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Iraq + 2 others
Development and Peace aids victims of the Iraqi crisis

Thanks to a $1 million contribution from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, Development and Peace is pleased to announce its support to displaced Iraqis in collaboration with Caritas Iraq and Catholic Relief Services. Development and Peace will also be assisting Iraqi refugees in Istanbul with a $50,000 grant to Caritas Turkey.

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Turkey + 2 others
Mercy Corps helps refugees and neighboring countries that host them stretch scarce resources

Mercy Corps

Middle East Staggers Under Weight of 3 Million Syrian Refugees

Portland, OR – According to the United Nations, there are now 3 million registered Syrian refugees spread across the Middle East, with the majority living in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. The global humanitarian organization Mercy Corps works closely with these refugees and the neighboring countries hosting them to stretch scarce resources and strengthen communities’ ability to peacefully resolve urgent issues.

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Lebanon + 4 others
Three millions have fled the war in Syria - A terrible milestone

More than three million Syrians are now registered as refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries. “A terrible milestone”, says Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Egeland agrees with the UN stating that Syria is now "the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era."

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Jordan + 4 others
Oxfam calls on Western governments to offer haven as number of registered Syrian refugees reaches 3 million


UK has so far only taken in 50 Syrian refugees under its vulnerable persons relocation scheme

Western and other rich countries should step up their efforts to resettle Syrian refugees, Oxfam said today after the number registered with UNHCR reached 3 million.

Urgent action is necessary in order to respond to a growing regional crisis caused by increasing displacement, insufficient aid and over-burdened infrastructure in neighbouring countries, Oxfam added.

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One fifth of the world's displaced are Syrians

According to the UN, the number of registered Syrian refugees has now passed 3 million people, while 6.5 million are internally displaced in Syria. This means that close to one fifth of the world's 50 million displaced are from Syria. Although the world is witnessing a historic number of serious crises it remains important to keep focusing on the dire humanitarian situation in and around Syria.

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Needs soar as number of Syrian refugees tops 3 million

UNHCR said most of the refugees remain in countries neighbouring Syria, with the highest concentrations in Lebanon (1.14 million), Jordan (608,000) and Turkey (815,000).

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Assistant Secretary-General Kyung-wha Kang - Statement to the Security Council on Syria, New York, 28 August 2014

Access across borders resulted in broader coverage in hard-to-reach areas, but more needed to be done to ensure rapid, regular, safe, and unhindered access, a senior UN relief official told the Security Council today.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Implementation of Security Council resolutions 2139 (2014) and 2165 (2014) - Report of the Secretary-General (S/2014/611) [EN/AR]

  1. This sixth report is submitted pursuant to paragraph 17 of Security Council resolution 2139 (2014) and paragraph 10 of Security Council resolution 2165 (2014), in which the Council requested the Secretary - General to report, every 30 days, on the implementation of the resolutions by all parties to the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic.

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Australia + 3 others
Iraqi Christians, Yazidi refugees fleeing Islamic State for Australia may miss out on visas

By social affairs correspondent Norman Hermant

As hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians and Yazidi refugees flee Islamic State (IS) militants, family members living in Australia are hoping to secure special humanitarian visas for their loved ones.

But groups representing the communities say the 4,000 places freed up by the Government are far too few.

In a bare apartment in western Sydney, the distinctive sound of Kurdish drifts out into the top floor hallway.

A Yazidi man is on his daily video call with his wife, now a refugee in Turkey.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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World + 6 others
Agencies join to review of strategies to combat polio in the Middle East

A multi-country, multi-agency strategic planning meeting focused on reviewing strategies to limit the transmission of wild poliovirus in the Middle East was held recently in Amman, Jordan.

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WFP Syria Crisis Response Situation Update: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, 6 - 19 August 2014


  • WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin visits Damascus

  • Improved cross-line access spurs Syria deliveries

  • Food convoy attacked in Deir-ez-Zor

  • Insecurity precludes immediate UN return to Arsal

  • Beirut government okays WFP assistance for vulnerable Lebanese

  • Pilot e-card schemes imminent in Jordan camps

  • Social tensions persist in refugee areas of Turkey

  • Fear of Islamic State provokes refugees to flee Iraq camp

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Factsheet: The UK's humanitarian aid response to the Syria crisis (26 August 2014)

As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The UK has committed £600 million to provide humanitarian support including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people in Syria and the region.

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Save the Children Syria Crisis Response Updated 24 August 2014


According to UNHCR 2,978,079 have now fled Syria. More than 1.7 million of them fled in 2013 alone. In 2013, an average of more than 4,700 people fled every day. Children make up 51.5% of the refugee population. There are now an estimated 1,533,710 refugee children in the region.

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Turkey + 1 other
Turkey: RRP6 Monthly Update - July 2014: Food Security


In July, the WFP and Turkish Red Crescent e-food card programme reached approximately 216,500 beneficiaries in camps in conjunction with the cost-sharing agreement with AFAD.

In July, direct transfers to beneficiaries' e-Food cards in refugee camps amounted to about US$ 5.9 million.

Price monitoring committees have been established by WFP and are active in 18 of the 21 camps being supported by the e-food card.

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Turkey + 1 other
Turkey: RRP6 Monthly Update - July 2014: Education


Ensuring meaningful access to education for refugees requires both the creation of the physical spaces needed for education as well as providing the support and skills needed in order for children and youth to benefit fully from the lessons that they attend. Ahead of the 2014/2015 school year, UNICEF – in partnership with AFAD - continues to support the construction of prefabricated schools and equipping non-camp schools with tents, furniture and air conditioning units.

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Turkey + 1 other
Turkey: RRP6 Monthly Update - July 2014: Health


The results of the polio campaigned carried out in Istanbul in June 2014 were released by the Ministry of Health. The campaign was held in six districts of Istanbul (Sancaktepe, Ümraniye, Fatih, Esenyurt, Sultangazi, Küçükçekmece) with 255,000 Turkish children and 15,800 Syrian children under the age of five vaccinated.

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Turkey + 1 other
Turkey: RRP6 Monthly Update - July 2014: Protection


Registration of camp and non-camp Syrian refugees, under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, continued to take place during the month of June.

UNHCR field teams continued to support protection activities, carrying out over 100 visits to camps and urban areas during the month of July. They continued to provide technical advice to camp management, and assessed the situation in urban areas under their respective areas of responsibility. UNHCR monitored the voluntary return procedure for a total of 126 cases/485persons in the camps.