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26 Jan 2016 description

December/January Season A harvests improving food security

Key Messages

  • Food security has improved significantly for the majority of households in Rwanda following favorable Season A harvests. Average to above-average September to December short rains provided agricultural-related income-earning opportunities for labor-dependent households and supported average to above-average maize and beans production. Household food stocks have increased and food insecurity is anticipated to be Minimal (IPC Phase 1) through at least March.

31 Dec 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Since November, the total number of Burundian refugees in Rwanda remained stable, with a low number of new arrivals.

  • Nearly 46,000 refugees are now living in Mahama camp (30,000 in the original camp, and 16,000 in the extended camp); transition to semi-permanent housing is ongoing.

  • Attendance at the education orientation programme increased by 25% from 11,000 to 14,000 students in the past month.

29 Dec 2015 description

Improvements in food security anticipated from late December


  • Average to above-average Season A rains were received in most areas of Rwanda, supporting favorable production. Food security is expected to improve in most regions with the start of Season A harvestsin late December. As a result, the majority of households are expected to remain in, or improve to, Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity.

02 Dec 2015 description
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Stressed (IPC Phase 2) outcomes continue in key cassava-growing areas

Key Messages

Land preparation and planting for Season A crops has increased income-earning opportunities for poor households in Bugesera Cassava, Central Plateau Cassava and Coffee, and the Eastern Semi-Arid Agropastoral livelihood zones. Poor households will remain in Stressed (IPC Phase 2) through the end of the lean season, but improve to Minimal (IPC Phase 1) at the beginning of the green harvest in late December.

23 Nov 2015 description

By John Paul Sesonga — 23 November 2015

31 Oct 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Since September the total number of Burundian refugees in Rwanda did not increase significantly. New arrivals were low, peaking at 100 on 21 October.

• The relocation of refugees from reception centres is completed with approximately 45,000 now living in Mahama refugee camp (30,000 in the original camp, and 15,000 in the extended camp).

• As a result of the joint social mobilization efforts, the attendance rate of children in education services significantly increased from 61% to 82% in the past month.

30 Oct 2015 description

Anticipated above-normal Season A rains likely to improve food security from mid-December


  • Stressed (IPC Phase 2) acute food insecurity is likely to persist among poor households in the Bugesera Cassava Livelihood, Central Plateau Cassava and Coffee, and the Eastern Semi-Arid Agro Pastoral Zones through early December. Limited household food stocks from below-average Season B production, heightened food prices, and reduced labor opportunities through most of 2015 have reduced poor households’ purchasing power.

08 Oct 2015 description


  • Satisfactory 2015B harvest except in some areas affected by below-average rainfall

  • Prices of maize and beans on the rise

  • Minimal levels of food insecurity, except in some southern and eastern parts

01 Oct 2015 description

Stressed outcomes expected to persist through early December in the Bugesera Cassava Zone

Key Messages

29 Sep 2015 description

Since March, approximately 200,000 people have fled pre-election violence in Burundi, heading to neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

01 Sep 2015 description

Acute food insecurity to persist in cassava zones through early December


  • Poor households in the Bugesera Cassava Livelihood Zone are expected to remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2) through early December. Sustained food insecurity is attributed to below-average Season B production, compounded local currency depreciation, increasing fuel prices, reduced local labor opportunities, and atypically high food and non-food prices.

26 Aug 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The average influx of refugees from Burundi to Rwanda remains at 150 people per day in the last 15 days. The total number has now reached 75,327.

  • The relocation of refugees from the reception centres to Mahama camp is progressing well with about 1,000 refugees being relocated daily to Mahama Refugee Camp.

  • A new refugee camp site (Mahama 1) is being established to accommodate an additional 15,000 refugees. The existing refugee camp will still be called Mahama.

26 Aug 2015 description


The registered population of Mahama camp has surged passed the 40,000 mark. Additional growth is certain in coming days with continued convoys from Bugesera Reception Center. The camp population has increased by more than 8,900 during August an increase of 28%.

Recent visits

21 Aug 2015 description

Summary of WFP assistance:
WFP provides food assistance with the aim of improving food and nutrition security among food insecure households.

20 Aug 2015 description


ƒUNHCR led an interagency meeting on relocation in which agencies agreed that all partners and services should& be prepared to handle up to 1,000 new arrivals per day, 5 days per week, for the next 2 weeks. Between 10 - 18 August, 5,473 refugees have been relocated to Mahama.

13 Aug 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The influx of refugees from Burundi to Rwanda remains steady, with an average influx of 300 people per day in the last couple of days. The total number has now reached 72,907.

  • The shelter strategy was revised, and the relocation of up to 19,000 refugees from reception centres to Mahama camp has started.

  • While UNICEF works to provide a permanent solution for water provision, Akagera river water continues to be treated for local water supply.

11 Aug 2015 description

August 10, 2015: 70,740 Burundian refugees registered in camps and urban areas, while 175 in Kigali and 842 in Huye remain pending with appointments for registration.

Mahama Refugee camp

As of August 10th , 2015, the number of registered Burundian refugees had reached 70,740 in Rwanda.

among them 48,715 are hosted in different transit centers and Mahama camp as follow:

· Gashora Reception Centre , in Bugesera District in Eastern Province: 15,520

· Nyamiyaga a reception Centre, in Nyanza in the Southern Province :1,284