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22 Aug 2017 description
report NIRAPAD

Overview of Flood, August 2017

Rise of water levels in the various rivers in the northern part of the country due to heavy rainfalls as well as water flow from the upstream hills in India have led to the inundation of the river basin areas in the northern parts of Bangladesh.

22 Aug 2017 description
  • 64.048 nouveaux arrivants de la RCA identifiés par les autorités locales, la Direction Générale de Migration et la Commission Nationale pour les Réfugiés depuis la mi-mai 2017.
  • 5.819 réfugiés rwandais rapatriés en 2017.
  • 616.543 réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile originaires de la République Démocratique du Congo se trouvent en Afrique.

Activités Principales

22 Aug 2017 description
  • 64,048 new arrivals from CAR identified by local authorities, General Direction of Migration and National Commission for Refugees starting from mid-May 2017
  • 5,819 Rwandan refugees repatriated from DRC in 2017
  • 616,543 refugees and asylum-seekers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in other African countries

Main Activities

22 Aug 2017 description

The Situation

On 21 August 2017, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. The quake struck at 20:57 (18:57 GMT), at depth of 10.4 kilometres with epicentre 5 kilometres north-west of Monte di Procida.

Two persons died and at least 39 people got injured, with many more still missing.

The earthquake caused buildings to collapse although there is no detailed information available on the extent of the damage at the moment.

The Italian Civil Protection has been sending teams to assess the damage and needs.

22 Aug 2017 description

This report is produced by the Food Security Sector Working Group in Jordan in response to the Syria crisis. It shows progresses in project implementation and funding status during the reporting period. It summarizes achievement and challenges and highlights foreseen needs for the next quarter.

22 Aug 2017 description


  • Number of returnees 1,970 Somali refugees returned to Somalia
  • Core relief items 429 CRIs distributed to 392 households (1,282 returnees)
  • Reinstallation grants 1,876 returnees provided with reinstallation grants
  • Shelters 184 shelters and 64 latrines constructed
  • Community-based projects 1,694 beneficiaries of community-based projects
22 Aug 2017 description


Amidst increased displacement mainly from Telafar and surrounding villages, pertinent protection concerns this week included intensification of access restrictions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) trying to reach certain camps and non-camp areas. There have also been reports of arbitrary detention of minors.

Displacement Trends

22 Aug 2017 description


  • Cholera remains a public health emergency in South Sudan. Cumulatively, 19 742 cholera cases including 355 deaths (Case fatality Rate 1.8 per cent) were reported in 24 counties since June 2016 with 11 counties still having active transmission of the disease.

22 Aug 2017 description


  • 905 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan
  • 10,248 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran
  • 82,191 total returns from Pakistan since 1 January 2017
  • 225,332 total returns from Iran since 1 January 2017
  • 95% of returnees from Pakistan (862 individuals) assisted
  • 4% of returnees from Iran (415 individuals) assisted

Situation Overview

22 Aug 2017 description

UN Migration Tracks Migrant Populations, Needs in Yemen

Sana’a – Today (22/08), IOM, the UN Migration Agency in the Republic of Yemen announces the publication of a Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report on Enhancing the Understanding of Migration and Population Mobility in Yemen. The report identifies a total of 50,529 migrants having entered Yemen between January and July 2017. This figure is now expected to be higher.

22 Aug 2017 description

Aperçu humanitaire du 14 au 20 août 2017

Zone Centre

Préfecture de Nana-Gribizi / Sous-préfecture de Kaga-Bandoro / Kaga-Bandoro

22 Aug 2017 description


  • WFP assisted 4.2 million people since the beginning of the year. This is the highest number of people served by WFP in South Sudan. In July alone, WFP served 2.9 million people.
  • As a response to growing food insecurity in Greater Mvolo region, WFP is scaling up its assistance to reach total of 69,500 people.

Food and Nutrition Assistance

22 Aug 2017 description

From the very beginning, with our monsoon response plan, Nepal Red Cross Society National Headquarters ‘Emergency Operation Center’ is continuously updating the information through SitRep, corresponding with our nationwide networks (district and sub-chapters). And we are trying our best to share the situation report as widely as possible.

We hope, our sharing has enhanced to understand and analyze the needs of the affected population, which is our mutual responsibility to make an efficient plan and response strategy to bring back the affected people to their normal life.

22 Aug 2017 description

This Situation Update describes events occurring in Thandaunggyi Township, Toungoo District between November 2016 and January 2017, including updates on education, healthcare, military activity and development transactions.

22 Aug 2017 description
  1. Rivers Flow Situation Reported by Flood Forecasting Division. All rivers are flowing at Normal levels. Details at Annex A.

  2. Past Meteorological Situation and Future Forecast by PMD. No significant rainfall reported in last 24 hours. PMD forecast for next 24 hours predicts isolated thunderstorm / rain over Gilgit-Baltistan, Malakand, Hazara Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Gujranwala & Lahore Divisions alongwith Kashmir & Southeast Sindh. Details at Annex B.