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China + 1 other
Annual Report 2013

Amity Foundation

Amity's Annual Report 2013 can be downloaded now. Besides information on Amity's different fields of activities in 2013, you can find project stories as well as facts and figures. General Secretary Qiu Zhonghui emphasized in his introductory message that more and more public voices were heard and taken seriously in the year 2013, and these eventually became the driving force of social development. Amity is steadily working for the development of rural communities and also expands services to urban communities.

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World + 44 others
Global emergency overview snapshot 22 - 29 July

The weekly Global Overview collates information from a range of sources and displays it in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises.

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Situation report: Gaza Crisis, Issue 5, 28 July 2014


  • Cease-fire attempts fail and violence continues, especially in eastern and northern Gaza

  • Killed and injured (MoH, as of 19:00 July 27)

o 1031 Palestinians killed, including 236 children, 93 females (aged 18-60) and 47elderly.

o 6233 Palestinians injured, including 1949 children, 1169 females (aged 18-60) and 257 elderly.

  • Mohammed Durra Pediatrics Hospital in Gaza city damaged, 7 of 30 injured died within 24 hours

  • Beit Hanoun Hospital closes after more damage

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Mobile medical units being sent to help flood victims and promote disease prevention

BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 (NNT) -The Ministry of Public Health has ordered provincial public health offices in flood hit areas to send out mobile medical units to give assistance to victims until the current flooding situation is resolved. No epidemics have been reported, however, members of the public are advised to take care of their health and prevent possible outbreaks.

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Situation report: Gaza Crisis, Issue 4, 23 July 2014


  • WHO team in Gaza leading in the information‐ gathering of health needs and gaps, monitoring and coordination

  • Killed and injured (MoH, as of 19:00 July 23) o 681 Palestinians killed, including 166 children, 67 females (aged 18‐60) and 37 elderly o 4519 Palestinians injured, including 1375 children, 788 females (aged 18‐60) and 182 elderly

  • Al Aqsa Hospital damaged. This is the main casualty hospital in the central area of Gaza

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Urging Israeli-Palestinian parties to renew ceasefire efforts, Secretary-General tells Security Council conflict’s root causes must be addressed

Security Council
7222nd Meeting (AM)

Speakers Also Debate Pressing Concerns in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen

Although a ceasefire was critical in ending the escalating violence, if the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were not addressed, the problem would never be solved, but merely delayed for yet another time, the Secretary-General told the Security Council today during an open debate on the Middle East.

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Kenya + 1 other
UNHCR Dadaab Update 11/14 Refugee Camps in Garissa County, Kenya | 01 - 15 July 2014


Ministerial Delegation from Juba Land visit to Dadaab