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17 Jan 2017 description



The continued deepening and geographic spread of the conflict has prompted a 13% increase in the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in 2017, now 9.3 million. Unrelenting displacement and exposure to repetitive shocks continues to intensify humanitarian needs.

17 Jan 2017 description


“La Résolution 46/182 des Nations Unies reste aussi pertinente et fondamentale aujourd’hui qu’en décembre 1991 et les principes d’humanité, de neutralité, indépendance et d’impartialité qu’elle contient continuent de guider une assistance humanitaire stratégique, coordonnée et efficace aux personnes qui en ont besoin”

15 Jan 2017 description


• The humanitarian community is seeking US$550 million to provide assistance to 5.7 million of the most vulnerable and marginalised Afghans in 2017.

• EMERGENCY’s new maternity center in Panjshir province will help tackle Afghanistan’s infant and maternal mortality rates, which remain among the highest in the world.

15 Jan 2017 description

Seasonal forecasts of above-average temperatures and average to below-average precipitation for the October 2016 to May 2017 wet season bore true in the fourth quarter of 2016 with rainfall and snow accumulation well below average throughout most of the country, with the exception of Balkh and Ghazni provinces.

15 Jan 2017 description

This report is produced by OCHA Afghanistan in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 30 December to 12 January 2017. The next report will be issued on or around 26 January 2017.


  • In 2016, almost 620,000 undocumented returnees (249,832) and registered refugees (370,102) returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan. The overwhelming majority – 93% (577,454) – returned since July.

11 Jan 2017 description

The Humanitarian Strategic Plan addresses the needs of 2.23 million people in Pakistan. In 2017, the humanitarian partners will support 0.14 million people that have been displaced from FATA, .48 million IDPs that have returned to FATA, 1.34 million registered Afghan refugees, and 0.27 million malnourished children and women.

In addition, humanitarian partners will support the Government with disaster preparedness and coordination.

04 Jan 2017 description
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  1. IN 2016, HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE PLANS (HRPs) in the MENA region requested US$7 billion and have received $4 billion. In total, MENA HRPs are 56 per cent funded. Three new FLASH APPEALS address specific situations: in Iraq where the humanitarian impact of the Mosul operation requires $284 million; in Afghanistan where $152 million is needed to assist returnees from Pakistan; and in Libya where $10 million is needed for Sirt.

04 Jan 2017 description


  • Since January 2016, more than 614,225 undocumented returnees (244,125) and registered refugees (370,102) have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan. Of these, 93% (571,747) have returned since July.1

  • In the last two weeks, no registered refugees have returned as the winter pause in UNHCR’s repatriation program takes full effect. Undocumented returns have also slowed, with 2,032 returning in the past week.

03 Jan 2017 description
  • As of 30 December 2016, the inter-agency coordinated appeals and refugee response plans within the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require US$22.1 billion -- an increase of 10 per cent since it was first launched twelve months ago -- to meet the needs of 96.2 million humanitarian crisis-affected people in 40 countries. By the end of 2016, $12.6 billion were raised towards the coordinated appeals -- more than ever before. Despite immense donor generosity, it is only 57 percent of the requirements committed, leaving a short fall of $9.5 billion.

20 Dec 2016 description

The added value of the CHF has been demonstrated again in 2016, combining flexibility and strategic focus, with the timely allocation of approximately $40 million for 66 projects, strengthening the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator and enabling humanitarian interventions and assessments by 38 partners (4 UN, 23 INGO, 11 NNGO), in alignment with the Strategic Objectives of the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).

15 Dec 2016 description

This is a bi-monthly update that compiles innovative policy, practice and partnerships that aim to strengthen engagement of disaster-affected communities in humanitarian action from the Southern and Eastern Africa region. The aim of the publication is to create awareness about these initiatives and share good practices. Readers are encouraged to forward this email through their own networks. Contributions of similar articles are invited.

Kenya: Policy dialogue on humanitarian diplomacy

14 Dec 2016 description

While seasonal forecasts anticipate above-average temperatures and average to below-average precipitation for the October 2016 to May 2017 wet season, winter has arrived early in the North and Western regions, and periods of severe weather may be experienced in areas with higher elevations and extreme conditions.

Affected Populations

14 Dec 2016 description


  • The humanitarian community is mobilizing to provide life-saving, emergency assistance to vulnerable Afghan families over winter. However, a longer-term view is essential to break cyclical patterns of need.

  • For IRC, cash assistance to respond to emergencies is working: their global strategy aims to increase use of cash in humanitarian assistance from about 6 per cent in 2015 to 25 per cent by 2020.

  • A new study examines the way conflict affects how humanitarian organisations operate.

13 Dec 2016 description

From 1 January 2016 to 29 November 2016, 530,407 individuals fled their homes due to conflict. A total of 31 out of 34 provinces had recorded some level of forced displacement. Constrained humanitarian access hinders assessments, thus preventing verification of the full extent of displacement and undermining the provision of assistance and services.

12 Dec 2016 description


World Humanitarian Data and Trends presents global and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance. Its purpose is to consolidate this information and present it in an accessible way, providing policymakers, researchers and humanitarian practitioners with an evidence base to support humanitarian policy decisions and provide context for operational decisions. The information presented covers two main areas: humanitarian needs and assistance in 2015, and humanitarian trends, challenges and opportunities.

09 Dec 2016 description

Repatriation of registered refugees to Afghanistan decreased by 74% during the week of 27 Nov. - 03 Dec. compared to the previous week. The Voluntary Repatriation Centre is processing the last returns of the year, and supported returns will be suspended for the winter season as of 1 December. According to IOM, the return of undocumented Afghans also decreased by 28% from the previous week’s total of 4,158.

05 Dec 2016 description

Les appels et plans de réponse dans 33 pays visent à aider 93 millions de personnes