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Humanitarian Crises in Southern and Eastern Africa

In early 2017, famine was declared in parts of South Sudan, with almost five million people classified as severely food insecure, while warnings of possible famine were issued for other countries in the Horn of Africa. By February the number of severely food-insecure people across the greater Horn of Africa region had increased to 22.9 million and this could rise even further. (OCHA, 24 Feb 2017)

WFP has classified the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa as a Level 2 Emergency. Some 2.9 million people in Somalia and 5.6 million people in Ethiopia are categorised as being in either crisis or emergency IPC levels 3 and 4, and require urgent humanitarian assistance. In Kenya, 2.6 million people also require emergency food assistance, of whom 2.2 million are in IPC Phase 3.

The Somali and Kenyan governments have declared the drought situation a “national disaster” and appealed to the international community to support the response efforts. In Somalia, WFP scaled up its emergency response in February, reaching nearly 1 million people through general distributions, nutrition interventions and school meals programme. (WFP, 15 Mar 2017)

At the other end of the continent, some countries in southern Africa were hit by floods and an infestation of army worm, further compounding the food insecurity experienced in the region as a consequence of the El-Niño phenomenon that struck in 2015-16.

According to WFP, the nutrition situation deteriorated in the seven most severely drought-affected countries - Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe - in the latter half of 2016, with several countries recording wasting levels above 5 percent. Pockets of very high acute malnutrition are still prevalent in Zimbabwe and Madagascar (WFP, 21 Feb 2017)

Madagascar was also hit by a tropical cyclone in March 2017, leaving more than 110,000 people displaced.

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30 May 2017 description
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For those observing the month of Ramadan, there will be few occasions when we feel the needs of others more keenly. The act of fasting will for many serve as a reminder that there are those who have known hunger throughout their lives – lives that will change little without a broader shift in circumstances.

That people suffer from malnutrition, in our world of plenty, is difficult to comprehend. That nine children die from it every minute, is difficult to express, because even one is unacceptable.

30 May 2017 description

Remarques principales:

  • Des déplacements de populations fondés sur l’appartenance ethnique se produiront. En avril, des -personnes appartenant à l'ethnie Luba ont été déplacées dans les territoires de Luilu et de Kamiji, dans la province du Haut-Lomami.

  • Des mouvements de populations transfrontaliers vers l’Angola sont à prévoir comme le confirment les récentes arrivées et la localisation des violences ethniques dans le sud du Kasaï : sur les 33 400 réfugiés de la RDC recensés en Angola, 20 000 sont arrivés depuis avril 2017.

30 May 2017 description

Preliminary assessments, conducted between mid-February and end of April 2017, have shown that approximately 356 000 hectares of crops were affected by the fall armyworm infestation in seven reporting Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Member States (Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia).

30 May 2017 description

The Uganda Market Price Update is produced by the Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) Unit of the World Food Programme Uganda on a monthly basis. Price data collected by staff at WFP Sub offices in Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong and Nakapiripirit is analyzed along with price data from Gulu, Kampala, Mbarara, Soroti, Tororo, Lira and Mbale.
The update is divided into four sections; Karamoja markets, Price trends over one year, Other Markets and table on Price changes.



30 May 2017 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Babar Baloch – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The total number of people crossing the Central Mediterranean since the beginning of the year has now passed 60,000, with close to 9,500 migrants and refugees rescued over the past week and disembarked in various Italian ports.

30 May 2017 description
report Little Sun

Addis-Ababa/Niamey/Berlin, May 30th, 2017 – Save the Children has just released two evaluation reports measuring the impact of the use of solar lamps on displaced people in Niger and on students in Ethiopia. Both reports show unmistakably empowering effects of the solar lamps on students’ school results as well as increasing personal security and living conditions.

30 May 2017 description

Methodology and limitations

• Time period covered: 17-28 March 2017

• The National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) and UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) collaborated in calling DPPB and other woreda officials in 261 priority 1 and 2 woredas

• Some woredas remain uncovered because of the telephone network and lack of information with DPPB officials

• Results presented here have had no further triangulation

Some major headlines:

30 May 2017 description

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, Michael Keating, welcomed the inauguration of Ahmed Ducaale Geelle “Xaaf” as the President of Galmudug that took place in Adaado today.

“I congratulate President Xaaf. The members of the state legislature have handed you a great responsibility - to provide leadership to deliver results for the people of Galmudug" said SRSG Keating. "This includes jobs and economic opportunity, infrastructure and services, security and functional state institutions."

30 May 2017 description
report UNIDO

Working Together to Lay Economic Foundations

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has successfully implemented a variety of post-crisis, livelihoods revitalization, and technical assistance initiatives across the globe.
These projects have helped to diversify local economies, train the labour force, and in turn increase the resilience of communities, vulnerable groups, households, and individuals.

30 May 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Food, immunisation, access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and a protective environment are the most immediate needs

LUANDA, 30 May 2017 – More than 9,000 children who have arrived at two temporary reception centres in Dundo, northern Angola, from the Democratic Republic of Congo need urgent support, UNICEF said today. To date, more than 25,000 people have arrived in Angola, having fled violence in the Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

30 May 2017 description

Several African countries have begun implementing climate resilience activities

By: Richard Munang and Robert Mgendi

From Africa Renewal: May - July 2017

29 May 2017 description

ANTANANARIVO – Ce mois de juin, 2 600 personnes vulnérables dans le district de Bekily, au sud de Madagascar, vont bénéficier des premières récoltes d’un projet agricole communautaire appuyé par le Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM) et ses partenaires.

29 May 2017 description

Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) has increased in Northern Inland Pastoral (NIP) livelihood zone since Deyr 2016/17. The increase is statistically significant. There has been a slight decline in GAM in rural Bay Agropastoral since Deyr 2016/17 but the change is not significant.

GAM prevalence rates are considered Critical (15-30%) in NIP and rural Bgay during Deyr 2016/17 as well as in Jilaal 2017.

Global Acute MalnutriDon (GAM) has increased among Baidoa IDPs as well as Mogdishu IDPs since Deyr 2016/17. The increase is statistically significant among IDPs in Baidoa.

29 May 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

All Countries Should Act to Protect Schools During War

Bede Sheppard
Deputy Director, Children's Rights Division

29 May 2017 description
report ACTED

ACTED has received a 300 000 € grant from the French Embassy in Uganda to support its food security and Community Resilience project in Karamoja. The project provides vulnerable households with vital livelihood support. The fund will help in fighting food insecurity and building Resilience in Karamoja through cash for work and training activities

29 May 2017 description

May 29, 2017 - Ottawa, Ontario - Global Affairs Canada

More than 20 million people in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are at risk of starvation as a result of severe drought and conflict. South Sudan is experiencing famine, and unless immediate action is taken, others could slide into a similar situation. This is an unprecedented situation.

The Government of Canada is responding to this crisis and will also help Canadians mobilize their own response to a global appeal through the creation of the Famine Relief Fund.