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Protection & Human Rights
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Tragedy of even greater proportions in Iraq should be urgently prevented

NEW YORK/GENEVA (20 October 2014) - On Sunday 19 October, the UN Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) for Human Rights, Mr. Ivan Šimonović, concluded his week-long mission to Iraq by meeting the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Government.

“I am extremely concerned at the dramatic human rights consequences of the actions of ISIL and associated armed groups on civilians," Šimonović said.

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Iraq + 5 others
Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) Iraq Crisis (ECHO/-ME /BUD/2014/91000) Last update:07/10/2014 Version 5

AMOUNT: EUR 20 000 000


October 2014: modification n°4

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Cash assistance in Syria: a vital lifeline for the most vulnerable

“Without the cash assistance we receive we would be lost,” says double amputee Imad Ali Mdardas. Like the majority of Palestine refugees living in Syria, Imad and his family have been left in desperate circumstances by the ongoing armed conflict. Before escaping the besieged area of Yarmouk in Damascus, Imad could not access the healthcare or medicine he needed to treat his condition. As a result, his second leg was amputated in a makeshift clinic in Yarmouk to prevent the spread of a serious infection. He is now wheelchair-bound.

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South Sudan Crisis: Trapped in an Open Air Prison

By Crystal Wells, Senior Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

BENTIU, South Sudan—Mary Nyalipe Yoac has lived through five famines and four wars. Her brown eyes, now fading into a bluish grey with age, have witnessed more brutality and suffering than most can comprehend. Tragically, the last ten months were no different, her community devoured by fighting and all that she owned destroyed or looted.

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Lebanon + 1 other
UNHCR Lebanon Community Development Update August 2014

August Developments

Community empowerment

  • Over 3,000 families at risk were referred this month by refugee outreach volunteers (ROVs) to UNHCR and partners for assessment and support.

  • ROVs reported increased tensions between the local and refugee communities and increased security incidents and raids especially within informal settlements in the Bekaa.

  • 1,325 persons, 20% Lebanese and mostly women, participated in life-skill activities, at 28 community centers.

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Iraq + 1 other
Monthly Information Kit No.8: Syrian Refugee Response / Iraq - as of 1 September 2014

Syrian Refugee Response/Iraq: Information Kit No. 8 Foreword

Four years into the Syria conflict, some 10 million Syrians families have been torn apart by the war. An estimated seven million are displaced within Syria, and a further 3 million are refugees in the neighboring countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt). The toll of this human tragedy rises daily as the war continues with no sign of an end.

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Jordan + 1 other
Jordan Inter-Sector Working Group Update - September 2014

This update is a coordination tool to improve communication between sectors and up to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). It focuses on processes, rather than achievements. The latter are covered through separate monthly sector dashboards, available on the portal

1. General/Inter-Sector Update

3RP and JRP Processes:

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Childhood Disability and Malnutrition in Turkana Kenya - A Summary Report for Stakeholders and Policy

What is this report about?

CBM in collaboration with the International Centre for Evidence in Disability at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as the Kenyan Red Cross conducted a research study in the Horn of Africa crisis region about “Childhood Disability and Malnutrition in Turkana/Kenya”. The aim of the study was to assess whether children with disabilities were included within humanitarian and food security response programmes in Turkana, and whether there is an association between disability and malnutrition.

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The National Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan for Gaza


In July 2014, the Israeli military launched a sustained assault on Gaza. For seven weeks, Gaza was invaded and bombarded from land, sea, and air. The human loss was great: at least 2,145 people were killed, including 581 children. One in four Palestinians in Gaza was forced to flee, and over 60,000 houses were partially or completely destroyed. Public services have been devastated, creating scarcity of water, energy, food, and shelter. Agriculture, industry, and trade are at a standstill, leaving ever more Gaza residents without a livelihood.

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Surviving war and destruction in Gaza


During the Gaza crisis in 2014, Hashem and his family spent several days struggling for shelter, food and water. Hashem and two of his children, Abdul-Allah and Wa'ed, are deaf, and the family are included in a CBM-supported programme 'Early Psycho-social Intervention for at Risk Deaf Children and their Families in the Gaza Strip', which is run by partner Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC).

Abdul-Allah's nightmare

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Italy + 3 others
MSF insta a la UE y a Italia a que no abandonen a los refugiados en el mar

Un año después del trágico naufragio frente a la isla italiana de Lampedusa, guerras como las de Siria, las crisis prolongadas que sufren distintos países en conflicto y el caos que impera en Libia, continúan empujando a un número sin precedentes de refugiados hacia Europa.

Los equipos médicos de Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF) han constatado en Sicilia que quienes llegan lo hacen en una situación cada vez más vulnerable, por lo que insta a la Unión Europea (UE) a que mantenga activas sus operaciones de búsqueda y rescate en el Mediterráneo.

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UN agency in Gaza trains teachers to aid students with ‘psychological scars’

UN News Service

2 October 2014 – The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees across the Middle East said today that it is training teachers in Gaza to provide psychosocial support to the 241,000 children back in schools in the area.

The spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said the agency “remains committed to dealing with the psychological scars” of the Israel’s military operation that lasted 50 days in the summer of this year.

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Italy + 3 others
Italy and the EU must not abandon refugees at sea

London, 2 October 2014 – One year after the tragic shipwreck off the island of Lampedusa in Italy, wars such as that in Syria and protracted crises and chaos in Libya continue to push an unprecedented number of refugees to Europe. As the patients seen by Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) medical teams in Sicily are increasingly more vulnerable, the European Union (EU) must continue active search and rescue operations to save lives in the Mediterranean, MSF said today.

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Turkey + 1 other
External update on influx of Syrian refugees, 30 September 2014

UNHCR Response

The fifth airlift has landed on 30 September early afternoon carrying 27,000 mats.

UNHCR met with the coordinator of AFAD for the Suruç region and the AFAD warehouse coordinator to discuss the distribution of UNHCR donated relief items. The objective of the meeting was to make sure the distribution mechanisms in place guarantees an accurate and effective distribution of items to all persons of concern.

Arrivals and Returns

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Lebanon + 3 others
Inter-agency Q&A on humanitarian assistance and services in Lebanon (INQAL)



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UN Special Rapporteur alarmed by devastating impact of Gaza conflict on Palestinian civilians

GENEVA (29 September 2014) – The Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono, today expressed alarm at the terrible cost paid by Palestinian civilians, especially children in Gaza, as a result of Israel’s military operation that lasted 50 days from 7 July to 26 August this year.

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Qatar Charity and Al Jazeera Media Working to Assist Gaza's Deaf

Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity and Al Jazeera Network recently co-hosted a forum in Doha, Qatar entitled ‘The Reality and Challenges of the Deaf in the Arab World: Gaza Model’. This was attended by a number of local, national and international humanitarian institutions and associations in addition to Arab and international personalities and deaf people from inside and outside the Arab World.

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Reaching the needy in eastern Ukraine with neutral and impartial aid

With the winter approaching, civilians are still in need of aid in eastern Ukraine. Laurent Corbaz, head of operations for Europe and Central Asia, explains the ICRC’s main concerns and priorities in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

You’ve been working through the summer on the ICRC’s humanitarian response to the conflict in Ukraine. What has the ICRC managed to achieve?

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25 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Is the World a better place for children?


A statistical analysis of progress since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child