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23 Aug 2016 description


The following have been adapted from the attached updated list of overall programme priorities for the purposes of the Jordan Humanitarian Fund (JHF) call for proposals of September 2016.

23 Aug 2016 description

Brigitte Rohwerder, July 2016


What have been the different approaches/strategies to transitional shelter in post-natural disaster contexts in developing countries and what lessons have been learned (with a focus on the non-technical aspects of transitional shelter)?


Literature on approaches to transitional shelter in post-natural disaster contexts reflects the variety of different approaches and definitions, which complicate understandings of transitional shelter and lessons learned.

23 Aug 2016 description

Nigeria - The Boko Haram conflict affecting the Lake Chad Basin area, particularly in northeast Nigeria, has resulted in large scale displacement and a significant protection crisis.

In Nigeria alone, over 2.2 million people are internally displaced, including many living in temporary sites without basic services, where conditions fail to meet the most basic standards. Numbers are growing rapidly as aid agencies gain access to more areas.

23 Aug 2016 description

Robert Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP047
Lisu Boarding-House CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP049
AD-2000 Tharthana Compound CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP050
Mu-yin Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP051
Htoi San Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP052
Yoe Kyi Monastery CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP053
Nant Hlaing Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP054
Ta Gun Taing Monastery (Shwe Kyi Na) CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP055
Phan Khar Kone CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP193
Aung Thar Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP194

23 Aug 2016 description

Qtr. 2 Myoma Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP025
Qtr. 4 Monestry (Thargaya Thayett Taw) CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP026
Mading Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP027
Hkat Cho CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP028
Maina Catholic Church (St. Joseph) CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP029
Qtr. 3 Mu-yin Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP030
Maina AG Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP031
Qtr. 2 Lhaovo Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP032
Nawng Hee Village CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP033
Thargaya Lisu Baptist Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP037
Waingmaw AG Church CP_Pcode : MMR001CMP038

23 Aug 2016 description

Nam Hkam (KBC Jaw Wang) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP001
Nam Hkam Catholic Church ( St. Thomas I) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP003
Nam Hkam - Nay Win Ni (Palawng) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP004
Nam Hkam (KBC Jaw Wang) II CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP214
Namhkan - Pang Long KBC CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP215

23 Aug 2016 description

Mungji Pa Dabang (Baptist Church) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP006
Nam Hpak Ka Mare CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP007
Kutkai downtown (KBC Church) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP016
Kutkai downtown (RC Church) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP017
Mine Yu Lay village CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP018
Zup Aung Camp CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP020
Mungji Pa Dabang (Catholic Church) CP_Pcode : MMR015CMP217