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25 Apr 2017 description

Bern, 25.04.2017 - “We are mobilising humanitarian assistance for the people of Yemen and telling them loud and clear that they have not been forgotten”, said the head of the FDFA at the beginning of the donor conference in Geneva. At the conference organised by the United Nations, Switzerland and Sweden, 1.1 billion CHF was pledged to alleviate the suffering of the people of Yemen. These funds are urgently needed because Yemen is currently experiencing the biggest famine worldwide.

25 Apr 2017 description

South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen have been facing famine conditions since February 2017. A total of 20 million people are threatened by food insecurity brought on by armed conflicts and the climatic impacts of El Niño. The SDC, which already operates in these four countries, has released additional funding to deliver emergency aid and to expand its development assistance activities.

14 Apr 2017 description

The camp in Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk was destroyed this week after a fire broke out, injuring at least 10 people.

13 Apr 2017 description

Conclusions and options for response

A multi-country cluster of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) involving 28 migrants has been delineated by whole genome sequencing (WGS).

10 Apr 2017 description

The Swiss Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (SECO) will finance 5 million euros to help prevent floods in three Mekong Delta cities including An Giang, Kien Giang and Ca Mau in the 2017-2019 period.

In addition to this aid, in order to implement this program, the Vietnamese side must provide a counterpart fund of around 500,000 euros from the central and local budget of three provinces participating in the project. Thus, the total capital to implement the project is about 5.5 million euros.

07 Apr 2017 description

Media release, 03.04.2017

The Swiss Confederation spent 0.39% of its gross national income (GNI) on international cooperation and international aid in 2016, compared with 0.41% in 2015. The reduction is the result of the savings measures adopted by the Swiss parliament. Switzerland's official development assistance (ODA) nonetheless increased from 0.51% of GNI in 2015 to 0.54% in 2016 when the costs associated with a significant number of new asylum-seekers in 2015 are taken into account.

07 Apr 2017 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 2-8 April 2017 and includes updates on influenza, MDR TB and Measles.

30 Mar 2017 description

Refugee rights subsiding? New AIDA comparative report

An AIDA comparative report launched today discusses the impact of Europe’s two-tier protection regime, distinguishing between refugee status and subsidiary protection, on the rights of those granted protection.

28 Mar 2017 description

Les pays directement concernés par la route migratoire reliant l’Afrique à l’Europe par la Méditerranée centrale veulent mieux coordonner leurs activités. La conseillère fédérale Simonetta Sommaruga a échangé dimanche 19 et lundi 20 mars à Rome avec ses homologues de huit pays européens et nord-africains sur des approches communes pour relever les défis liés à cette route migratoire. La priorité est de sauver des vies et de lutter contre le trafic d’êtres humains.

27 Mar 2017 description
report Government of Peru

Dona agua, plantas potabilizadoras portátiles y otros

El gobierno de Suiza expresó su solidaridad con el Perú frente a los fenómenos naturales que se registran en diversas zonas del país, en especial en las regiones del norte, a causa de un evento del Fenómeno El Niño Costero.

Refirió que esta ayuda, que se concretará a través de la Cooperación Suiza SECO y la Cooperación Suiza Cosude, estará dirigida a las zonas rurales de Piura y Lambayeque, las regiones más afectadas por los embates de la naturaleza.

24 Mar 2017 description

Bern, 24.03.2017 - What contribution is Switzerland making to prevent a whole generation from being lost to humanitarian crises? What is it doing to create new prospects for the more than 30 million children and young people worldwide who are currently refugees? These questions were the focus of the Annual Conference of Swiss Humanitarian Aid and the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) held at the Kursaal in Bern.

24 Mar 2017 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 19-25 March 2017 and includes updates on influenza, Legionnaires' disease and rubella.

24 Mar 2017 description
report Cruz Roja Chilena

Hace algunos minutos, el Embajador de Suiza en Chile, Edgar Doerig, hizo entrega al presidente nacional de Cruz Roja Chilena, Patricio Acosta, de una donación por US$30.000 - otorgada por la Agencia Suiza para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación (COSUDE)- cuyo objetivo es atender necesidades humanitarias básicas de las comunidades que resultaron en situación vulnerable a raíz de los incendios forestales que se dejaron sentir en la zona centro sur del país, en enero pasado.

22 Mar 2017 description

Women generally suffer more than men do from the effects of climate change and natural disasters. This observation leads the SDC to develop a targeted strategy of supporting projects in which women play an important role in their own social and economic emancipation.

21 Mar 2017 description


6,860 Refugees and migrants arrived by sea to Europe in January 2017.

257 Refugees and migrants estimated to have died / gone missing at sea in 2017 compared to 361 in 2016.

1,393 Estimated sea arrivals in Greece in 2017 compared to 67,415 in 2016.

4,467 Estimated sea arrivals in Italy in 2017 compared to 5,273 in 2016.

20 Mar 2017 description


  • Until 28 February 2017, there were 13,439 cumulative arrivals to Italy, compared to 9,101 arrivals recorded in the same month in 2016 (a 48% increase). Greece has seen a 98% lower number of arrivals in February 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016, 2,611 and 125,494 respectively.

  • According to available data, there have been 17,479 new arrivals to Greece, Italy and Bulgaria, as countries of first arrival to Europe since the beginning of 2017 till 28 of February 2017.