New #Ambulance! September 2017 exercise for pre-hospital emergency workers

from Geneva Learning Foundation
Registration deadline: 27 Aug 2017 Training date: 28 Aug 2017 to 06 Oct 2017 More Information

Community of action for ambulance and emergency pre-hospital care providers in risk situations


  • New exercise!
  • When: 28 August–6 October 2017
  • Learning time: 3–4 hours per week

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What is happening and when

Starting on 28 August 2017, ambulance staff and volunteers from all over the world will work together online to document incidents of violence and security risk.

Who is this exercise for

  • If you work or have worked in an ambulance or other emergency health crew, in peace or war, we urge you to join.
  • Nonmedical staff and volunteers working to ensure the safety and security of emergency health workers are also encouraged to join.

What you will gain

  1. Take part in a global effort to protect ambulance and other emergency health workers.
  2. Widen your grasp of pre-hospital emergency care, beyond your local context.
  3. Share problems and, with peers from all over the world, learn how to solve them.
  4. Improve your risk awareness in your own country and setting.
  5. Work with your peers to create a exercise project that you can use in your work.

Who is leading this exercise

The #Ambulance! exercise team in 2017 is composed of pre-hospital emergency care workers and volunteers who have committed to supporting the initiative.

They are supported by senior emergency health staff from the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (IFRC, ICRC, and Norwegian Red Cross) and by the Geneva Learning Foundation.

What is the workload

You will need to complete each week’s tasks by the end of the week. You should plan to:

  • spend at least 3-4 hours per week on exercise work during four weeks (at least 30-45 minutes per working day)
  • take part in a weekly, 30-minute online discussion every Wednesday.

What do you need to participate?

Information technology: You will need to access the course web site on a regular basis (preferably every day). Participants need to have access to a reliable Internet connection and a standards-based browser less than two years old (Firefox, Safari, or Chrome).

Languages: You will need “upper-intermediate” level of reading skills in your working language. If you are not fluent in one of the exercise languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic) or in using digital tools you should allow an extra 2-3 hours per week.


The exercise is free of charge. There is no cost to be paid by participants.

Organizations are invited to make a voluntary cost contribution to support their staff and volunteers.


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) will issue a Certificate of Participation to all who complete all participation requirements. Organizations are encouraged to recognize the professional value of #Ambulance! certification as evidence of improved security and risk awareness.

More information

How to register:

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