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Lebanon + 1 other
Regional differences in the conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon


New analysis underlines the importance of considering the geographical location of camps when developing policies or designing aid programmes for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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Syria Crisis Monthly humanitarian situation report - 18 March – 17 April 2014: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt


• During the reporting period, UNICEF participated in four inter-agency convoys in Syria, reaching 2,800 families in Douma, in Rural Damascus; 3,500 families in Sarmada and 4,000 families in Saraqib in Idleb; as well as 3,000 families in Termalleh and 1,000 in Al Ghanto, in Homs.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Inter-agency regional response for Syrian refugees, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey 11 - 18 April 2014

Regional highlights:

· UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Joint UN-LAS Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi have urged Syrian authorities to reconsider plans to conduct a presidential election in June 2014, and pledged to continue seeking and building on any opportunity to resolve the three-year civil war.

· Local authorities in south Lebanon and the Bekaa reported the arrival of some 500 individuals from Mazraat Beit Jin and Aasal Al-Ward during the reporting period.

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World + 43 others
Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 16–23 April

The Global Overview collates information from a range of sources and displays it in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises.

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World + 14 others
Disability Inclusion: Translating Policy into Practice in Humanitarian Action

A new report highlights the challenges facing about 6.7 million people with disabilities who are forcibly displaced around the world due to persecution, conflict and human rights violations.

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Mapping the Education Response to the Syrian Crisis


This report presents a snapshot of the education response to the Syrian crisis. The report provides an overview of the context, key issues, services offered and barriers to education service delivery in Syria proper as well as in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Northern Iraq/Kurdistan and Egypt. The data presented in this report are based on a survey of the INEE members and partners, and information shared by members of the INEE Working Group on Minimum Standards and the INEE Steering Group. This document is current as of December 2013.

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Liban : début de la présidentielle mercredi sans réel favori

04/21/2014 12:12 GMT


BEYROUTH, 21 avril 2014 (AFP) - Le Parlement libanais élit à partir de mercredi un nouveau président, sans qu'aucun favori n'émerge en raison des profondes divisions de la classe politique sur l'arsenal du Hezbollah et le conflit en Syrie voisine.

Au Liban, le président n'est pas élu au suffrage universel. C'est au Parlement qu'incombe la tâche de choisir celui qui succèdera à Michel Sleimane, en poste depuis 2008 et dont le mandat expire le 25 mai.

Agence France-Presse:

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Australia provides $20 million for children affected by Syrian crisis

Today I am announcing that Australia will provide $20 million for children in Lebanon and Jordan who have fled across borders as refugees due to the Syrian crisis.

The funding will be provided to the United Nations’ ‘No Lost Generation’ initiative to help build better futures for these children by improving their education and addressing the violence and displacement they have faced.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Syrian Refugee Response: Lebanon Inter-Agency Update, 18 April 2014


 680,000 individuals have so far this month benefited from food assistance;

 20,000 individuals received blankets, mattresses, fuel and other household items;

 10,500 individuals received primary and secondary health care services;

 15,000 individuals benefited from health awareness sessions;

 Some 1,500 refugees benefited from social and mental health consultations;

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Lebanon + 1 other
Plus d'un million de Syriens réfugiés au Liban

Trois ans après le début du conflit, le millionième réfugié syrien au Liban a été enregistré le 3 avril dernier par le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (HCR). Cependant, pour les acteurs humanitaires qui interviennent au Liban, une estimation est difficile à donner, tous les réfugiés syriens n'étant pas comptabilisés.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Même avec le système de rotation, les enfants syriens ne sont pas tous scolarisés au Liban

FAYDA, Liban, 17 avril (HCR) – « Mademoiselle Hanane » est debout dans la boue devant ses élèves, qui sont ses cousins. Elle se retourne et écrit avec un morceau de calcaire sur la porte d'un abri de fortune près de son propre abri. La porte est son tableau, c'est sa classe et elle y enseigne l'anglais. Elle écrit les lettres de l'alphabet en anglais, puis elle les prononce à haute voix. La classe répète chaque lettre à l'unisson.

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IOM Regional Response to the Syrian Crisis (as of 14 April 2014)

IOM provides assistance to internally displaced persons, stranded migrants and third-country refugees inside Syria as well as Syrian refugees, Iraqi and Lebanese returnees and vulnerable host communities in the neighbouring countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

International Organization for Migration:

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WFP Syria Crisis Response Situation Update: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, 2 - 15 April 2014


  • With access easier, food for 112,500 people enters Syria’s hard-to-reach Deir-ez-Zor and Ar-Raqqa governorates in the first two weeks of April. An inter-agency convoy brings WFP food assistance to IDP camps in Idleb for the third time since the beginning of March, raising hopes of more regular future deliveries.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Even with shifts, only some Syrians in Lebanon get into school

FAYDA, Lebanon, 17 April (UNHCR) – "Miss Hanan" stands in the mud before her class – her cousins. She turns and writes with a chunk of chalky rock on the door of a makeshift shelter next to her own. The door is her chalkboard, this is her classroom and her class is learning English. She writes the letters of the English alphabet and then pronounces them loudly. The class repeat each letter in unison.

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IOM Regional Response to the Syria Humanitarian Crisis, 1 - 14 April 2014

Syria: IOM distributed essential NFI kits to 14,355 Internally Displaced Persons from Aleppo, Homs, Idleb and Lattakia.

Iraq: IOM teams in coordination with the local council conducted vulnerability assessments of 45 Iraqi returnee households in Al-Qadisiyah governorate.

Jordan: 5,449 Syrian refugees were transported from the Rabaa’ al Sarhan Screening Centre to Za’atri camp.

Lebanon: IOM is providing livelihoods support to 90 Lebanese returnee households through business counselling and in-kind grants.

International Organization for Migration:

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Equatorial Guinea + 19 others
Polio this week - as of 16 April 2014

  • In central Africa, a new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case was reported in Equatorial Guinea. In total, three cases have now been reported from the country; genetic sequencing indicates the cases are linked to an ongoing WPV1 outbreak in Cameroon. Outbreak response in the country is currently being planned.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 monthly update ‐ February 2014 - Education

Enrolment rates in formal education among school‐aged children across the region remain extremely low, with some 44 per cent enrolled in school across the five refugee hosting countries. This figure ranges from 83 per cent in Egypt, 55 per cent in Jordan, 42 per cent in Turkey, 35 per cent in Lebanon, and 31 per cent in Iraq.

Critical investments in school infrastruc ture and capacity are therefore continuing. In Iraq, access has increased with the completion of five new schools, including one secondary school, in three camps in Dohuk Governorate.