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Back to school in Kenya – a precious chance to progress

By Ivy Ndiewo, Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide Kenya

Life in a slum is precarious, with overcrowding, lack of utilities and services, and few opportunities to earn a living. Even the smallest misfortune can spell disaster for a family living on the edge.

Charles Aketch’s carpentry workshop brought in enough to provide them a home in Nairobi’s Mathare slum, put food on the table, and send seven-year-old Rosemary to primary school. His wife Priscah was pregnant with their second child.

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Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF representative in Syria [EN/AR]

Damascus, 1 October 2014 – “Today’s double vehicle-born bombing close to Akrama Al Makhzomi Elementary School in the Akrama neighbourhood of Homs city was a despicable act against innocent children.

“At least 17 people were killed and more than 40 were injured. Many of the casualties were children who were leaving the school after classes.

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UNICEF Guinea: Ebola Situation Report, 26 September 2014


  • As of 23 September 2014, Guinea has recorded a total of 1074 cases and 648 deaths.

  • 178 children (0-18 years) are among the cases (140 confirmed, 30 probable, 8 suspected). Of the total cases, 112 children have died according to the Guinean Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

  • This week UNICEF reached 71,818 households (486.307 people including 169,937 children) through door to door campaigns.

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Sange : les déplacés de Mutarule peinent à supporter la scolarité de leurs enfants

Radio Okapi

Les déplacés de Mutarule, réunis à Sange (Sud-Kivu), n’arrivent pas à prendre en charge la scolarité de leurs enfants. Le représentant de ces familles, Hatari Ruhigura Janvier, l’a affirmé mardi 30 septembre à Radio Okapi. Selon lui, ils sont plus de 500 ménages dépourvus des moyens financiers pour faire face à de telles dépenses.

Hatari Ruhigura Janvier appelle les autorités à venir en aide à ces familles qui, déjà, peinent pour trouver de quoi se nourrir tous les jours.

Radio Okapi:

Copyright Radio Okapi

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Daily Emergency and Response Situational Information Report - 30 September 2014

Sindh Updates
Weather Forecast and Road Conditions in Sindh as on 30-9-2014
Sindh Desert Development Organization (SDDO) Activities in District Umerkot
Drought Updates
Daily Health Report of District Tharparkar as on 30-9-2014
Nationwide Updates
NDMA-Rain/Floods 2014 Updates as of 30-9-2014
River Flow and Flood Forecast
Consolidated State of Losses and Damages in Pakistan of 30-9-2014
Consolidated State of Relief Activities
Rescue Activities in Punjab
Hands Pakistan Activities in Balochistan Updates as of 24-9-2014

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ShelterBox distribute schooling supplies in flood-ravaged Zimbabwe


This year, Southeastern Zimbabwe has experienced the worst flooding for 40 years after a fractured dam caused over 20,000 people to abandon their homes. As one local farmer put it, ‘we are living like refugees in our own country’. ShelterBox has been helping for over six months to shelter families, and now to support their children’s education.

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Burma budgets US$110 million for education


Burmese Education Minister Dr Khin San Yee announced last week at an educational seminar in Rangoon University that 110 billion kyat (US$110 million) is to be allocated for educational reforms.

She said that the Ministry of Education will appropriate a budget for the fiscal year 2015-16 to: improve the status of schools in the border region; to set up kindergartens and preschool classes in remote areas to enforce compulsory education; and to set up digital libraries.

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Entregan 17.96 toneladas de bienes de ayuda humanitaria por sismo en Cusco


Con asistencia técnica del INDECI,las autoridades regionales y locales de Defensa Civil y sectores del gobierno central entregan 17.96 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria en las localidades afectadas por el sismo en Paruro.

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Philippines Humanitarian Bulletin Issue, Issue 28 | 01 – 30 September 2014


  • Alert levels raised for Mayon Volcano

  • Flashfloods and landslides caused by Typhoon Kalmaegi

  • Sphere standards lacking in Masempla Transition Site

  • Reaching historical milestones with Bangsomoro

  • Simulation in Region VIII

  • Accountability mainstreamed in OCHA Philippines

Mayon Volcano alert levels raised

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Turkey + 1 other
Syria's Children: Uprooted and Out of School

When Faud al-Shiekh Sanaa, a gaunt master teacher from Aleppo, made his way to Turkey with throngs of other refugees from Syria in July 2012, he immediately set about registering children for school. Classes back home would have started in September, and there was little time to waste.

By November, with backing from international and Turkish charities, the governor of Kilis Province had presided over the opening of the “Culture Center for Syrians.”

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Iraq + 2 others
The government is ready with a large Danish contribution to the fight against ISIL

Today the government presents a large Danish contribution to the international effort against ISIL. It happens after a request from the United States.

The contribution includes a series of diplomatic, civilian and military efforts, including F16 fighter aircrafts, staff support and contributions to capacity building of Iraqi and Kurdish security forces. At the same time, Denmark will strengthen its long-term development- and stabilization efforts in the region.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard says:

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Iraq + 1 other
Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Basic Needs

2,700 children took part in summer school activities


Summer School activities were completed in four camps in Erbil reaching over 2200 children in the camps and over 500 in the non-camp areas including host communities. Catch up classes were also conducted for grades 1-6 for over 1000 children in preparation for the transition from the Syrian to the Kurdish curriculum.

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Inauguration of UNRWA Shufat basic girls school

West Bank

UNRWA celebrated the inauguration of Shu’fat Basic Girls School in Shu’fat camp, a project that was funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Guests at the celebration included UNRWA Director of Operations in the West Bank Felipe Sanchez, Hani Abu Diab from the Islamic Development Bank and the Head of the UNRWA Arab Partners Unit, Peter Ford. Also present were senior UNRWA officials along with officials from the Department of Refugee Affairs, school staff, and local community representatives.

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Colombia - Desplazamientos masivos en Guapi (Cauca) Informe de Situación No. 1 (30/09/2014)


  • Entre el 9 y el 21 de septiembre, cerca de 367 personas (83 familias) de las comunidades El Partidero, Buenavista y Calle Honda, en zona rural de Guapi - costa pacífica del Cauca-, se desplazaron al casco urbano del municipio a causa de enfrentamientos entre miembros de las FARC-EP y la Fuerza Pública.

  • Cerca de 115 personas de población indígena de El Partidero y Buenavista y población afrocolombiana de Calle Honda se aloja en el centro cultural cuya infraestructura es inadecuada para el albergue.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Turkey + 1 other
Turkey: Population Movement Emergency Appeal n° MDRTR003 Operations Update n°6

Period covered by this Operations Update: 1 July to 26 September 2014.

Appeal target: CHF 42.1 million in cash, kind, and services to support the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) until December 2015 to extend humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of some 250,000 people seeking assistance and protection.

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Ukraine: Situation report No. 13 as of 26 September 2014


• On 19 September, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and separatist groups signed a 9-point Memorandum outlining parameters for the implementation of the ceasefire commitments agreed to in on 5 September in Minsk.

• On 26 September, 300,000 doses of tetanus toxoid arrived in Ukraine. The fast-track approach developed by UNICEF and WHO has enabled the country to rapidly obtain prequalified vaccines.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Frustrated, Liberian Students Want Ebola Fight Role

Voice of America

MONROVIA— In order to avoid human-to-human transmission of the deadly Ebola virus, the Liberian government temporarily closed schools, universities and other major public gathering points some months ago. Without the prospect of going back to school any time soon, hundreds of students took to the streets of Monrovia Monday to express their frustration.