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08 Feb 2016 description
report IRIN

By Shira Rubin

ISTANBUL, 8 February 2016 (IRIN) - In the main square of Aksaray, a neighbourhood in Istanbul densely populated by refugees, Haroun Yamani tries to placate potential clients who are seeking a future in Europe but are anxious about the treacherous boat journey that will take them there.

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08 Feb 2016 description

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- Cross-border Humanitarian Assistance P. 1
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- Cluster Response Overview P. 2
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Cross-border Humanitarian Assistance Overview

08 Feb 2016 description

Beirut, Lebanon | AFP | Monday 2/8/2016 - 18:29 GMT |

by Rouba El Husseini with Fulya Ozerkan in Oncupinar

Beleaguered rebels in northern Syria faced double defeat on Monday by both the Russian-backed regime and advancing Kurdish militia, as tens of thousands of displaced amassed on the Turkish border.

The worsening refugee crisis has pushed Germany and Turkey to ask NATO for help policing Turkey's shores, after two dozen more migrants drowned there en route to Greece.

08 Feb 2016 description

In preparation for the London Conference for Syria and the Region on 4 February, the Malala Fund commissioned Development Initiatives to undertake analysis on the current levels of humanitarian financing directed towards education for the Syrian emergency.

This briefing paper, Humanitarian assistance to education for the Syria emergency, presents an analysis of humanitarian funding to the Syria emergency, with a focus on the education sector.

08 Feb 2016 description

Istanbul, Turkey | AFP | Monday 2/8/2016 - 16:34 GMT

Twenty-seven people including 11 children drowned on Monday after their boat sank in the Aegean Sea while trying to cross from Turkey to Greece, the Turkish coastguard said.

The coastguard said it discovered the boat -- carrying 40 people -- half capsized after it set off from Edremit in the western province of Balikesir in an apparent bid to reach the Greek island of Lesbos.

08 Feb 2016 description

Oncupinar, Turkey | AFP | Monday 2/8/2016 - 20:15 GMT by Fulya OZERKAN

While tens of thousands of people fleeing fierce fighting the Russian-backed regime offensive in Syria huddled in makeshift camps and hoped to get across the border into Turkey, just a handful were lucky enough to make the crossing.

One of them was 15-year-old Mohammad Rahma, who lost his eyesight in a Russian air strike about a month ago. He was allowed passage for essential medical checks on his eyes, which were still covered by a fresh white bandage.

08 Feb 2016 description
report World Bank

Economic Effects of War and Peace in the Middle East and North Africa

08 Feb 2016 description
report World Bank
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LONDON, February 4, 2016—World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim today announced that the World Bank Group will be tripling its commitment to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the next five years to nearly US$20 billion to address the consequences of conflict and to help countries recover and rebuild.

Speaking at the UK’s Supporting Syria and the Region conference, Kim said, “It is imperative that we rise to the challenge of the humanitarian crisis at hand, and that we do so in a way that supports development for generations to come.”

08 Feb 2016 description

Oncupinar, Turkey | AFP | Monday 2/8/2016 - 10:56 GMT

by Fulya OZERKAN with Burak AKINCI in Ankara

Turkish humanitarian groups set up camps in Syria and sent in truckloads of aid Monday for tens of thousands of people stranded on the border after fleeing a Russia-backed regime offensive on the northern region of Aleppo.

Turkey, which has long pushed for a safe zone on the border, has vowed to help an estimated 35,000 people amassed on the frontier, many of them women and children.

07 Feb 2016 description

Oncupinar, Turkey | AFP | Sunday 2/7/2016 - 19:16 GMT

by Fulya Ozerkan with Rouba El Husseini in Beirut

Turkey said on Sunday it would not abandon thousands of Syrians stranded on its border after fleeing a major Russian-backed regime offensive, as aid agencies warned of a "desperate" situation.

Tens of thousands of people, including many women and children, have been uprooted as pro-government forces backed by intense Russian anti-rebel air strikes advance near Syria's second city Aleppo.

07 Feb 2016 description

Crisis overview

The military offensive in Aleppo governorate has displaced more than 40,000 people since late January, and the number of displaced is reported to be increasing as government forces advance rapidly, supported by Russian airstrikes.

On 3 February, government forces cut off a vital opposition supply route into Aleppo city, raising concern that a siege of opposition-held areas is imminent.

07 Feb 2016 description

Victoria Metcalfe, Marcus Manuel and Alastair McKechnie

As the conflict in Syria continues, its political, security, economic and social spill-over effects have intensified across the Middle East and beyond. The flow of refugees from Syria to its neighbours – Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey – has increased rapidly, with 4.28 million people registered in these five countries.

07 Feb 2016 description

Beirut, Lebanon | AFP | 2/7/2016 - 03:03 GMT

by Rana Moussaoui with Fulya Ozerkan in Oncupinar

Thousands of Syrians braved the freezing cold at Turkey's border Saturday after fleeing a regime assault that threatens a new humanitarian disaster, as Damascus warned Riyadh and Ankara not to send in troops.

The government said any uninvited foreign soldiers who enter Syria would go home "in a wooden coffin", following reports that Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which support rebel forces, could deploy troops.

06 Feb 2016 description

Istanbul, Turkey | AFP | Saturday 2/6/2016 - 15:44 GMT

Turkey has tightened its visa rules for Iraqi citizens as a sign of its "determination to fight illegal immigration," the foreign ministry said Saturday.

Under previous rules, Iraqi citizens were able to enter Turkey by obtaining sticker type visas at Turkish borders, valid for 30 days.

Now Iraqi nationals will have to pre-apply for either an electronic or a paper visa to enter the country, the ministry said in a statement.

06 Feb 2016 description

Humanitarian Overview

Over 15 million people have been displaced due to conflict in Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented at least 260,000 Syrians killed in the conflict since it began in 2011. The UN reported at least 26,600 Iraqis killed from 2014-2015 due to acts of terrorism and violence.

89% of Syrian and Iraqi refugees remain in the region.

13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria, including 4.5 million people living in hard to reach areas.

06 Feb 2016 description

Istanbul, Turkey | AFP | Saturday 2/6/2016 - 12:17 GMT | 193 words

Turkish police seized almost 50 unsafe boats destined for migrants wanting to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece, in the latest crackdown on businesses exploiting refugees in western Turkey, reports said Saturday.

Police simultaneously raided three underground workshops in the port city of Izmir on Friday, seizing 49 boats that failed to meet safety standards, the official Anatolia news agency said.

The boats were destroyed by the police, it said, adding that the workshops now faced closure.

06 Feb 2016 description
report Red Cross EU Office

The views expressed in this paper are the author’s, Dr Moreno-Lax, only and do not necessarily represent the position of the Red Cross EU Office.

1 Introduction: The Access Crisis

06 Feb 2016 description
report CARE

While I was in Turkey during a recent visit (mid-January), I met a new group of CARE’s Information Volunteers as they began their first day of training. They are all Syrian refugees and their role is to provide other refugees with information about their rights, advice on services available to them, psychological support, and information about risks they and their families might face – such as child marriage.

06 Feb 2016 description

Tens of thousands of people displaced by joint Russian and Syrian government attacks in the north of Syria must be allowed to cross the border to safety in Turkey, Amnesty International said today amid reports that thousands of people are waiting at border gates that remain closed.

Reports suggest that between 40,000 and 70,000 people are on the move after fleeing heavy fighting near the city of Aleppo. More than 20,000 are already waiting at the Bab al-Salam (Syrian) side of Öncüpınar border gate in Kilis Province on the Turkey/Syria border, which is currently closed.