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27 May 2015 description

Since Flash Update#2 (21 May) armed clashes and attacks against villages by armed individuals continued to be reported in the Timbuktu region in the North of Mali pushing more civilians to flee their villages. The total of displaced people has now reached 47,300 (up from 27,000 in Flash Update#2 on 21 May) according to regional authorities and humanitarian partners on the ground.

27 May 2015 description

Haiti - Drought

• Due to below-average rainfall, Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) "Crisis" level has been reached in parts of Haiti, severely affecting 180 000 people. Between 60% and 80% loss of the main local crops and vegetables in these areas has been confirmed. • Difficulties in accessing water results in the reduction of daily meals or leads to community conflicts. • Livestock has been severely affected and pressure has been put on alternative food resources (fishery).

27 May 2015 description

Le Colonel Sami Cherif, commandant régional de la Police onusienne-MINUSMA, et M. Alassane Diallo, chef de cabinet du Gouverneur de la région de Gao, ont posé mardi 26 mai une première brique marquant le lancement officiel de la réhabilitation du bâtiment de la Garde Nationale de la ville de Gao.

27 May 2015 description


Around 1,900 IDPs and 2,500 residents in Bissingalé locality have been forced to flee to the nearby Kaga-Bandoro town in the north of the country following armed attacks by unknown gunmen on Site-Nana, Bissingalé and Ndémayo villages in Kaga-Bandoro on the night of 15 May. Ten people were killed in the raid which happened five days after the signing of an agreement between armed groups and the government to end hostilities and begin a disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration process.

27 May 2015 description

Mali: Gao and Timbutku regions have been the scene of multiple clashes between the Azawad Movement Coalition and Malian forces, as well as the pro-government Gatia militia. At least 12 people have been killed, including nine civilians. About 31,500 people have been displaced from three districts in Timbuktu region. They are in urgent needs of water, food, NFIs, and shelter support, but access is limited.

27 May 2015 description
  • As of 20 May 2015, a total of 27 165 EVD cases including 11 115 deaths have been reported from six West African countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nige-ria, Senegal and Sierra Leone).
  • 1 040 cases including 529 deaths were reported among healthcare workers.
  • WHO declared end of Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal.
27 May 2015 description

BAMAKO – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has begun distributing food assistance to some 29,000 people displaced by recent violence in northern Mali. WFP provided 13 metric tons of high energy cereal bars on Saturday and has now begun distributing a one-month food ration.

Around 31,000 people have been forced to flee over the past two weeks, mostly from the Timbuktu region, following an escalation of attacks by armed groups. More than 500 people have crossed the border into neighbouring Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso over the past few days.

27 May 2015 description

Voici 10 choses à savoir pour comprendre la situation alimentaire en Mauritanie. Aidez le PAM à faire passer le message en les partageant sur Twitter.

1) La Mauritanie est un pays en déficit alimentaire: le pays ne produit pas assez de nourriture pour subvenir aux besoins de sa population. Ainsi, environ 70% des besoins céréaliers du pays sont couverts grâce aux importations.

2) Bien que la Mauritanie soit un grand pays (d’une superficie de plus de 1, 000,000km2 ), plus de 80% de la surface du pays est déserte. Moins de 4% des terres sont cultivables.

26 May 2015 description

The Support Project for Capacity Building of Teacher Training Institutes and Girls’ Education in Mali, initiated in 2008 with the financial support of the Japanese government, intends to contribute to the achievement of Education for All (EFA) in Mali. It specifically aims to improve girls’ access to Teacher Training Institutes in order to increase their level of education. Indeed, results of multiple research studies in the field of girls’ education have indicated that parents are more favorable to their daughters’ education when they’re being supervised by women.

26 May 2015 description

La situation épidémiologique se présente comme suit :

  1. Surveillance épidémiologique :

1.1 Méningite :

a. Notification :

Huit (8) cas suspects de méningite non suivis de décès ont été notifiés par les régions de :

  • Mopti : 1 cas dans le district sanitaire de Koro ;

  • Ségou : 3 cas dans les districts sanitaires de Macina (1) et Ségou (2) ;

  • Tombouctou : 1 cas dans le district sanitaire de Goundam ;

  • Gao : 2 cas dans les districts sanitaire d’Ansongo (1) et Gao (1) ;

26 May 2015 description

BAMAKO – Le Programme Alimentaire Mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) a commencé à distribuer une assistance alimentaire à quelque 29 000 personnes déplacées suite à la recrudescence de violence dans le nord du Mali. Le PAM a fourni 13 tonnes de barres de céréales énergétiques samedi dernier et a maintenant commencé à distribuer des rations alimentaires pour un mois.

26 May 2015 description

An incident involving a MINUSMA vehicle took place near the Bamako airport yesterday evening at around 7:30 p.m.

One peacekeeper was wounded, while another died of his injuries.

The investigation currently underway will allow MINUSMA to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.

MINUSMA extends its condolences to the family of the deceased and wishes a speedy recovery to the peacekeeper who was injured.​

26 May 2015 description

Hier soir vers 19h30, un incident impliquant un véhicule de la MINUSMA a eu lieu dans les environs de l’aéroport de Bamako.

Un Casque bleu a été blessé, un autre a succombé suite à ses blessures.

L'enquête actuellement en cours permettra de déterminer les circonstances exactes de l’incident.

La MINUSMA présente ses condoléances à la famille du défunt et souhaite un prompt rétablissement au blessé.

26 May 2015 description

With IFC and Ecobank sharing risk equally in the $110 million facility, SMEs will gain increased access to loans through Ecobank affiliates

26 May 2015 description

Brussels, 22 May 2015

The European Commission is providing assistance worth €34 million for immediate food aid for the most vulnerable people in Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso. Coming at the start of the lean season in the Sahel region, this funding will help bridge the gap until the next harvest.

25 May 2015 description

25 May 2015

Here are ten facts that shed light on the hunger situation in Mauritania. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these important facts on Twitter.

1) Mauritania is a food-deficit country, meaning that it does not produce enough food for the population to live on. It depends on imports for around 70 percent of its cereals needs.

2) Although Mauritania is a huge country – over 1,000,000 square kilometres – over 80 percent of the country’s land surface is desert. Less than 4 percent of the land is arable.

25 May 2015 description

The full report is available in: French


25 May 2015 description
report Peace Direct

May 22 2015: The negotiations for a comprehensive peace deal in Mali have been marred by continuing violence and the refusal of key parties to sign the final document. Daniel Ozoukou discusses the prospects of the agreement making a lasting impact.

Transitional justice is always difficult, and nowhere is this truer than in Mali. The country, which is trying to negotiate a lasting settlement to its complicated conflict, will have to deal with a wide variety of issues as it seeks to establish procedures to deal with past and present crimes.