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20 Dec 2014 description

Tokyo, Japan | AFP | Saturday 20/12/2014 - 12:15 GMT |

One of four heavily damaged reactor buildings at Japan's tsunami-battered Fukushima nuclear power plant has been cleared of radioactive fuel rods, the operator said Saturday.

It was a significant step in the decommissioning efforts, but workers still have three heavily crippled reactors to clean up after they were sent into meltdown in the 2011 quake-tsunami disaster.

The overall cleanup work of the Fukushima plant is expected to take decades.

19 Dec 2014 description
report ACT Alliance

Friday, December 19, 2014

Nurul Aina was not at home when the 2004 tsunami swept over Lam Pulo, a neighborhood of Banda Aceh on the northern tip of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island. The 8-year old girl was sleeping at her grandparent’s home several kilometers away, and was thus spared the violent waves that flattened the family’s home, killing her parents and two siblings. As international aid poured into Aceh in the months after the tragedy, the residents of Lam Pulo grew frustrated with the slow pace of reconstruction.

19 Dec 2014 description

Manilla, 18 December 2014 – As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami, UN-Habitat draws attention to the results achieved in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Maldives, and the lessons learned. UN-Habitat now contributes to various humanitarian clusters, especially shelter and WASH, and supports the global community as the focal point for House, Land and Property issues.

19 Dec 2014 description

By David Tereshchuk*

December 18, 2014—UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, was drawn into the island country of Sri Lanka by the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004.

The massive tidal waves, high force winds and torrential rains caused havoc throughout the region, and Sri Lanka was especially hard-hit. An estimated 40,000 Sri Lankans were killed, and almost a million people there suffered the upheaval of lost homes and livelihoods.

19 Dec 2014 description

By Laura Wise*

This article is the first in a series of special coverage commemorating the 5-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Stay tuned for the full series.

Iowa, the Great Flood of 1993. North Carolina, Hurricane Floyd, 1999. New York City, September 11, 2001. In the aftermath of each of these disasters, Rev. Tom and Rev. Wendy Vencuss of the New York Annual Conference were there, helping communities to recovery and get back on their feet. Even this long and committed experience, though, would not prepare them for the events of January 12, 2010.

19 Dec 2014 description

By Linda Bloom
Dec. 17, 2014 | NEW YORK (UMNS)

When the Rev. Henry Leono surveyed Banda Aceh 18 days after a deadly tsunami all but obliterated the Indonesia city, he found the devastation difficult to accept.


18 Dec 2014 description
report CARE

Remembering the Tsunami: A Decade of Strengthening Humanitarian Response

Ten years ago, the global community faced what was one of the biggest tests of humanitarianism in recent history.

On Dec. 26, 2004, an earthquake rumbled off the coast of Indonesia, triggering a series of devastating tsunamis that struck 14 countries across the Indian Ocean. At least 228,000 people lost their lives and millions more were left homeless.

18 Dec 2014 description

The unprecedented £392m donated by the generous UK public to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Tsunami Earthquake Appeal ten years ago not only provided homes for tens of thousands of people, it helped change the way humanitarian agencies respond to large-scale disasters, the DEC said today.

18 Dec 2014 description
report ACT Alliance

When the earth shook in 2004 under the seaside village of Kuala Bubon, Husna was washing clothes at a well. She ran to find her mother, but the older woman refused to leave their house near the sea. So Husna ran with her 8-year old son Bagus to the mosque, where some villagers were hurriedly preparing to leave. She left Bagus there and returned for her mother, who again refused to leave, even though the sea level was dropping drastically–a prelude to a tsunami, though Husna admits she’d never heard the word before.

18 Dec 2014 description

Listen Ten years on from the Indian Ocean tsunami, we remember how the world worked together to rebuild shattered lives and communities.

Monday December 22, 2014

The tsunami that cut a swathe of destruction across the Indian Ocean 10 years ago, also gave rise to one of the world's biggest relief and recovery efforts.

17 Dec 2014 description
report Redhum

Nicaragua, 16 de Diciembre 2014

Fuente: El 19 digital

Los fenómenos naturales dejaron un panorama de destrucción en Nicaragua durante este 2014, siendo solo superados por el terremoto de 1972 y el Huracán Mitch, en 1998. Ante ello el Gobierno de Taiwán está demostrando su solidaridad al donar 30 millones de dólares para apoyar al Gobierno de Nicaragua en las diferentes tareas de reconstrucción emprendidas a partir de cada una de las emergencias que enfrentó el país.

16 Dec 2014 description
report Caritas

On 26 December 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami that devastated India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Aceh. Over a quarter of a million people were killed and 1.5 million made homeless.

Caritas launched a half-a-billion dollar programme, providing emergency assistance to over a million people, built permanent houses for 33,000 families and helped provide livelihoods for over 85,000 people.

Hardest hit was the Indonesian province of Aceh. A decade later, Caritas caught up with some of the people and programmes it supported.

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15 Dec 2014 description


Concern is now into the third phase of its successful “Return to Neighbourhoods” programme in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The programme, funded by the EU’s humanitarian aid office (ECHO), aims to relocate 2400 families who lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake away from temporary camps to suitable rental accommodation by mid-2015. It will also help families develop livelihoods activities so they can continue support themselves and their families and continue to afford the rent in their new homes.

14 Dec 2014 description
report Malteser

Help for body, mind and soul

On 26 December 2004, the most devastating tsunami in history brought death, misery and immense suffering to the people on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In its aftermath, 250,000 people were dead or missing, and nearly 1.7 million lost their homes. Immediately, Malteser International ran to the aid of the survivors – with both material as well as psychological assistance. A large-scale, sustainable reconstruction and reintegration program followed.

14 Dec 2014 description

Banda Aceh, Indonesia | AFP | Sunday 12/14/2014 - 03:45 GMT

by Nurdin Hasan

When a tsunami engulfed Indonesia's Aceh a decade ago, it not only killed tens of thousands of people but also wiped the slate clean in the conflict-racked, poverty-stricken province and paved the way for peace.

The province on the northern tip of Sumatra island was ill-prepared when disaster struck -- in ruins, mired in poverty and with barely any functioning infrastructure after almost three decades of conflict.

10 Dec 2014 description
report Swiss Red Cross

Il y a dix ans, un violent tsunami dévastait les régions côtières du sud de l’Asie, faisant 260 000 victimes et des millions de sans-abris. Après avoir mis sur pied ce qui demeure aujourd’hui encore la plus vaste opération d’aide d’urgence de son histoire, la CRS s’est attachée à reconstruire écoles, habitations et dispensaires.

09 Dec 2014 description

C’est dans la douzième section communale de Léogâne, plus précisément dans les locaux fraichement reconstruits de l’Ecole Bonne Nouvelle de Bigonet que s’est tenue, au début du mois de décembre, l’inauguration de trois nouvelles écoles primaires et secondaires construites par le PNUD. Il s’agit des écoles Bonne Nouvelle et Epiphanie de Léogâne, et de l’Ecole St Philippe et St Jacques à Gressier, toutes trois détruites par le séisme du 12 janvier 2010.

05 Dec 2014 description

La vicepresidenta Roxana Baldetti informó que se tiene previsto finalizar en 2015 la reconstrucción de las viviendas destruidas por el terremoto de 6,4 grados Richter registrado el pasado 7 de julio. La vicemandataria dijo en rueda de prensa este jueves que se busca acelerar las obras para beneficio de las familias damnificadas, sobre todo de la región occidental del país, donde se produjeron los mayores daños.

04 Dec 2014 description

jeudi, 04 décembre 2014 14:03

Le processus de relocalisation des 450 familles déplacées du camp KID à Christ-Roi entamé le 21 août 2014 par l’Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM) de concert avec la mairie de Port-au-Prince, est à sa phase finale. Cependant, des familles estimées à plus de 60 dont les dossiers n’ont pas été retenus, se montrent insatisfaites et réclament une reconsidération de leur situation.

Dans le cadre de ce programme, chaque famille a reçu 20,000.00 gourdes pour payer la location d’un espace d’habitation, a appris le GARR.

04 Dec 2014 description

Tout le monde se souvient de ce qu’il faisait ce jour-là, quand les images ont déferlé quasiment en direct dans les foyers. C’était il y a 10 ans. Le 26 décembre 2004 se produisait le plus grave tsunami de l’histoire : les côtes d'Indonésie, du Sri Lanka et du sud de l'Inde, ainsi que l'ouest de la Thaïlande étaient dévastées en quelques heures.