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02 Mar 2015 description


Children and adults with disabilities face many barriers to full participation in society. This report makes an important contribution to documenting the extent of disability and its impact on people’s lives in Vanuatu.

Through detailed statistical analysis of data collected in Vanuatu’s census, household surveys and education database, the report estimates the prevalence of disability and explores the situation of children, women and men with disabilities with respect to education, employment, poverty, and domestic violence.

24 Feb 2015 description

Human Rights Council

Twenty-eighth session

Agenda items 3 and 5

Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development Human rights bodies and mechanisms

I. Mandate and introduction

1. In its resolution 22/16, the Human Rights Council requested the Advisory Committee to prepare a research-based report on best practices and main challenges in the promotion and protection of human rights in post-disaster and post-conflict situations.

24 Feb 2015 description

Almost two years ago, Kholoud, 32, was shot by a sniper while outside her home in Syria. A single bullet struck her in the neck, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Now living in a makeshift shack in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, she is cared for by her husband and Handicap International rehabilitation staff.

Kholoud does not know why she was targeted. “There was no reason for it. It seemed like a normal day and it was calm. It was a random shot—there was no fighting at the time. But now we know that there was a sniper in the area.”

21 Feb 2015 description

GENEVA / NEW YORK (20 February 2015) – “One billion people – 15 per cent of the world’s population – are persons with disabilities, and their rights cannot be ignored,” a group of United Nations human rights experts has warned today. Their call comes as the Second Session of International Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda closes this week in New York.

20 Feb 2015 description

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: Impunity prevails as little progress is made towards securing peace and justice for Syrians

GENEVA/NEW YORK, 20 February 2015 -- Unthinkable crimes continue to occur daily in Syria with victims’ voices in danger of being lost amidst the horrors of a conflict now approaching its fifth year, a group of UN experts warned today.

19 Feb 2015 description

As conflict in Ukraine unfolds, a number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing for refuge to the neighboring oblasts is rapidly soaring. An estimated one million people and counting have been forced from their homes. Very often they have to live in very dilapidated buildings that have no running water or have not been renovated for decades.

17 Feb 2015 description
report Islamic Relief


• Islamic Relief’s (IR) Syria Emergency Response has supported 7,126,795 people in Syria and neighbouring countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq, since 2012.

• More than 223 projects have been implemented to support the most vulnerable Syrians in Syria,
Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq in various sectors since 2012.

• Interventions varied from providing food aid, nonfood items, education support, shelter assistance, psychosocial support, WASH, and medical assistance.

17 Feb 2015 description

Tripoli, deuxième ville du Liban, a été le théâtre d'explosions récurrentes de violence armée entre les communautés marginalisées des quartiers de Bab al-Tebbaneh et de Jabal Mohsen. Depuis novembre 2014, le CICR mène plusieurs projets pour aider les deux communautés à sortir de cet ancien cycle de la pauvreté et de la violence et à retrouver leur dignité.

17 Feb 2015 description

1. Introduction

This report assesses the material, human and educational damage sustained by 26 higher education institutions (HEIs) in Gaza during 50 days of conflict between 7th July and 26th August 2014. The severe escalation in hostilities at that time involved intense Israeli aerial and naval bombardment and Palestinian rocket fire. The crisis was unprecedented, causing large-scale destruction and displacement.

16 Feb 2015 description
report Inter Press Service

By Amantha Perera

MANNAR, Sri Lanka, Feb 16 2015 (IPS) - It is a hot, steamy day in Sri Lanka’s northwestern Mannar District. Mid-day temperatures are reaching 34 degrees Celsius, and the tarred road is practically melting under the sun.

Sarojini Tangarasa is finding it hard to walk on her one bare foot. Her hands constantly shake and she has to balance on a crutch. “I am just trying to get to my daughter’s house,” she says.

Her destination is just two km away, but it feels like a lifetime to Tangarasa, who cannot afford any form of transport, or even shoes.

16 Feb 2015 description
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  • Insecurity triggered additional displacement: The Ministry of Social Policy (MoSP) reports that one million IDPs have been displaced across Ukraine.

  • The latest round of peace talks in Minsk secures a ceasefire starting 15 February and includes a clause ensuring access, delivery, storage and distribution of humanitarian assistance; and the return of banking and social payments to non-government controlled areas.

16 Feb 2015 description

Marijo Toyo et Edner Sinéus ont en commun la cécité et six enfants à nourrir dans un contexte où leurs conjoints respectifs ne travaillent pas. A côté des difficultés économiques, ils doivent aussi faire face aux défis qu’engendre leur handicap. Leur quotidien.

Ils ne sont pas nés aveugles. Ils ont perdu graduellement la vue à cause du glaucome, une maladie oculaire qui touche surtout les personnes de plus de 45 ans. Elle est l’une des principales causes de cécité dans le monde.

13 Feb 2015 description

The violent conflict that has ripped through South Sudan since 2013, has had profound affects on children. Nine-year-old Monica now lives in a refugee camp at Yusuf Batil, in Maban County.[1] One morning in August 2014, she woke with a high fever, unable to get up out of bed.

"She was too weak,” Monica’s mother recalls. “Three days later, Monica could no longer walk. We tried to heal her with traditional therapeutic herbs, but it had no effect. We didn't know what to do."

13 Feb 2015 description


  • The current number of people displaced to temporary sites in all of the 15 districts included in the Declaration of State of Disaster is about 230,000.

  • An inter-agency verification of displaced people with support from UNDAC will be conducted this week in Zomba.

12 Feb 2015 description
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1. Enhance protection by promoting respect for IHL and IHRL, pursuing accountability, and preventing and mitigating the impact of violations.

2. Respond to immediate needs following shocks and increase the resilience of those at risk of forcible displacement.

3. Respond to food insecurity and promote resilient livelihoods.

4./ Ensure people in areas with limited services and restricted access, have access to essential services.

12 Feb 2015 description

This Performance of Australian Aid report assesses the performance and results of the Australian aid program in 2013-14.

The report:

11 Feb 2015 description
  • UNHCR’s Achievements at a Glance

  • Protection

  • Child Protection

  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

  • Statelessness

  • Community Development

  • Education

  • Cash Assistance & Core Relief Items (CRI)

  • Shelter

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • Health

  • Institutional and Community Support

11 Feb 2015 description

Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, has been the scene of recurrent outbursts of armed violence between the marginalized communities of the Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen neighbourhoods. Since November 2014, the ICRC has launched several projects to help both communities to recover from long-standing cycles of poverty and violence and regain their dignity.