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29 Nov 1999 description

Embassies and aid agencies are continuing discussions with the Vanuatu government about assistance following the weekend earthquake and tsunami.

Ten people died when Pentecost island was hit on Saturday.

Supplies of temporary shelter have been flown to the island, but officials are concerned about water and food supplies, especially to remote areas, cut off by landlsides.

Sue Cox from the Australian High Commission in Port Vila says the Australian, New Zealand and French Consulates are waiting for a final decision from Vanuatu on what the government needs:

The immediate needs …

29 Nov 1999 description
report Xinhua

QUITO (Nov. 29) XINHUA - Ecuador's Guagua Pichincha volcano, 10 kilometers west of Quito, registered Monday a burst with the subsequent expulsion of gas and ashes.

The explosion, which occurred at 13:30 local time, was stronger than that of last Thursday and the emitting of volcanic material was less prolonged, said Quito Mayor Roque Sevilla.

The wind dragged the ashes north and east and later toward the south of the volcano's crater, he added.

The mayor considered it possible that the ashes do not fall upon the city this time.

29 Nov 1999 description
report Government of India

Affected Districts: (12)

(1) Balasore (2) Bhadrak (3) Jajpur (4) Kendrapara (5) Jagatsinghpur (6) Khurda (7) Puri (8) Cuttack (9) Nayagarh (10) Keonjhar (11) Mayurbhanj (12)Dhenkanal (partially)

Extent of Damage

Population: 125.69 lakh

Villages: 14190

Blocks/ ULBs: 97/28

Crop Area: 18.42 lakh ha.

Houses: 18.28 lakh

Loss of human life

Jagatsinghpur: 8119

Cuttack: 471

Kendrapara: 469

Puri: 301

Jajpur: 188

Bhadrak: 98

Khurda: 91

Dhenkanal: 55

Balasore: 49

Keonjhar: 31

Mayurbhanj: 10

Nayagarh: 3

Total: …

29 Nov 1999 description

situation report no. 3
period covered: 11 - 20 November, 1999
budget revision and programme extension of 3 months until April 2000
29 November,

29 Nov 1999 description

Highlights of the Noon Briefing
By Fred Eckhard, Spokesman for the Secretary-General
UN Headquarters, New York

29 Nov 1999 description
report Government of India

(Upto 1800 Hrs on 29-11-99)


  • No. of affected districts: 12
  • Population: 125.69 lakh
  • Villages: 14190
  • Blocks/ULBs: 97/28
  • Crop Area: 18.42 lakh Ha
  • Houses: 18.28 lakh
  • Loss of Human Life: 9885
  • Persons Injured: 2507
  • Missing: 40
  • Live stock Perished: 4.44 lakh
  • Fishing boats lost: 9085
  • Fishing nets lost: 22143

Free kitchens: 1190

Other Relief Material:

Polythene: 6.86 lakh sheets
Dhotis & Saries: 20.23 lakhs
Blankets: 85,938
Utensils: 63,000

29 Nov 1999 description

Embassy of Vietnam would like to inform that the Government of Vietnam has decided some additional measures to facilitate relief supplies to flood-victims in Central Provinces of Vietnam:

  • 1/The General Department of Customs will exempt from import duties all relief supplies which do not belong to list of banned import goods. Person or organizations from abroad - the donors - can send relief supplies directly to people, organizations or locals in Vietnam with invoice of donation goods.
29 Nov 1999 description

El Instituto Geofísico mantiene el monitoreo de la actividad volcánica del Guagua Pichincha y detalla a continuación los eventos relevantes de las =FAltimas 24 horas:

29 Nov 1999 description
report World Vision

Freezing winter temperatures will put the lives of thousands of Chechen refugees at risk unless urgent action is taken, World Vision warns.

29 Nov 1999 description

Two Russian peacekeepers and an Abkhaz policeman were killed and eight people wounded on 24 November when an armored personnel carrier hit a landmine in Abkhazia's Gali Raion, Caucasus Press reported. The previous day, a UNHCR official was wounded on 25 November when the car in which he was travelling was shot at in Gali, Caucasus Press reported. LF
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29 Nov 1999 description

Tchétchénie: la Suisse soutient les victimes du conflit La Suisse soutient à nouveau les victimes du conflit en Tchétchénie à hauteur d'un million de francs. Dans le cadre de l'Aide humanitaire de la Confédération, cinq cent millions de francs seront en effet versés au Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) d'une part, et au Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (HCR) d'autre part. Les deux organisations mènent des programmes d'aide d'urgence en faveur des réfugiés et des déplacés en Tchétchénie et dans les régions voisines.

29 Nov 1999 description
report CARE

Exactly one month ago, in the early morning of 29 October, one of the worst cyclones ever recorded in South Asia battered the coastline of the eastern Indian state of Orissa. The state had barely recovered from an earlier cyclone that had killed over 200 people. But the new super-cyclone was much, much worse.

29 Nov 1999 description

31 - 99

29 Nov 1999 description

By Gareth Jones

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia pressed on with its military offensive in rebel Chechnya Monday despite renewed Western objections and a warning that the two-month campaign might put sorely needed international credits in jeopardy.

The West says Russia's campaign is causing too much death and suffering among innocent Chechen civilians.

29 Nov 1999 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 29 November (IRIN) - Most Angolan refugees who fled across Angola's southern border into Namibia have been transferred to a secure camp away from the border, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told IRIN on Monday.

29 Nov 1999 description

There is an urgent need to return East Timorese displaced from West Timor and elsewhere in Indonesia to their communities of origin in order for rehabilitation, reconstruction and development to begin as quickly as possible. The safe and orderly return transportation of displaced persons is the responsibility of IOM by agreement and in close cooperation with UNHCR.

29 Nov 1999 description

General: In recent weeks, motor vehicle traffic on the streets of Dili has increased markedly, with a concomitant increase in accidents. Commercial and trading activity has also grown, with an increasing range of food products now available. Prices however, remain well above those of the pre-consultation period.