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19 Jan 2017 description
  • Total Active Registered Iraqis: 61,204
19 Jan 2017 description

KANDAHAR - Raising awareness about women’s rights and gender-based violence was the aim of a series of UN-backed radio debates in the country’s southern province of Zabul.

Panellists in the radio programmes, supported by the Kandahar regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) as part of broader campaign against gender-based violence, discussed multiple aspects of women’s rights and gender-based violence in and around Zabul.

19 Jan 2017 description

Key Facts

2,300 Estimated number of UAC currently in Greece
based on referrals to EKKA (as of 13 January 2017)

1,312 Total number of places available in UAC shelters
(filled, pending assigned cases as of 13 Jan., including 154 vacant places in the process to be filled)

1,301 Total number of UAC on waiting list for shelter
(as of 13 January) including:
277 in closed reception facilities
18 in protective custody

19 Jan 2017 description


La région de Kayes est confrontée à des défis humanitaires notamment l'insécurité alimentaire avec plus de 333 000 personnes affectées, la malnutrition qui touche plus de 38 000 enfants et des problèmes d'accès à l'eau. La région est également confrontée à des inondations, des épidémies comme la rougeole, la méningite et des cas de fièvre jaune.

19 Jan 2017 description



La population du Burundi est de plus en plus affectée par l’impact de la situation socio-économique et la détérioration des conditions de vie. Les besoins humanitaires sont de plus en plus visibles : la communauté humanitaire au Burundi estime que le nombre de personnes ayant besoin d’assistance humanitaire immédiate, y compris l’accès urgent aux services essentiels de base et à des moyens de subsistance, a presque triplé entre février et octobre 2016, passant de 1,1 million à environ 3 millions de personnes.

19 Jan 2017 description




BUDGET (US$) . 73,7M




J’ai l’honneur de vous présenter le Plan de Réponse humanitaire 2017 pour le Burundi, résultat d’un travail conjoint et essentiel des partenaires humanitaires en consultation avec le Gouvernement du Burundi et les bailleurs de fonds.

19 Jan 2017 description


  • UNHCR and inter-agency partners are seeking US$166.6 million to meet the needs of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan.
  • So far, 1,500 people have returned to Tamar village in Central Darfur State.
  • In Central Darfur, the Wali issued a decree to form a high committee for humanitarian coordination to oversee humanitarian work in the state.
  • About 118,000 people in Blue Nile will benefit from water, sanitation and hygiene assistance from World Vision International (WVI).


19 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

(Nairobi) – Des membres de la ligue des jeunes du parti au pouvoir au Burundi, connus sous le nom d’Imbonerakure, ont brutalement tué, torturé et sévèrement battu des dizaines de personnes à travers le pays au cours des derniers mois, a déclaré Human Rights Watch aujourd’hui. Les meurtres et autres mauvais traitements reflètent l’impunité généralisée dont bénéficient les membres des Imbonerakure et la réticence du gouvernement à poursuivre ou à contrôler ce groupe.

19 Jan 2017 description
report AlterPresse

Par Wooldy Edson Louidor

Bogotá (Colombie), 16 janv 2017 [AlterPresse] --- 20,366 migrantes et migrants haïtiens en situation irrégulière ont été détectés dans différentes régions du territoire colombien, au cours de l’année 2016, selon le rapport annuel, présenté le 12 janvier 2017, par les autorités migratoires de ce pays sudaméricain [1].

19 Jan 2017 description

La MINUSCA met de nouveau en garde les groupes armés contre toute attaque sur la ville de Bambari alors que des mouvements de certains de ces groupes sont signalés dans la région. Au cours de la conférence de presse hebdomadaire de la Mission de mercredi, le porte-parole Vladimir Monteiro a rappelé que la Force répondra à toute violation de la ligne rouge établie dans la région comme mesure préventive.

19 Jan 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Anthony Lake
18 January 2017

What’s the most important thing children have? Their brains. And yet, we’re not caring for children’s brains the way we care for their bodies. This should concern all of us – including business leaders.

The first 1,000 days of life – from conception to age three – open a critical and singular window of opportunity. During this period, children’s brains can form 1,000 neural connections every second – a once in a lifetime pace never matched again – and these connections are the building blocks of every child’s future.

19 Jan 2017 description
report Guardian

Canadian-style scheme run by government says volunteers’ offers of support have been ‘stuck’ for six months

By Amelia Gentleman

Only two Syrian refugee families have been resettled under the government’s community refugee sponsorship scheme, six months after it was unveiled by the home secretary and the archbishop of Canterbury.

Read more on The Guardian

19 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

UN should impose targeted sanctions

(Nairobi) – Members of the Burundi ruling party’s youth league, the _Imbonerakure_, have brutally killed, tortured, and severely beaten scores of people across the country in recent months, Human Rights Watch said today. The killings and other ill-treatment reflect the widespread impunity for _Imbonerakure_ members and the government’s unwillingness to prosecute or rein in the group.

19 Jan 2017 description
report Guardian

Aid workers in Borno state say displaced people living in camps have no plans to go back home despite government claims that insurgents have been defeated

By Ben Quinn

The homecoming of tens of thousand of Nigerians displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency has been prevented by enduring fear of the Islamists and reluctance to return to areas of the country’s north-east devastated by the campaign against the militants, according to aid workers.

19 Jan 2017 description

At about 8:30 A.M. on Thursday, 10 November 2016, a few dozen pupils set out for ‘Atara Checkpoint to the north of Bir Zeit. They were holding a procession to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat, which fell the following day. ‘Atara Checkpoint includes inspection stations on either side of the road, which were unstaffed at the time, and a watchtower permanently staffed by soldiers. Most of the students went no further than a grove located a few dozen meters south of the checkpoint. A few, including 15-year-old A.Z.

18 Jan 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

By Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska

On the 8.28 a.m. train to Terespol, a Polish town at the border with Belarus, Ali watches the barely changing landscape with indifference. This might be the twentieth time he has taken this train with his wife and three kids. Or maybe the twenty-first, he cannot quite remember.

18 Jan 2017 description

Two Iranian men who were bashed by police in Papua New Guinea return to court after being arrested for a second time.

Two Iranian men who were bashed by police in Papua New Guinea have returned to court after being arrested for a second time.

Police arrested Mehdi Bohlouli and Mohammad Rabani — who are housed at Australia's offshore detention centre on Manus Island — for failing to appear in court on January 11 on charges of being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest.

18 Jan 2017 description
report Radio Free Asia

The United Nations human rights envoy to Myanmar on Wednesday met privately on Wednesday with the country’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Naypyidaw to discuss recent violence in volatile Rakhine state, as she nears the end of a 12-day biannual visit to Myanmar.

During the meeting, Yanghee Lee, the U.N.’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, condemned the Oct. 9 attacks on border guard posts in northern Rakhine that left nine officers dead, according to an announcement by the foreign affairs ministry.

18 Jan 2017 description
report UN Population Fund

ABUJA, Nigeria – A brutal attack by Boko Haram forced Zainab Abubakar, 28, and her six children to flee their home in northern Nigeria. “I was one month pregnant when I left Gamboru Ngala,” Ms. Abubakar told UNFPA from the Dalori displacement camp in Maiduguri. “During my escape, I lost my pregnancy.”

Ms. Abubakar’s tragic miscarriage took place in 2014, but the Boko Haram crisis continues to drive women and girls from their homes – and from access to basic health care.