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01 Aug 2015 description

Food insecurity persists among poor households in southern and eastern Rwanda


 Food security has improved country-wide following Season B harvests. However, many poor householdsin the Bugesera Cassava, Southeastern Plateau Banana and Central Plateau Cassava and Coffee Livelihood Zones will remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2) in the coming months, due to low Season B production, increased food and fuel prices, and diminished labor opportunities.

29 Jul 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Rwanda continued to receive a steady influx of refugees from Burundi. The total number has now reached 71,485.

  • The shelter strategy is being revised to accommodate the large number of refugees in hangars, tents and semi-permanent facilities.

  • Alternative modes of providing water to the growing number of refugees are being put in place, while working on permanent/sustainable solutions.

  • Negotiations are ongoing to ensure refugee children’s participation in national education examinations.

16 Jul 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The total number of Burundian refugees has now reached 68,665.

  • Partners are preparing for a larger influx of refugees in the lead up to Burundi’s presidential elections, postponed until 21 July.

  • A six-month basic education orientation programme for Burundian children has started at Mahama Refugee Camp.

  • An increasing number of children are benefitting from the child friendly spaces (CFS) programme, with up to 8,500 now attending.

  • Cases of severe acute malnutrition have reduced.

01 Jul 2015 description

Harvests increase household food stocks and labor opportunities, easing food insecurity

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29 Jun 2015 description
report Caritas

Par Aloys Mundere

« J’aimerais tant qu’il y ait la paix, pour qu’on puisse rentrer chez nous », dit un réfugié burundais, un homme octogénaire. « J’espère qu’on va continuer à recevoir de l’aide. Je suis handicapé. Je suis seul. Personne d’autre ne va m’aider. »

Environ 30 000 personnes ont fui le Burundi pour le Rwanda ces dernières semaines, suite à la plus forte flambée de violences depuis la fin de la guerre civile en 2005.

29 Jun 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

As of mid-June, more than 30,000 refugees, 77 per cent of whom were children and women, had crossed into Rwanda fearing violence due to political instability in Burundi. With the continued volatility related to forthcoming elections in Burundi, it is estimated that 100,000 refugees may enter the country by September 2015. Refugee children are arriving in poor health, some severely malnourished and highly vulnerable to disease.

23 Jun 2015 description

WFP has scaled up its intervention to tackle malnutrition among children in Mahama camp, in Eastern Rwanda and home to over 23,000 Burundian refugees. The intervention has contributed to lowered child malnutrition rates to 9 percent.

23 Jun 2015 description
report Caritas

“I wish there was peace so that we can return home,” said one Burundian refugee, an old man in his 80’s. “I hope that we continue to receive help. I’m disabled. I’m alone. Nobody else is going to help me.”

Around 30,000 people have fled Burundi for Rwanda in recent weeks following the worst outbreak of violence since the end of the civil war in 2005.

“Any help would be welcome, because we need it,” said Jean Damascène Musoni, a community leader of the 27,000 Burundian refugees sheltering in Mahama camp in Rwanda.

18 Jun 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Highlights (4- 16 June)
**The total number of Burundian refugees has now reached 33,871*

  • Health-related activities are expanding including UNICEF supported vaccination drives against measles and polio at reception centres where there are in excess of 5,000 people, more than half of them children

  • Provision of water supply in the Mahama refugee camp still remains a challenge due to limited capacity of the existing community water supply system

13 Jun 2015 description
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Above-average rainfall improves Season B production prospects

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Poor households in the Bugesera Cassava, East Agropastoral and the East Congo Nile Highland Subsistence Farming Zones currently face Stressed (IPC Phase 2) acute food insecurity due to the combination of a poor start to Season B, yield reductions resulting from excessive rainfall in April and May, and labor and income losses accruing from reduced livestock production. An estimated 25,000 refugees from Burundi are currently in need of humanitarian assistance.

27 May 2015 description

Jenelle Eli, American Red Cross

Not far from the border with Burundi, a team of Rwandan Red Cross volunteers is peeling potatoes and searching for firewood. They are waiting to welcome another group of refugees from Burundi as they cross into Rwanda at the Mamba entry point, the first stop for families in search of safety.

25 May 2015 description
report EastAfrican

By DANIEL S NTWARI, TEA Special Correspondent


  • For the refugees, Mahama camp is offering a peaceful haven although there are major challenges concerning their upkeep.

  • Rwanda may soon be overwhelmed, with the number of Burundian refugees in the country is now nearing its estimated handling capacity.

22 May 2015 description

UNHCR and partners appeal for USD 207 million to respond to the Burundi Refugee Emergency


Today the UN Refugee Agency and 17 partners launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan to protect and assist up to 200,000 Burundian refugees in the neighbouring countries.

21 May 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


· Refugees fleeing tensions in Burundi continue to arrive in Rwanda at a rate of more than 100 a day, with ongoing uncertainty at home carrying the risk of a return to peak rates of more than 1,000 arrivals a day seen at the start of the situation.

· Facilities at the main refugee camp for Burundians in Rwanda at Mahama are further expanding, with UNICEF part-funding new boreholes to tackle potential water shortages.

17 May 2015 description

May 16, 2015 by Jim Stipe

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is helping refugees from Burundi who have fled to neighboring Rwanda seeking safety. CRS is working with Caritas Rwanda to provide nutritional supplementation for thousands in transit camps, many suffering from acute malnutrition.

15 May 2015 description
report Food for the Hungry

PHOENIX (May 14, 2015) – Today, the Burundian African Union reported a military coup attempt in Burundi. The government of the African nation denies the coup, and the coup has not been verified, however there have been reports of people dancing and celebrating in the streets.

12 May 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Fear of continued violence ahead of Burundi’s elections due in late June has prompted 8,000 more Burundian refugees to arrive in Rwanda since the last UNICEF SitRep of 26 April, taking the total number of newly arrived refugees to 25,214, of whom 82% are women and children

• Two-thirds of the refugees, or close to 17,500 people, have been moved to the new Mahama Refugee Camp in eastern Rwanda from the two initial Reception Centres that were established at the outset of the crisis

06 May 2015 description



  1. On 2 April 2015, a joint rapid assessment was undertaken by the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR), UNHCR and WFP to Bugesera district to assess the needs of the asylum seekers who had crossed the border from Burundi to Rwanda. This mission was followed by the second assessment mission to Nyanza district on 3 April.

01 May 2015 description

Poor February to March rainfall performance causes delays to seasonal agricultural activities

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