syrians have voluntarily returned to Syria.

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Jordan + 4 others
Health Sector - Jordan Monthly Report, Period covered: August 1st–31st 2014

Operational highlights and situation updates

  • Number of Syrian new arrivals has been steadily decreasing since April 2014

  • Number of Iraqi new arrivals slowly increased; approximately 100 people are being registered on a daily basis. From 17 – 21 August alone, there were over 550 newly registered Iraqis. Iraqis can still access Jordan through legal borders, and 66 per cent of these newly registered had arrived one month earlier. The new arrivals mainly hail from Baghdad, Ninewa, Anbar and Salahedine.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Secondary and tertiary health care at a glance, January - June 2014

UNHCR’s public health approach is based on a primary health care (PHC) strategy. In Lebanon, the government provides services through the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and the Ministry of Social Affairs with nationals paying part of the cost. In addition, PHC services are provided by private practitioners, local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other charities.

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Sierra Leone + 1 other
Ebola - Addressing the trauma

CBM is working with local partners to strengthen the resilience of beneficiaries of their programmes including persons with disabilities during this crisis.

According to the latest report [a] from the World Health Organisation (WHO), "the total number of probable, confirmed and suspected cases in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa was 4366, with 2218 deaths, as at 7 September 2014. The countries affected are Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Current situation

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Pakistan: Protection Cluster Bulletin April - July 2014


  • Overview of IDPs in KP FATA: as of 31 July 2014, the number of IDP families registered in KP/FATA was 207,472 families.

  • On-going North Waziristan (NWA) IDP protection response

  • Protection Cluster Detailed Assessment in area of displacement and area of return conducted and report issued.

  • Grievance Desk (GD) SOPs reviewed, providing step by step guidance on key issues raised at GDs and streamlining approach among protection actors

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Shelter and CCCM Cluster Rapid Assessment: Iraq Internal Displacement Crisis Assessment Report (10 september 2014)


An estimated 1.7 million people have been displaced in Iraq following the presence of Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs) in northern and central parts of the country since the start of 2014, with displacements peaking in June and August of 2014. 1 Roughly 800,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are reported to have arrived or passed through the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) since June 2014,2 with hundreds of thousands remaining in Ninewa Governorate, or fleeing through the KRI towards the south of Iraq.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Lebanon/Syria Situation: Community Development Monthly Update July 2014


Community empowerment

 Over 3,200 families were referred this month by 392 Refugee Outreach Volunteers (ROVs) to UNHCR and partners for assessment and support. Observed trends include: increased violence and eviction, especially in the north; persons with disabilities having difficulties accessing services and limited opportunities for integration; and an increase in the number of working children.

 1,137 persons, 20% Lebanese and mostly women, participated in life-skill activities at community centers.

Case management

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People with disabilities hold peace dialogue in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, 11 September 2014 - People with Disabilities in Mogadishu have today made an appeal to fellow citizens in Somalia to bring to an end all acts of conflict, as they sought to highlight their plight.

According to the Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN), there are an estimated 30,000 people living with disability (PWD) in Mogadishu.

A section of the people living with disability participated in a dialogue in which they discussed the challenges they have endured during the many years of war in Somalia and the importance of peace in their lives.

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Children’s hopes not dashed despite Syria conflict

At the heart of a school in Qabr Essit camp, Damascus, children and young adults who have suffered terrible experiences in the Syria conflict share with their peers how it is possible to maintain hope for a better future.

“My favourite subject is maths and my dream is to be a maths teacher,” said 10-year-old Raghad, who is wheelchair-bound after suffering injuries during clashes. “My disability will not dim my ambition; it has actually made me more motivated and given me more energy to pursue my dream.”

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Violence in Rakhine creates long-term needs

Five months after violence disrupted humanitarian operations in Rakhine state, the ICRC has restarted a full range of activities there for the Muslim and ethnic Rakhine communities alike.

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UK rehabilitation teams travel to Gaza to provide specialist support to people injured during the crisis

Over 11,000 Palestinians were injured and specialist rehabilitation facilities were destroyed. Handicap International stresses the urgent need for specialized training and equipment to care for people with complex injuries.

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Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) 2014 Rural Livelihoods Assessment

The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) conducted the annual Rural Livelihoods Assessment (RLA) number 13. The assessment is part of a comprehensive information system that informs Government and its Development Partners on programming necessary for saving lives and strengthening rural livelihoods in Zimbabwe. ZimVAC is the central pillar around which the Food and Nutrition Council (FNC) plans to build its strategy to fulfil Commitment number 6 of the Government of Zimbabwe’ s Food and Nutrition Security Policy (FNSP) and monitor the implementation of the ZimASSET.

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UNDP engages bike riders in campaign against Ebola

Commercial motorbike riders have started an intensive face-to-face awareness raising campaign that seeks to reach between 150,000 and 200,000 people over a two month period in Freetown after receiving training from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) last week in Freetown.

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Gaza Initial Rapid Assessment, 27 August 2014

Executive Summary

On 7 July 2014, the Israeli army launched a military operation code-named “Protective Edge”, in the Gaza Strip, following several weeks of escalation. The scale of destruction, devastation and displacement wreaked in the 50 days of conflict that ensued is unprecedented in Gaza, since at least the start of the Israeli occupation in 1967. Following several short- lived cease-fires, on 26 August, the parties to the conflict reached an open-ended cease-fire which has held to date.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Gaza Crisis Appeal September 2014 Update [EN/AR]

This updated Gaza Crisis Appeal is seeking $551.2 million to respond to the most basic needs of the population. However, humanitarian assistance and a strong mobilization of resources alone will be insufficient for Gaza to recover, and we cannot return to the status quo ante.

All parties must allow and facilitate the rapid and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian relief for civilians in need.As the Occupying Power, Israel is responsible for ensuring that the basic needs of Palestinians are met.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.