Recovery and Reconstruction

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Challenges for Resuming Normal Life After Earthquake: A Qualitative Study on Rural Areas of Iran

Findings showed that social uncertainty and confusion occurs as a result of negligence of some important social aspects in process of returning to the normal life. This issue, in turn, can greatly interrupt the normal developmental processes. Understanding the challenges of life recovery after disasters will help policy makers consider social rehabilitation as a key factor in facilitation of return to normal life process after earthquakes

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ACT Alliance Appeal: Response to Ludian Earthquake – CHN141, China

ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$653,167

Balance Requested: US$469,314

At 16:30 on 3 August 2014, Beijing Time, an earthquake with magnitude 6.5 hit Ludian County of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. The epicenter of the quake was recorded in Longtoushan Township, 23 kilometers (14 miles) southwest of Zhaotong. Hundreds of aftershocks were felt afterwards causing heavy damages in the affected areas.

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Damnificados por catástrofes naturales en Guatemala reciben nuevas viviendas

Written by Mildred Morales/AGN**

Guatemala, 9 oct (AGN).- Unas 440 familias de los departamentos de Sololá, Totonicapán y San Marcos, quienes resultaron damnificadas por los terremotos del 2012 y 2014, recibieron hoy, de manos de autoridades del gobierno del presidente Otto Pérez Molina, una vivienda antisísmica y con especificaciones de seguridad.

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SINAPRED realiza evaluaciones de Infraestructura


Nicaragua, 09 de Octubre 2014

Fuente: 100% Noticias

Conocer la tipología estructural de los edificios de cara a valorar las posibles remodelaciones es el objetivo bajo el cual un grupo de expertos del Sistema Nacional de Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres (SINAPRED) está realizando evaluaciones de los centros educativos del municipio de Managua que hayan experimentado algún tipo de daño producto de los sismos producidos en abril pasado.

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Avanza reconstrucción de viviendas y edificios públicos

El presidente Otto Pérez Molina aseguró que el proceso de reconstrucción de viviendas y edificios públicos que resultaron dañados por los últimos sismos fuertes en el país avanza satisfactoriamente. El mandatario, declaró que durante la presente semana se hará efectiva la entrega de 470 casas en el occidente del país a las familias damnificadas, pero además se inaugurarán edificios públicos que fueron totalmente reconstruidos.

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UNICEF China – Situation Report 3: Yunnan Earthquake


The final death toll in the region is 617. Among the reported deaths, 526 were in Ludian County and 78 in Qiaojia County. The quake also caused one death in Zhaotong City and another 12 in Huize County. In addition to the deaths, 112 people are still missing and 3,143 were injured. Additionally, more than 80,000 houses collapsed, 129,100 houses were seriously damaged and 466,100 houses were moderately damaged.

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Urban Livelihoods Recovery: Lessons from Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on 12 January 2010 led to the loss of more than 220,000 lives, over 310,000 injuries and extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure. Taking the British Red Cross recovery programme as a case study, this report presents a series of lessons on good practice in urban livelihoods recovery. The report, developed in partnership with Groupe URD, is a shortened version of an internal study of assessment, decision-making and management within the livelihoods component of the programme.

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Communicating with Communities: A Case Study and Guide from Pakistan and Elsewhere

A guide explains the rationale behind the creation of the Humanitarian Communications Unit and how timely contextualized information reaches communities affected by disaster.

International Organization for Migration:

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Statement by Commissioner Piebalgs in reaction to the report of the Court of Auditors on “EU support for rehabilitation following the earthquake in Haiti” (26/09/2014)

European Union

Brussels, 23 September 2014

Today’s report by the European Court of Auditors confirms that the European Commission delivered sound work under very difficult circumstances to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

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Solomons tsunami victims still in shelters

19 months on from the tsunami that hit Temotu province in Solomon Islands, victims are still living in temporary shelters and awaiting funds to help rebuild their permanent homes.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

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'We are here' - IFRC's experience with communication and feedback channels for affected populations in Haiti


A new case study highlights the use of technology to enhance and expand communication and feedback loops as a distinctive feature of IFRC's work in Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake.

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Institutionalizing Post-Disaster Recovery: Learning from Mentawai Tsunami and Merapi Eruption - Recovery Framework Case Study

This report describes the current status of the Recovery Framework in Indonesia along with the lessons learned from the country’s most recent experiences in post-disaster recovery. It is one of the thematic case studies commissioned for the purpose of contributing toward the development of an international Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) Guide as recommended by the World Reconstruction Conference in 2011.

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Temotu, a year and a half after the tsunami

Many Temotu communities affected by the February 2013 tsunami are on their way back to normalcy, thanks to the resilience of communities and some assistance from various organisations.

Restored food gardens, temporary shelters, and some new livelihood opportunities are among the signs of recovery, one year and a half on from the disaster.

"It’s the local people here who take the initiative to make these programs work at a village level,” said Temotu Premier Fr. Charles Brown Beu.

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L’aide à la réhabilitation apportée par l’UE à la suite du tremblement de terre en Haïti

European Union


Haïti est l’un des États les plus fragiles au monde, et le tremblement de terre qui a frappé le pays le 12 janvier 2010 a fortement aggravé la situation. Il a fait de nombreuses victimes humaines et provoqué des dégâts considérables. Il a eu de graves conséquences pour l’économie nationale et a fortement diminué la capacité, déjà insuffisante, de l’administration à fournir des services de base à la population.

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UNICEF Philippines Humanitarian Situation Report #25, Issued on 12 September 2014


  • UNICEF and partners continue to provide life-saving and recovery assistance for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

  • UNICEF and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) launched an extended unconditional cash transfer (UCT) programme targeting 5,801 households in the most affected municipalities in Eastern Samar. Each household will receive around US$ 100 per month on top of the regular cash grants provided by the DSWD to poor households.

Typhoon Haiyan

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Haïti : les délégations débattent de l’opportunité d’un retrait progressif de la MINUSTAH


Conseil de sécurité 7262eséance – matin

Nombre d’entre elles s’inquiètent de l’impasse

du processus électoral après l’Accord d’El Rancho en mars dernier

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Haiti’s parliamentary framework at risk unless political impasse resolved, Special Representative says in briefing to Security Council

Security Council
7262nd Meeting* (AM)

Delegates Express Concern over Recommended Drawndown of Mission

As the Security Council took up the Secretary-General’s report on the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), speakers voiced an array of views on the proposed drawdown of that operation’s presence, particularly in light of the recent political impasse impeding legislative, national and local elections from being held by the mandated deadline.