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28 Jun 2016 description

UNESCO Jakarta Office and Philippines’ Department of Education has trained 285 secondary school teachers and education key officials in how best to help children rebuild and improve their lives since the 2013 typhoon hit through the Emergency Psychosocial Support for Secondary School-aged Students project.

28 Jun 2016 description


In 2015, CERF allocated nearly US$470 million in humanitarian assistance for helping front line partners on the ground kick-start or reinforces emergency activities in 45 countries. CERF raised $409 million with the support from 59 member states.

28 Jun 2016 description

Foreword About 6.9 million people in Pacific island countries cannot access improved sanitation. More than 4.8 million cannot access improved water supplies. The United Nations General Assembly recognizes water and sanitation as basic human rights. The General Assembly has called upon governments and international organizations to provide financial resources, build capacity and technology transfer to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking-water and sanitation for all (UN Resolution A/RES/64/292).

27 Jun 2016 description

(New York, 27 June 2016): The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in the world has soared to a record 130 million and US$16.1 billion is still required to help 95.4 million of the most vulnerable of them this year.

In December 2015, when UN and partners launched the 2016 Global Humanitarian Appeal, the aim was to provide humanitarian assistance to 86.6 million people and the requirements stood at $19.7 billion. This amount has now climbed to $21.6 billion.

27 Jun 2016 description


  • WFP Bangladesh is developing a new Country Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020, to be approved by WFP’s Executive Board in February 2017.

  • WFP is providing emergency food assistance to 56,000 people in Southern Bangladesh following the effects of Cyclone Roanu. WFP is now coordinating an assessment of remaining humanitarian needs in Cox’s Bazar district, aiming to help families recover from the disaster.

27 Jun 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Preliminary results of the national immunisation coverage survey show evidence of improved immunisation coverage since 2013

  • The refurbished National and Shefa Provincial Vacine Storage facilities opened - facilities now meet WHO international standards

  • Training for health workers on vaccine management, disease surveillance and health education on immunisation rolled out across Vanuatu

27 Jun 2016 description

Experiences in 3 case study areas in Viet Nam, Nepal, and the Philippines indicate that there is an opportunity to leverage existing incentive and/or investment programs to encourage investment in disaster risk reduction.

The rapid growth of urban areas has often resulted in the siting of poorly designed infrastructure and assets in hazard-prone areas, increasing disaster risk.

25 Jun 2016 description
report World Bank


  • Nearly 12 million people live in poverty in the coastal region of Bangladesh.

  • Poor households in coastal Bangladesh will confront increasingly severe challenges from climate change through heightened cyclonic inundation, rising river salinity, and increased soil salinity.

  • The World Bank is working with the Government of Bangladesh to enable poor households to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

24 Jun 2016 description

By Maherin Ahmed

When Cyclone Roanu hit southern Bangladesh in May it not only endangered poor people’s immediate access to food, but also threatened to derail efforts to help particularly vulnerable women leave extreme poverty behind.

24 Jun 2016 description

Anote Tong, former President of the Republic of Kiribati

Climate change poses the most significant moral challenge to the global community and an existential threat to the future of many communities worldwide. With the projected rise in sea levels by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of up to one metre within the century, the most vulnerable coastal communities and low-lying island states — several of which are in Pacific — face the real possibility of their islands and communities being submerged well within the next hundred years.

23 Jun 2016 description

Residents of Barbados are being urged not to wait until they realise that “galvanise could fly”, or that their refrigerator could be blown away, before recognising the importance of preparing for hurricanes.

And, Hurricane Ivan survivor, Deanzer Roberts, is also urging them to dismiss the notion that “God is a Bajan”, and take all necessary precautions to prepare for the hurricane season.

23 Jun 2016 description

A new report has spelt out the lessons learnt from Cyclone Pam, urging better warning systems and co-ordination between the Vanuatu government and community groups.

Read the full story here.

23 Jun 2016 description

Humanitarian Response

Food Security

  • To date, 20 organizations have started their response, mainly INGOs (14 INGOs: Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, Christian Aid, Concern World Wide, ACF, Save the Children International, CRS, BRAC, Oxfam, DanChurchAid, Solidarites International, ADRA and World Vision Bangladesh), five (5) local NGOs (Coast Trust, Mukti, YPSA, RIC and Shushilan), the Red Cross-Red Crescent (IFRC/BDRC) and one (1) UN agency (WFP);