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No Hope for AIDS-Free Generation in Uganda as Controversial HIV Bill is Signed into Law

By Amy Fallon

KAMPALA, Aug 21 2014 (IPS) - HIV/AIDS activists are adamant Uganda will not achieve an “AIDS-free generation” now a “backwards” HIV/AIDS Bill criminalising the “wilful and intentional” transmission of the disease has been signed into law.

The act, they say, will lead to people shunning testing and treatment, but will particularly drive sex workers and gay men underground, and make women more vulnerable to domestic violence.

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Kenya ranked fourth in HIV infections

In Summary

  • The report proposes several measures including Voluntary Male Circumcision, Antiretroviral Therapy, sustained behaviour change and condom distribution in the war against HIV and other STIs.
  • A new report, ‘The National HIV and Aids Estimates’, launched Wednesday by Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia says there are at least 100,000 new infections in Kenya annually.



Kenya has the fourth highest number of Aids infections in the world.

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Homa Bay top in new HIV cases

In Summary

  • Wajir had the least number of new cases, with just one fresh one in a population of 200.
  • The report indicates that the number of the people on Anti-Retroviral therapy has significantly increased by over 500,000 since 2005

Over 105,500 new HIV infections were reported in the country last year, according to a survey that will be released on Wednesday.

Homa Bay had the highest new infections with 12,940 people, followed by Kisumu with 10,350. Siaya, Migori and Kisii each have 9,870, 6,790 and 4,890.

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Children need anti-retroviral drugs most, says report

In Summary

  • Health ministry says children are in the greatest need for anti-retroviral treatment.
  • A report says 760,000 children with the virus need treatment most as their immunity is weak.

Children are in the greatest need for anti-retroviral treatment, according to the Health ministry.

A report, to be released on Wednesday by the Aids control council, says 760,000 children with the virus need treatment most as their immunity is weak.

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Helping Uganda’s HIV positive Women Avoid Unplanned Pregnancies

By Amy Fallon

KAMPALA, Aug 18 2014 (IPS) - Barbara Kemigisa used to call herself an “HIV/AIDS campaigner”. These days she would rather be known as an “HIV/AIDS family planning campaigner”.

“We need to reduce unplanned pregnancies and the HIV infection rate in our country,” Kemigisa told IPS during Uganda’s first national family planning conference on July 28. “It’s about dual protection.”

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World + 47 others
Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 13 - 19 August

The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
WFP Ethiopia July Monthly Situation Report #6


  • Since mid December 2013, due to the on-going crisis in South Sudan, over 181,000 refugees from Jonglei and Upper Nile States crossed the border into Ethiopia as of 31 July 2014. The Refugee Operation’s food pipeline will begin to break in September, esca-lating until January 2015. WFP needs to receive US$40 million to cover these requirements soon to be able to preposition food for timely distribution at the camps.

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The Weakest Link of HIV Prevention in Africa – Contraception

By Miriam Gathigah

NAIROBI, Aug 14 2014 (IPS) - In the rush to save babies from HIV infection and treat their mothers, experts warn that a key element of HIV prevention is being neglected in Africa – contraceptives for HIV positive women.

Yet contraception is the second pillar of successful prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child (PMTCT), along with preventing infection among women and babies, and caring for those infected.

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Le Fonds Mondial et ses partenaires unis dans la lutte contre le VIH/SIDA

En visite à Port-au-Prince du 10 au 15 août, le gestionnaire du portefeuille du Fonds mondial pour Haïti, M. Jose Castillo, a rappelé la nécessité de performance dans le processus de financement du Fonds Mondial pour une meilleure lutte contre le VIH Sida et la tuberculose.

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World + 2 others
Global Fund News Flash: Issue 47

The Global Fund

Zambia: Power of Partnerships

Irene Sinzi stood eagerly outside of her home in the village of Mufumbwe, in Zambia’s North-Western province, waiting to receive her insecticide-treated net. It was an important day for Irene and her one-year-old child, as the Government of Zambia is undertaking the mass distribution of nearly nine million nets, simultaneously distributing them to all provinces across the country.

“I’ve had malaria before and it was terrible,” said the 21-year old mother. “I’m so happy because this mosquito net will protect us from malaria.”

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Niger + 1 other
Niger (Région de Diffa) Rapport de situation No. 05 (au 10 août 2014)


  • Le déficit de production dans l’ensemble de la région pourrait être plus important qu’en 2013.

  • Légère baisse des arrivées en provenance du Nigeria par rapport à la semaine précédente.

  • Hausse du prix du carburant sur le marché noir en raison de la rupture de l’approvisionnement dans les États du Nord du Nigeria.

  • Le virus Ebola est au centre des préoccupations des autorités régionales.

  • Découverte d’un cas de polio virus vaccinal chez une fillette de 2 ans venue du Nigeria.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
SPRINT provides emergency lifesaving support to South Sudanese refugees in the Gambella region of Ethiopia

14 Aug – Ethiopia: The SPRINT Initiative, a sexual and reproductive health programme in crisis and post crisis situations, supported by the Australian Government and led by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is reaching out to South Sudanese refugees in two camps (Kule, Leitchuor) of the Gambella region of Ethiopia with life-saving services for reproductive health. SPRINT aims to provide this support to 57,861 refugees in the camps with USD 77,500 for a period of 4 months starting from August to November 2014.

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World + 2 others
What’s More Important, the War on AIDS or Just War?

By Kanya D'Almeida and Mercedes Sayagues

JOHANNESBURG/NEW YORK, Aug 13 2014 (IPS) - They say there is a war on and its target is the deadly human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

This war runs worldwide but its main battleground is sub-Saharan Africa, where seven out of 10 HIV positive persons in the world live – 24.7 million in 2013. The region suffered up to 1.3 million AIDS-related deaths in the same year, according to the United Nations.

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Ukraine Humanitarian Situation Report #15, 8 August 2014


• The humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine is worsening with further damage to electricity and water supply system, infrastructure and public buildings, including schools.

• 117schoolsarepartiallyorcompletelydestroyedin Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

• TheParliamentCommissionerforHumanRightsandthe Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with UNICEF facilitated the Coordination Forum to ensure safe access to education for children affected by the conflict.

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Sierra Leone + 3 others
Ebola-hit Sierra Leone's Freetown a city on edge

08/13/2014 10:22 GMT

by Frankie TAGGART

FREETOWN, August 13, 2014 (AFP) - Death stalks the rain-lashed streets of Sierra Leone's capital, finally at peace after a decade of civil war but in the grip of a new and equally deadly adversary -- the Ebola virus.

Freetown may have been spared the brunt of an epidemic cutting a swathe through west Africa, but the tropical fever is the only topic of conversation in a city festooned with incongruously vibrant banners reminding people of the ever-present threat.

Agence France-Presse:

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World + 45 others
Global emergency overview snapshot 6 - 12 August


The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.

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Zimbabwe's health system in crisis


HARARE, 11 August 2014 (IRIN) - Zimbabwe's deepening economic crisis is severely affecting the government's ability to fund public health delivery and restricting poor people's access to health care, economists, government officials and health experts agree.


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Katanga : l’hôpital général de Mulongo manque d’intrants pour la prise en charge du Sida

Radio Okapi

L’hôpital général de référence de Mulongo dans le territoire de Malemba Nkulu (Katanga) manque d’intrants pour prendre en charge les malades du Sida, a déploré dimanche 10 août, le médecin directeur de cette institution hospitalière, Dr Ilunga Muleka. Il a indiqué que sept à huit cas de VIH/Sida y sont enregistrés chaque mois.

Radio Okapi:

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