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19 Jun 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 01 Aug 2017 Training date: 16 Oct 2017 to 18 Oct 2017 EIUC

This is the final multi-stakeholder training session of the EU funded ACTIONES project, which targets legal professionals with the aim to explore potential of the Charter of Fundamental Rights as the basis of the strategic litigation. The training puts a specific emphasis on the dynamically growing area of illegal migration and asylum.

02 Jun 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 04 Jul 2017 Training date: 10 Jan 2018 to 15 Apr 2019 Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy) - Call for Applications for the XVI Edition of the Master of Arts in Human Rights and Conflict Management (2018)

Applications shall be submitted online at

Applications deadlines are the following:

non EU candidates: 4 July 2017 (1st round) - 4 September 2017 (2nd round)

EU candidates: 19 September 2017


29 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 09 Oct 2017 Training date: 06 Nov 2017 to 10 Nov 2017 Multinational CIMIC Group

Course is open to Civil & Military personnel. CIMIC Liaison Course is designed to provide former CIMIC course’s students with knowledge, skills and tools needed to enhance their Civil Military Liaison capabilities with special reference to multinational and multidimensional contexts which characterize current NATO’s Theatres of Operations. Course content includes CIMIC Liaison Officer’s profile, task and responsibilities, Civil Military Interaction Assessment, CIMIC Liaison field experiences, Cross Cultural Competence, Civil Environment Assessment, Common Operational picture.

19 Apr 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 25 Jun 2017 Training date: 10 Jul 2017 to 14 Jul 2017 UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute


International migration is a growing phenomenon involving the international community as a whole and engaging Member States in the protection of human rights. Analyzing migration as crosscutting topic and understanding the challenges faced both by migrants and Member States is crucial for the development and implementation of national policies compliant with international human rights standards.

29 Mar 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 28 Jun 2017 Training date: 29 Jun 2017 to 30 Jun 2017 Punto Sud

Course Description

Make the most from the practical overview of all aspects related to financial management of EU funded projects, starting from the preparation of a proper and realistic budget, to the procedures for modifying it in case of changed circumstances, to the procurement of supplies, services and works, to financial reporting, expenditure verification and audit. The course will focus on DG DEVCO and DG NEAR.

13 Mar 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 11 Jul 2017 Training date: 25 Oct 2017 to 26 Oct 2017 International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange

Transportation in urban areas, with its related environmental and social impacts, is a topic of significant concern for policymakers in both municipal and central government as well as for the urban citizens who need effective and efficient transport systems. Therefore, transportation and urban Planning is crucial for Developing countries in that sense that it should be tackled and challenged by researchers and practitioners.