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21 Oct 2016 description


As the relief phase of the earthquake operation is closed, this operation update focuses on the progress on recovery activities.

20 Oct 2016 description


  • Ecuador hosts the largest number of refugees in Latina America and the Caribbean, 98 percent of whom are Colombian.

  • WFP has worked closely with the Government to integrate assistance within Ecuador’s existing social protection network, reaching more than 100,000 Ecuadorians with emergency assistance.

  • The registration of candidates for the 2017 presidential election process will begin 19 October, campaigns begin 3 January 2017.

Operational Updates

19 Oct 2016 description
report El Universo

Llegaron horas después del terremoto del 16 de abril. Dotaron de alimentos, agua, ropa, sábanas, colchones y más implementos a los afectados por la tragedia. Escucharon sus necesidades y miedos. Y con sus aportes y conocimientos los motivaron a salir adelante y a dejar atrás los temores. Muchos fueron a zonas alejadas, donde las autoridades no estuvieron en un primer momento.

18 Oct 2016 description

The World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) and their partners, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), UN-Habitat, and Habitat for Humanity International, joined forces in 2013 to analyze what was learned from the 2010 Haiti earthquake shelter response and housing recovery experience. This report is the outcome of that process.

18 Oct 2016 description
report El Comercio

Ella encontró la forma para hacer útil los materiales de desecho de las donaciones que llegaron tras el terremoto del 16 de abril. Convierte las latas de atún en la base de alfileteros para agujas de costura. Y el cartón TetraPak de la leche forma el soporte interior de coloridas carteras de tela.

María de Lourdes Cobeña trabaja sus manualidades en la puerta de su carpa, en el albergue del antiguo aeropuerto de Portoviejo, que acoge a 149 familias, y donde dicta talleres a otras albergadas.

17 Oct 2016 description
report Redhum

Perú, 14 de Octubre 2016
Fuente: ANDINA - PE

El Gobierno reconstruirá las 2,694 viviendas declaradas inhabitables en la provincia de Caylloma, región Arequipa, como consecuencia del fuerte sismo del 14 de agosto pasado, anunció el ministro de Vivienda, Construcción y Saneamiento, Edmer Trujillo.

El titular del MVCS precisó que las obras demandarán un presupuesto de 118 millones de soles que será asumido por el Gobierno central.

14 Oct 2016 description
report Redhum

Perú, 13 de Octubre 2016
Fuente: Radio Programas del Peru

A casi dos meses de ocurrido el fuerte sismo que afectó la provincia de Caylloma, los pobladores del distrito de Ichupampa, una de las zonas más afectadas, piden mayor atención a las autoridades.

14 Oct 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Highlights, 6 months after

  • Six months after the 7.8 earthquake, the situation of children has improved although humanitarian assistance is still needed, especially for children living in informal shelters and rural areas.

  • UNICEF has reached out to over 80,000 children with multi-sectorial emergency response, and is also supporting the government in the recovery and reconstruction phase.

13 Oct 2016 description
report UN Women
  • On 16 April, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecaudor, impacting 720,000 people, half of them women and girls

  • UN programme helps women gain skills in masonry and construction, boosts local economy, while transforming gender roles

12 Oct 2016 description

Recurrent earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and volcanoes present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) region. Some countries also face civil unrest and associated humanitarian impacts, as well as limited government capacity to respond to disasters. Between FY 2007 and FY 2016, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/ OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/ FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a diverse range of natural and complex emergencies in the region.

11 Oct 2016 description

Chronic conflicts, drought, earthquakes, floods, seasonal storms, and severe winter weather, compounded by limited government response capacity in some countries, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in South Asia. Between FY 2007 and FY 2016, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a diverse range of natural and man-made disasters in the region.

11 Oct 2016 description

Sector Overview

USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) remains at the forefront of the humanitarian community’s shelter and settlements (S&S) activities, which focus on a common goal: the expeditious and appropriate provision of covered living space to adequately shelter displaced populations, while also promoting safer, healthier settlements that link emergency S&S assistance to longer-term recovery efforts.

11 Oct 2016 description

Cyclical drought, food insecurity, cyclones, floods, disease outbreaks, and complex emergencies present significant challenges to vulnerable populations throughout the Southern Africa region. Between FY 2007 and FY 2016, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a diverse range of natural and manmade disasters.

07 Oct 2016 description


  • More than 200 people killed or injured by landmines since the start of 2015.

  • Approx. half a million people temporarily displaced by annual floods.

  • Earthquake preparedness stepped-up in Yangon.

  • New restrictions on access in Kachin and Shan States.

  • The benefits of shifting to cash assistance in Myanmar.

  • NGOs supported through Myanmar Humanitarian Fund.

  • New online platform for tracking World Humanitarian Summit commitments.

07 Oct 2016 description


The Guidance Note on Recovery: Private Sector draws from the wider body of knowledge on private sector recovery and from documented experiences of past and present disaster planning and recovery e orts. Materials have been collected through desk review and direct consultations with relevant experts. These experiences and lessons learned are classi ed into the following four major issues:

  1. The Disaster Recovery Role of the Private Sector

  2. Engaging the Private Sector in Disaster Recovery

06 Oct 2016 description

For Pabitra Bhujel, life hasn’t been easy since her family home was destroyed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. She has shared a temporary shelter with her mother-in-law and children.

“It’s been chilly in winter and boiling in the summer heat. When it rains, the drumming on the roof makes such a noise, it keeps us awake at night,” she said.

But for the widowed mother of three, the end is in sight as she stands in front of the building site where workmen are busy excavating the ground to begin the foundations of her new home.

05 Oct 2016 description

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the Movement Government will help rebuild houses that were destroyed by last month’s earthquake that hit Rakai district.

03 Oct 2016 description

Kavre, Mahadevsthan – Honorable Minister of Education D. R. Poudel, Honorable State Minister of Education, Dhan Maya K.K. (Khanal) and the Country Director of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Nepal Resident Mission, Kenichi Yokoyama today laid the foundation for the reconstruction of Shree Kali Devi Primary School in Kavre District.