Travel Health and First Aid

from InterHealth
Registration deadline: 14 Apr 2017 Training date: 26 Apr 2017 More Information

The InterHealth Travel Health and First Aid Training is a comprehensive one day course designed to inform, advise and equip for travel. Our trainers have extensive experience both working in and delivering training within the humanitarian and development sectors.

The course aims to identify common travel health risks, to provide effective preparation for travel, sustained wellbeing whilst overseas and for effective transition upon return. Working in environments with limited medical support, first aid skills can be essential. The first aid training component introduces foundational skills to enable a systematic response to manage simple injury and common health needs. The course provides invaluable lifesaving skills and confidence, with the practical emphasis making it easily accessible to all. No previous medical training is required.

By the end of the course you will be:

  1. Informed about travel health risks and factors to consider, including effective preparation before travel.
  2. Identify safer travel measures to promote health and wellbeing, including managing stress and promoting resilience during travel.
  3. Prepared with the skills and principles to give simple first aid in the event an accident, attack, illness or injury.
  4. To be confident to assess and give simple treatment of casualties.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Food and water borne diseases
  • Risks from insects and animals
  • Environmental and cultural factors
  • Managing long term conditions whilst travelling
  • Promoting resilience and managing stress
  • Defining first aid
  • Determining propensity to act
  • Initial assessment of an accident and priorities of care
  • Essential first aid kit
  • Response to bleeding, burns, breaks and shock
  • Care of unconscious breathing casualty – recovery position
  • Care of unconscious non-breathing casualty – CPR
  • Moving a casualty safely and effectively
  • Head and Spinal injuries – immobilization and management

The day will be interactive and scenario-based with lots of opportunities to practice what is being taught, including use of equipment.

Who is it for?

We have designed this course primarily for field leaders and team leaders working on the ground in relief, development and mission projects.


InterHealth Worldwide, 63-67 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BD


26 Apr 09:00 - 17:00

Fee information:
£125 + VAT (InterHealth Subscribers) £150 + VAT (Standard)
How to register:

You can register online by completing the Training Booking Form on our website:

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