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19 Nov 2014 description


On 18 November, Michel Kafando, was sworn in as Burkina Faso’s interim President. In compliance to the Charter of the Transition signed on 16 November, Mr. Kafando, a former Foreign Minister and diplomat has been chosen to oversee a one-year transition back to civilian rule in Burkina Faso.


18 Nov 2014 description


  • SEQUÍA: La sequía en el Corredor Seco Centroamericano afecta ya a más de 2.5 millones de personas y ha causado la pérdida de entre 70 y 100 por ciento de las cosechas de primavera –entre abril y septiembre-.

  • INUNDACIONES: Al menos 3,000 personas resultaron afectadas en Colombia debido al desbordamiento del río Ariari.

18 Nov 2014 description


  • DROUGHT: The drought in the dry corridor of Central America affects more than 2.5 million people and has caused the loss of 70 to 100 percent of spring crops (April to September)

  • FLOODS: At least 3,000 people are affected in Colombia by the overflowing of the Ariari River.

  • MIGRATION: The UNHCR country office reports that the number of Central American children with a potential need for international protection has increased more than threefold in Mexico since 2006.

17 Nov 2014 description

The people of Somalia are facing a deepening humanitarian crisis. Over 1 million Somalis are unable to meet their basic food requirements, an increase of 20 per cent since February this year. This is the first time the number of people in need of life-saving assistance has increased since the end of the devastating famine in 2011, an indication that the modest gains made in the last two years are being reversed. A further 2.1 million people are on the verge of slipping into acute food insecurity, bringing the number of people in need of humanitarian aid to 3.2 million.

14 Nov 2014 description

(New York, 14 November 2014): Addressing the media today following a three-day visit to Mali last week, the Emergency Directors of three humanitarian agencies, John Ging of OCHA, Afshan Khan of UNICEF, and Mabingue Ngom of UNFPA, said that Mali is at a crucial crossroads and that failure to act now to meet humanitarian needs may jeopardise the prospects for peace and stability in the country.

14 Nov 2014 description
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WHO: Rashid Khalikov (OCHA), Hesham Youssef (OIC), Aisha Abdoullahi (AU)
WHAT: Mission to the Republic of Chad
WHEN: 17 - 21 November 2014
WHERE: N'Djamena and field visits to Mao and Sahr

14 Nov 2014 description



FUNDING (1) 187 millions


14 Nov 2014 description

In 2014, after the northeast monsoon failed, crops were damaged by the prolonged drought and water supplies dried up in many regions of Sri Lanka. In July 2014, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved a US$2 million rapid response CERF grant to support humanitarian partners providing live-saving aid to thousands of people.

A World Food Programme (WFP)-led Rapid Drought Assessment estimated that 770,000 people were affected by the drought. WFP received a $1.7 million CERF-grant to assist 190,000 people in urgent need of food assistance.

14 Nov 2014 description

(New York, 14 Novembre 2014): Les Directeurs des programmes d’urgence de trois agences humanitaires – John Ging d’OCHA, Afshan Khan d’UNICEF, et Mabingue Ngom de l’UNFPA – ont souligné que le Mali est à la croisée des chemins et que l’absence d’une réponse immédiate aux besoins humanitaires pourraient mettre en péril les perspectives de paix et de stabilité au pays. Les trois Directeurs ont tenu ces propos lors d’une allocution devant la presse à New York, alors qu’ils rentraient d’une mission de trois jours au Mali effectuée la semaine précédente.

10 Nov 2014 description


Au regard de l’analyse des besoins humanitaires réalisée par l’ensemble de la communauté humanitaire, les objectifs stratégiques retenus dans le cadre de ce plan de réponse sont les suivants :

  1. Recueillir les données sur les risques et les vulnérabilités, les analyser et intégrer les résultats dans la programmation humanitaire et de développement.

09 Nov 2014 description


  • Food insecurity and overall vulnerability are results of recurring natural hazards (droughts, floods), increasing food prices and overall scarcity of resources.

  • The country continues to host Malian refugees; their returns are contingent on restoring peace and security in Northern Mali.

  • Weak access to water and hygiene aggravates the spread of epidemics (Rift Valley fever, cholera and meningitis), particularly during the rainy season.