First Aid for Drivers

from InterHealth
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Driving in urban, remote or hostile environments brings unique challenges in terms of safety, security and medical response. Road traffic accidents are amongst the most common cause of injuries and loss of life to those living and working in Eastern Africa and early effective response can be vital in saving lives and reducing the impact on those involved. In the event of a road traffic accident or incident in areas where risk is high and emergency medical aid hard to access, it is imperative that all personnel are well prepared with adequate training and equipment to preserve life whilst waiting for help to arrive.

The InterHealth Drivers First Aid Training course is designed by medical professionals for those who feel that they will be at risk of a road traffic accident and especially drivers. It includes practical scenario’s to test and cement new skills.

The training incorporates elements of incident management including safety and control of a road traffic accident situation, including by-passer control, communicating effectively for medical assistance and understanding the impact psychologically on the responder victims and passers-by. Through practical problem solving exercises and role-play, delegates will gain confidence and practice whilst using their own common sense and imagination to consolidate the theoretical knowledge instilled by our experienced trainers.

In-house trainings can be planned specifically around your organisation’s individual requirements following a needs assessment. This includes a discussion around the kits that are available in organisation’s vehicles in order to ensure staff are equipped to use the equipment available to them. It is pitched and contextualized at the level for all involved to ensure a dynamic, fun and memorable training that will provide invaluable lifesaving skills and teambuilding with an unbeatable level of knowledge retention and confidence for those who need it the most.

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