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09 Dec 2016 description
report Inter Press Service

By Carlo Ruiz

QUITO, Ecuador, Dec 8 2016 (IPS) - No one is really prepared for an emergency until they’ve had to live through one. And the 16 April earthquake in Ecuador put us to the test.

With the drawdown in the humanitarian response phase that is providing relief to survivors and victims, the hustle and bustle is dying down. Remnants of the disaster can be seen everywhere, and an idea of what the near future will bring and people’s resilience – their capacity to cope – is taking shape.

07 Dec 2016 description

Nepal was hit by two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, resulting in a death toll of over 8,790 and more than 22,300 injuries. Out of 75 districts, 31 were affected, 14 of which suffered heavy impacts.

UNDP has been extending its support to the Government of Nepal to coordinate, plan and manage the recovery and reconstruction processes. In addition to the immediate emergency assistance provided within the first six months, UNDP is further assisting the Government through a comprehensive recovery programme spanning four years.

07 Dec 2016 description

Kalyani Ghishing finished school in year seven because her family was struggling financially and her parents did not believe girls needed to complete their education. Instead of pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, Kalyani trained to become a tailor starting her own business from home in 1995.

06 Dec 2016 description
report Cordaid


The earthquake of April 16, 2016, with 7.8 on the Richter scale, affected primarily the Ecuadorian provinces of Es-meraldas, Manabi, Guayas, Los Rios, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, and Santa Elena, killing 655 people and injuring 4,605, with 48 missing and more than 29,067 in shelters.

05 Dec 2016 description


Lorsqu’une communauté est frappée par une catastrophe ou lorsqu’une crise survient, il faut réagir vite a fin de protéger ses moyens d’existence. Quand ceux-ci sont principalement agricoles, ce qui est le cas de 70 à 80 pour cent des personnes dans les pays en développement, c’est alors la survie même des populations qui est en jeu.

02 Dec 2016 description
report British Red Cross

Evaluation Recommendations

BRC generally accepts all the recommendations presented by the evaluators.
Regarding Recommendation 1, and the “establishment of international roster of livelihoods, infrastructure and governance experts to help identify an on-going source of appropriate human resources”, BRC notes that it did have existing registers, but its members were either unavailable or lacked the skillset that the urban context required.

02 Dec 2016 description
report Xinhua

CHENGDU, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- A catastrophic earthquake leveled Wolong Primary School in southwest China's Sichuan Province in 2008, but a rebuilt campus that brought comfort and modernity to students living deep in the mountains served as a small silver lining.

29 Nov 2016 description


• Más de 1.4 millones de personas en necesidad de asistencia humanitaria en Cuba y Haití, tras el paso del huracán Matthew.

• 12.5 millones de personas afectadas por desastres en 2016. La sequía y los huracanes son los principales desastres.

• Seis meses después del terremoto en Ecuador, US$26.9 millones han sido financiados de los $72.8 solicitados en el Llamamiento Internacional.

29 Nov 2016 description


• More than 1.4 million people need humanitarian assistance in Cuba and Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

• Some 12.5 million people have been affected by disasters in 2016. Droughts and hurricanes have caused the worst impacts .

• Six months after the Ecuador earthquake, US$26.9 million has been funded of the $72.8 international appeal

• A study shows that gender equality in humanitarian action is most effective when it focuses on protecting the rights and long-term well -being of the most vulnerable people.

29 Nov 2016 description

Cifras claves

7.8 magnitud
terremoto de 16 abril
387.202 personas
registradas como damnificadas (RUD, 28 octubre)
5.808 personas
viven en 23 albergues
del gobierno (Ministerio Coordinador de Seguridad (MICS) noviembre 23)
4.620 personas
residiendo en 63 sitios espontáneos (DTM5)
43% niños, niñas y adolescentes, 52% mujeres
36.149 viviendas
calificadas como inseguras o de uso restringido (MIDUVI, 30 septiembre)

29 Nov 2016 description

A steep, 90-minute climb along a rough-hewn path is the only route up to Pragatishil village. The village sits high in the mountains, about 50 kilometers from Nepal’s western city of Pokhara. The area adjoins Gorkha district - the epicenter of last April’s 7.8-magnitude quake which claimed nearly 9,000 lives and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

27 Nov 2016 description
report El Universo

Ser madres solteras ha fortalecido a Carmen Carrasco y Miriam Zambrano, amigas que por casi siete meses vivieron bajo una carpa en el antiguo aeropuerto Reales Tamarindos, porque perdieron sus casas en el terremoto de magnitud 7,8 registrado el 16 de abril.

25 Nov 2016 description

Constant political feuding and weak governance has delayed post-quake rebuilding despite an outpouring of aid

By Nita Bhalla and Gopal Sharma

HOKSHE, Nepal, Nov 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmer Ganesh Prasad Gautam beamed as the young woman behind the desk littered with files called his name out at the rundown government office in the mountains of central Nepal.

23 Nov 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


• An additional 13,919 people have benefitted from UNICEF WASH activities over the last reporting period, bringing the total to over 52,000 people with access to safe water in official shelters, schools and rural areas.

• UNICEF is supporting the MoE in applying its methodology for tracing children out-of-school in emergency zones (1,746 tracked so far) with the objective of including them into the national educational system.

20 Nov 2016 description

La Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres,hizo entrega oficial en coordinación con el Gobernador del departamento de Norte de Santander, William Villamizar Laguado y el alcalde del municipio de Cáchira, Henry Augusto Reyes, de 100 viviendas que fueron construidas para las familias que resultaron afectadas luego del sismo del 10 de marzo de 2015.​

17 Nov 2016 description

Quito (Pichincha).- Cada vez aumenta el número de los albergues cerrados luego del terremoto del 16 de abril que afectó a Manabí y Esmeraldas. Ahora le tocó el turno al albergue ‘Manta-Esteros 1’, donde habitaban 133 personas, informó el Ministerio Coordinador de Seguridad. De las 50 familias que ocupaban el mencionado albergue, 39 fueron a las nuevas casas del conjunto “Si Mi Casa”, mientras que 27 se incorporaron al albergue oficial ‘Manta-Esteros 2’, hasta que culminen los trabajos en el proyecto habitacional que ejecuta el Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda.

15 Nov 2016 description
report Cordaid

In Nepal Cordaid is supporting some 500 displaced families in 4 camps. They lost their houses and income after the April and May 2015 earthquakes. We provide drinking water, business skills trainings and help mountain farmers adapt to lowland agriculture.

Cramped settings, minimal facilities