Sexual Violence Awareness

from InterHealth, International Location Safety (ILS)
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Jointly developed and delivered by InterHealth Worldwide and International Location Safety (ILS), this engaging workshop enables travelers to protect themselves against the threat of sexual violence whilst overseas. It builds the capacity of participants to respond to sexually motivated violent crime.

The workshop focuses on the individual rather than the organisation. It supports participants to reduce their vulnerability to sexual violence in its many forms, developing participants' understanding of the behaviour patterns of sexual predators.

We look at the various response options that remain open to a person under attack and the potential consequences of those various options. We will finish the day by looking at how best to support a survivor of sexual violence, and how a survivor might come to terms with life after sexual violence.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe ways to reduce your vulnerability to sexual violence
  • Describe actions to take if attacked
  • Describe strategies for managing the physical and psychological impact of sexual violence
  • Describe strategies for readjustment following an attack


This workshop is developed collaboratively by ILS, Interhealth WorldWide and Report the Abuse. By working together we have captured not only best practice in the avoidance and survival of sexual violence, but are also able to reflect on the experiences of survivors.

The workshop is delivered jointly by a humanitarian security advisor and a Counsellor. It will deal directly, but very sensitively, with the very difficult subject matter in a way that will empower delegates to live and work safely, but also know how to respond to an attack and support survivors.

Fee information:
£185 per person
How to register:

Please register online by completing the Training Booking Form on our website:

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