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Gobierno envía alimento, medicina, ropa y carpas para familias de la comunidad indígena Nueva Natividad

Nueva Natividad, BOLIVIA, 20 oct (ABI).- El Gobierno envió el lunes alimento, medicina, ropa y carpas para familias que fueron afectadas por un incendio forestal registrado el sábado en la comunidad Nueva Natividad, en el Territorio Indígena del Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS), informaron fuentes oficiales.

Según un boletín de prensa, esa ayuda fue trasladada desde la ciudad de Trinidad en un helicóptero Súper Puma de la Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (FAB), una de las naves adquiridas meses atrás por el Gobierno.

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Santa Cruz declarará emergencia departamental por intensa sequía


Bolivia, 20 de Octubre 2014

Fuente: El Mundo Bolivia

AFECTADOS • La intensa ola de calor se ha intensificado en los municipios, son 12 los que se han declarado en alerta roja, hoy analizan últimos resultados para declaratoria.

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Aumenta número de familias que serán evacuadas

Nicaragua, 20 de Octubre 2014

Fuente: La Voz del Sandinismo

La Compañera Rosario informó que serán 700 las familias que serán trasladadas a albergues y no 616, como estaba previsto inicialmente

La Coordinadora del Consejo de Comunicación y Ciudadanía, Compañera Rosario Murillo, informó que aumentó a 700 el número de familias que serán evacuadas de los puntos críticos de Managua por estar también en el nivel de riesgo A.

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World Risk Report 2014 - Focus: The city as a risk area

UN University

For the first time, the World Risk Index analyzed 140 countries for the risk their urban populations face, based on 21 indicators such as urban population living in slums and urban literacy.

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Deep South residents will be part of peace process

PATTANI, 21 October 2014 (NNT)-Deep South residents have been encouraged to help authorities restore peace under Toong Yang Deang Model, which is a strategy said to be more comprehensive in dealing with various issues in the areas.

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) and the Internal Security Council have been working together under the model to assure safety. Residents will also be asked to report to the authorities and look out for one another.

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Iraq + 1 other
Russian Emergencies Ministry jets to deliver 37 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Iraq

The Russian Emergencies Ministry is sending two planes carrying humanitarian aid to Iraq.

It is planned that the first one Il-76 will fly to Baghdad from Ramenskoye airport on 21 October. It will carry tinned meat, 2.5 thousand blankets, two mobile power generators, 100 ten-bed tents. The total weight of the shipment is 37 tonnes.

The second plane will take off on 23 October for the town of Erbil.

The relief goods are sent pursuant to the orders of the Russian leadership.

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Tense situation in Deleig, Central Darfur

Radio Dabanga

DELEIG CAMP (20 Oct .) - The school, markets, and government offices in Deleig town, Wadi Salih locality in Central Darfur, remain closed, after displaced from the Deleig camp killed a militiaman in retaliation for the murder of a displaced mother and her son on Saturday. Militiamen gang raped a young woman of the Deleig camp for the displaced today. 12 other displaced were assaulted.

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UN Women mourns loss of Sierra Leone colleague to Ebola

UN Women

UN Women is deeply saddened by the passing away of our colleague Mr. Edmond Bangura-Sesay on Saturday, 18 October, after testing positive for the Ebola virus. Mr. Bangura-Sesay served with great dedication since 2005​ as the driver for the UN Women Office in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Bangura-Sesay was quarantined with a suspected case of the Ebola virus on Tuesday last week as a precautionary measure after his spouse exhibited symptoms associated with the virus. His wife remains under the care of the Ebola Treatment Center and we wish her a swift recovery.

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Boletín informativo no. 3782 - Ríos Salinas y Usumacinta afectan a más de mil personas en Petén

El desborde de los ríos Salinas y Usumacinta afectó a mil 458 personas en los municipios de Sayaxché y Las Cruces en el departamento de Petén, ocasionando daños leves y moderados en 318 viviendas, incidentes causados por las lluvias registradas en el país en las últimas 24 horas, de acuerdo con evaluaciones de daños y análisis de necesidades que el Sistema de la Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción de Desastres –CONRED-, llevó a cabo.

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Afghans work to improve local justice mechanisms for poor, disenfranchised

KABUL, 15 October 2014 – More than 100 Afghans attended a two-day conference in Mazar-e Sharif, the capital city of Afghanistan’s northern province of Balkh, to discuss ways to improve law enforcement and justice mechanisms at local and regional levels.

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Child marriage takes a brutal toll on Syrian girls

DAMASCUS, Syria – “No girls want this life,” said Nour,* a 12-year-old girl from Aleppo, Syria, who was married to a 30-year-old man earlier this year. “Teenage Syrian girls are being forced into early marriages to save their families.”

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Kala-azar trend is at its seasonal peak with more than 5,200 cases and 158 deaths reported this year

Miraya FM

Most of the cases have been reported from Lankien, Chuil, Walgak and Malakal.

According to the South Sudan disease surveillance, displacement of non-immune populations to endemic areas, malnutrition, poor housing, late detection and diagnosis of cases, have been blamed for the latest escalation of the disease.

WHO is supporting implementing partners with case management supplies and adequate stockpiles have been assembled in endemic states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.

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Les semences de l’espoir

World Bank


  • La faible pluviométrie pendant la saison des semences a entraîné d’énormes pertes pour les fermiers sénégalais vivant dans la région de Kaolack, au sud-est de Dakar

  • Un plan d’urgence du Programme de Productivité Agricole en Afrique de l'Ouest fournit aux producteurs près de 2 000 tonnes de semences certifiées de maïs, mil et sorgho afin de combler ces pertes

  • Ces semences subventionnées ont un haut rendement et sont plus résistantes au stress hydrique

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Motivos de Migración de la Niñez y Juventud en 27 Municipios de El Salvador - Estudio Exploratorio Octubre 2014

World Vision


El abolicionista británico William Wilberforce solía decir: “Puedes optar por mirar hacia otro lado, pero nunca podrás volver a decir que no lo sabías” (Strom, 2008). Con estas duras palabras el político y humanista inglés pretendía llamar la atención de la sociedad del siglo XIX sobre el flagelo de la esclavitud dentro del imperio británico.

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Seeding Hope for Smallholder Farmers in Senegal

World Bank


  • A lack of rainfall during Senegal’s planting season has led to withered crops and low yields, obliging farmers to reseed in an effort to recover their losses

  • An emergency program initiated by the World Bank’s West African Agricultural Productivity Program is providing one-time subsidies on the sale of almost 2,000 tons of certified maize, millet, and sorghum seeds

  • The subsidized seeds are guaranteed to produce higher yields, be more drought resistant, and have shorter maturity cycles

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How a low-tech mobile app is changing the way Indonesia responds to disasters

18 Oct 2014 by Lulu Muhammad and Gina Meutia

Did you know that nearly eight out of ten Indonesians have access to cell phones?

We are talking about over 230 million people across three time zones and out of those users; around 61 million are connected to the Internet via their phones. This impressively high number presents an opportunity to enhance disaster risk management in Indonesia, already a world leader in producing evidence based information systems, planning and monitoring tools.

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The Crisis in Yarmouk Camp, 20 October 2014

UNRWA remains deeply concerned about the desperate humanitarian situation in Yarmouk and the fact that increasing tensions and resort to armed force have disrupted its efforts to alleviate the desperate plight of civilians. UNRWA demands that all parties cease hostilities and seek to resolve their differences exclusively by peaceful means. UNRWA also urges all concerned parties to immediately allow and facilitate the resumption of food distribution to civilians inside Yarmouk. UNRWA further demands that continuous, substantial and safe humanitarian access will follow.

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New child-friendly HIV pill set for launch

In Summary

  • At the moment, children living with the virus take four to five different syrups of the formulation which has a bitter taste and is proving to be a real struggle getting them to take.

  • Paediatric HIV is now classified as “neglected” because majority of the victims come from poor and marginalised families who have little access to basic health care.


A child-friendly anti-retroviral that combines different drugs needed to manage HIV/Aids will soon be available in Kenya.

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Ilocos Norte youth raise funds for storm victims' education

By: Cherry Joy D. Garma

LAOAG CITY, October 17 (PIA) - The Ilocos Norte provincial government through its youth organization will put up a two-day bazaar beginning Saturday, October 18 to raise funds for the education of students who were victims of Typhoon Mario.

The Artisan bazaar, to be supervised by the youth arm ‘Sirib Express,’ calls netizens to take part by donating their used clothing, shoes, and accessories, among others, which will then be sold to patrons.

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Thailand + 2 others
How Changing Behaviour is Beating Malaria in Thailand

By Angela Carreño and Alison Crawshaw

IOM Thailand, with the support of the Global Fund, is implementing a malaria Behaviour Change Communication campaign to reach migrants and their host communities with malaria and personal protection messages. This includes multilingual comic books, posters, flip charts, board games and radio broadcasts which together have reached almost 170,000 beneficiaries over the first two years of the campaign.

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