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13 May 1997 description
report Canadian Red Cross

May 13, 1997 (Ottawa) - Canadian Red Cross offices across the country are calling on their communities to raise money for
the survivors of Saturday's massive earthquake in Northwestern Iran. "We have already received calls from people who want
to hold fundraising events to help us," says Deborah Gibson, Deputy National Director for International Services. "At this point,
cash contributions are the best, because they allow us to respond the fastest."

13 May 1997 description

A UNHCR mission was yesterday for the first time allowed to carry out a cross border mission from Angola into Zaire to look for thousands of Rwandan refugees who are reported to be around the border region. An official travelled some 5km into Zairean territory across the border from the Angolan town of Dundu. He met some 500 refugees a mixture of men, women and children who had apparently been pushed back into Zaire after crossing into Angola.

13 May 1997 description
report IRIN

Departement des Affaires Humanitaires / IRIN

Tel: +254 2 622 147
Fax: +254 2 622 129
e-mail: irin@dha.unon.org

IRIN: Bulletin quotidien no 170 d'information sur la region des Grands Lacs (du mardi 13 mai 97)

* La BBC a rapporte aujourd'hui que le gouvernement zairois a annonce un couvre-feu a Kinshasa de 8 heures du soir a 6 heures du matin et a appele les habitants a s'armer pour defendre la capitale des rebelles qui l'ont encerclee.
13 May 1997 description

At the end of February 1997, following the collapse of pyramid schemes in which many Albanians had invested their life savings, the country was swept by a wave of looting which disrupted official supply channels. Widespread anarchy ensued, and large quantities of weapons were seized by the population from abandoned military bases. Hospitals saw a heavy influx of wounded, and social welfare institutions, being entirely dependent on government supplies, were unable to cope.

13 May 1997 description

GENEVA (Reuter) - Armed men in rebel uniforms in eastern Zaire beat two staff members from the U.N. children's agency and stabbed them with bayonets, UNICEF officials said Tuesday.
Spokeswoman Marie Heuze said UNICEF condemned ''this act of barbarism'' in the de facto rebel capital of Goma, which she said showed conditions were ''not adequate'' for relief work there.

The attack also drew a sharp rebuke from U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other top U.N. officials.

13 May 1997 description
report Mail and Guardian

Africa's first nuclear reactor, in Kinshasa, has a less than secure location and rumours have swept the capital that it may be blown up.

13 May 1997 description
report Marek Enterprise

Howard French, reporting for the New York Times, says the political class in Kinshasa has essentially lost all power and the people of the city, namely the opposition, are preparing to welcome in the ADFL and its spokesman Laurent Kabila as their new leader. Elements of the opposition are urging a three-day strike, starting on May 14, and there are also calls for the Zairean military to walk away from a fight with the ADFL. Mr.

13 May 1997 description

Dushnabe, 13 May 1997 (RFE/RL) - A group in the Leninabad Region of northern Tajikistan is calling on international organizations to appeal to the Tajik government to call off security operations connected with the investigation into the April 30 attempt on the life the Tajik president.

13 May 1997 description

Iran - Earthquake
DHA-Geneva Situation Report No. 4
13 May 1997

13 May 1997 description

(9:24am AEST)

International relief efforts are gathering pace to help Iran's earthquake victims, while the death toll from Saturday's quake has soared to more than 4-thousand.

The Iranian authorities have now confirmed many more people were killed than earlier reports indicated.

President Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani has inspected quake-hit areas in Khorasan province, where more than 200 villages are in ruins.

United Nations agencies have earmarked hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims, and dozens of countries -- including the United States, Germany, Turkey, …

13 May 1997 description

Louise Tunbridge, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

YEI, SUDAN -- 'The liberators - the SPLA - have captured this place, and there is now peace of mind here. It's a gift of God. The people are coming back home," exults the Rev. Lazarus Mundoya at the packed Christ the King Cathedral.

13 May 1997 description
report American Red Cross

07:49:31 GMT

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has sent more
than 4,300 relief workers and volunteers to northeastern
Iran where a devastating earthquake killed at least 2,400
people and injured as many as 6,000.

The quake, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, shook the
Khorasan province on Saturday. It was the worst earthquake to hit Iran since
1990 when a magnitude 7.7 killed some 50,000 people. The IFRC reports that
13 May 1997 description

Tuesday May 13 8:27 AM EDT
TOKYO (Reuter) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday an urgent international reconstruction effort would be needed when fighting ended in Zaire.

"Even if the fighting stops, that doesn't mean our work is over," Annan told a news conference in Tokyo.

13 May 1997 description
report European Union


Brussels,13 May 1997

The European Commission has approved a package of humanitarian aid worth ECU 1,4 million for victims of the war in Chechnya. The aid, managed by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO), will enable four European non-governmental organisations to carry out a co-ordinated programme of aid in and around Chechyna over the next six months. The programme covers mainly food aid, medical aid, water and sanitation.

13 May 1997 description

(5:26pm AEST)

An earthquake measuring four-point-eight on the Richter scale has hit eastern Iran, two days after a powerful quake hit the region leaving more than four-thousand people dead.

The latest quake has hampered rescue and relief efforts, however there are NO reports of new injuries or damage.

Meanwhile, as the international assistance effort increases, the Red Cross says it has already received pledges for 5-million dollars of the ten-million it has asked for.

13 May 1997 description

Judith Matloff, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

13 May 1997 description

preliminary appeal no. 10/97
period covered: 12 -13 May 1997

13 May 1997 description
Refugees currently in
Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Zaire Burundi
Rwanda - 16,000 - 294,463 2,000
Zaire 100,715 21,000 12,500 - 20,000
Burundi 275,954 - 7,000 44,000 -
Other 3,908 - - - -
Total 380,577 37,000 19,500 338,463 …