Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning - apply for a scholarship

from MDF Training & Consultancy
Registration deadline: 06 May 2014 Training date: 01 Dec 2014 to 12 Dec 2014

Improving learning and accountability

Systematic monitoring and evaluating of these processes helps you to be accountable, learn and improve your projects/ programmes, organisation and networks. After the course, you will be able to design or review your monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) practices and choose the most appropriate tools for tracking both quantitative (using Key Performance Indicators) and qualitative changes (using Outcome Mapping and Most Significant Change). The course is practical and participatory.

This course provides quantitative indicator-based system for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as well as more qualitative tools (Outcome Mapping and Most Significant Change). The course is proactive and participatory.

This course is organised simultaneously in two groups in English and French

Course objectives

In this course you will learn how to monitor and evaluate projects, programmes and organisations. At the end of the course you will adept to ask and answer typical M&E questions, such as: Which data do we need to understand the context, outputs, outcome and impact? Who collects, analyses and processes these data, when and how?

Furthermore you will experience how monitoring and evaluation can be turned into (participative) learning. At the end of the course you will be able to design, organise and steer evaluations in such a way that they contribute to accountability and stimulate learning by all stakeholders.


You are involved with formulating, managing, or monitoring development interventions. You prepare, supervise, use or participate in evaluations. You work as a desk officer, programme manager, task manager for a national or a local government, for an international donor agency, or for a non-governmental organisation. You want to further improve your monitoring and evaluation abilities and your M&E system.



  • Why monitor?
  • How do outputs, outcomes and impacts differ?
  • Who needs M&E information?
  • How to capture monitoring areas in Key Performance Indicators?
  • How to deliver information to key stakeholders?
  • How to make a Monitoring Plan?
  • How to use Outcome Mapping to monitor qualitative changes?
  • How to monitor risks and organisations?
  • How to collect and analyse data?
  • How to learn from monitoring in organisations?
  • Field visit /real-life case
  • Personal coaching


  • What are the main steps in an evaluation process?
  • How to involve stakeholders to ensure learning from evaluation?
  • How to make/use a ToR for an evaluation?
  • How to use Most Significant Change for evaluation?
  • How to use Appreciative Inquiry for evaluation?
  • How to make evaluation questions for each DAC criterion?
  • How to prepare for and learn from Impact Evaluations?
  • How to learn from evaluation reports?
  • Field visit /real-life case
  • Personal coaching

Scholarship opportunity

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) awarded by the Netherlands organisation for international co-operation in higher education (NUFFIC) enables carefully selected professionals to join this course free of charge. Visit the MDF website with a list of courses and registration at MDF. More information on the eligibility criteria on the Nuffic NFP Sponsorship page for details and application deadlines.

Registration at MDF ánd Nuffic is necessary. Start to apply at MDF now. Application at Nuffic (Scholarship Online- SOL)is open. Closing date for application of a scholarship is 6 May 2014. You are always welcome at the training when you arrange your own sponsor.

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