Hostile Environment & Remote Operations (H.E.R.O) First Aid

from InterHealth
Registration deadline: 31 Jan 2017 Training date:
08 Feb 2017 to 09 Feb 2017
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The InterHealth Hostile Environment or Remote Operation (H.E.R.O) First Aid Training is a comprehensive 2 day course designed by medical professionals with experience living and working in South Sudan to take delegates from basic first aid through to management of life threatening injuries. The training would be useful for anyone operating in a remote areas of South Sudan where accessing health support will be significantly delayed or those delegated to take a lead in responding in the event of injury or illness. The course’s practical emphasis makes it easily accessible to all.

The training focuses on team dynamics and team building techniques, which enable people to work together to improve outcomes. Through practical problem solving exercises and role-play, delegates will gain confidence and practice whilst using their own common sense and imagination to consolidate the theoretical knowledge instilled by our experienced trainers.

The training is pitched and contextualized at the correct level for all involved to ensure a dynamic, fun and memorable training. The purpose is to provide invaluable lifesaving skills with an unbeatable level of knowledge retention and confidence for those who need it the most.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be:

  1. Prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope and save life in the event an accident, attack, illness or injury in a remote hostile environment.
  2. Aware and have in place protocols in order to triage, treat and stabilize multiple casualties.
  3. To be confident, prepared and ready to manage emergency casualty evacuation.
  4. Able to work effectively alone or as part of a team to achieve best practice and outcomes for both your casualty and your organization.

Topics to be covered include:


  • Introduction
  • Assessment of an accident and priorities of care
  • Group work and discussion – Casualty Evacuation planning and resources available.
  • Primary and Secondary Survey
  • Brief overview on catastrophic haemorrhage
  • Care of unconscious breathing casualty – recovery position
  • Care of unconscious non-breathing casualty – CPR
  • Spinal injuries - immobilization and management
  • Bleeding control & dressings
  • Application of CAT/SWAT tourniquet and pressure dressings and management of reperfusion injury
  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Recovery position
  • Casualty Simulation Exercises


  • Gunshot wounds
  • Sucking chest wounds
  • Blast and Crushing Injuries
  • Broken bones – slings, splinting.
  • Head injuries – Concussion and Compression
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
  • Management of medical shock
  • Management of mass casualties
  • Casualty Evacuation exercises
  • Assessment on managing accidents and injuries


“As a Country Director, the safety and security of my staff is always my primary concern. We recently were able to have 5 of our colleagues participate in the H.E.R.O first aid training. They were all remarkably enthusiastic about their learning experience and are now sharing ideas about how to improve preparedness the rest of their teams. The topic of how to treat a snake bite has been our new “water cooler talk” since this training! We are looking forward to sending the next batch of trainees to the course.” Tiffany Easthom, Nonviolent Peaceforce

Who is this course for?

For those working in remote and hostile environment who require comprehensive first aid training

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