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05 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • As of 2 March 2015, 60 cases of cholera have been confirmed by the Ministry of Health, with 2 deaths.

  • UNICEF, through its partners has intensified hygiene promotion on cholera and other diarrhea diseases. So far, 135,586 people in camps, schools and communities in affected districts have been reached.

  • UNICEF has distributed over 50,000 copies of IEC materials with messages on cholera, diarrhea, WASH, measles, protection, HIV and education.

05 Mar 2015 description


  • The Sulaimaniya and Arbat camp DMR repeater network is now operational and monitored by Sierra Sierra Base radio-room in Sulaimaniya on a 24/7 basis.

  • Further training for Sulaimaniya radio-operators was conducted including configuration/programming of radios for UN and NGO staff.

Cluster Responsibilities

05 Mar 2015 description


· In February, households in Liberia and Sierra Leone used the same number or fewer negative coping strategies than in January. Food security continues to improve thanks to the recent harvest and lower incidences of Ebola. However, the poorest households in both countries used more coping strategies than in January.

05 Mar 2015 description

Longstanding restrictions on the movement of people and goods to and from Gaza have undermined the living conditions of 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza. Many of the current restrictions, originally imposed in the early 1990s, were intensified in June 2007, following the Hamas takeover of Gaza and the imposition of a blockade by Israel.

These restrictions have reduced access to livelihoods, essential services and housing, disrupted family life, and undermined the people’s hopes for a secure and prosperous future.

05 Mar 2015 description


  • Antananarivo est toujours en alerte rouge inondation. les niveaux de l'Imamba, Sisaony et Ikopa vont continuer à monter dans les 12 heures.

  • Le récapitulatif des bilans provisoires, pour l'ensemble des 13 Districts touchés, est présenté dans le tableau ci-après :

05 Mar 2015 description

Finance Summary: Please note that this report has been issued as a preliminary report because a) an invoice received from the National Society in February was booked in February 2015, b) there is a pending balance that needs to be reimbursed by the BRC, and c) the preliminary financial report reflects a deficit of CHF 1,259, which will be cleared after the balance is reimbursed. The final report will be issued once the February 2015 accounting has been closed, and the National Society has reimbursed the remaining balance.

05 Mar 2015 description

This document provides an overview of how to access the logistics services offered by the Logistics Cluster to all humanitarian actors responding to the Floods in Mozambique.

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specify the services to be provided by the Logistics Cluster, through WFP Logistics, in its capacity as global lead of the Logistics Cluster, how to access services, and the conditions under which the services will be provided.

04 Mar 2015 description


La matrice de suivi du déplacement (DTM) publiée en décembre 2014, montre que 79 397 personnes vivent encore dans 105 sites de déplacés. 5 939 familles déplacées vivant dans 21 sites sont considerées à risque d’expulsions forcées (risques faibles et élevés). 41 045 personnes vivant dans 26 sites de déplacées sont considérées comme personne à risque d'inondation. Jusqu’au mois de décembre 2014, environ 15 515 ménages ou 62 637 individus en déplacement n’ont pas été ciblés par un programme de retour ou de relocalisation.

04 Mar 2015 description
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The December 2014 Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) shows that 79,397 individuals are still living in 105 IDP sites. 5,939 displaced families living in 21 camps are considered at risk of forced evictions (low and high risks). 41,045 people living in 26 camps are considered to be particularly at high risk of flooding. As on December 2014, an estimated 15,515 households or 62,637 IDP individuals were not targeted by any return or relocation programs.

04 Mar 2015 description

Situation Overview

  • As of the 3 March, the Ministers Cabinet Council have lifted the red alert to institutional orange alert in view of perceived improvement of weather conditions, and will however continue to provide the required assistance to affected populations;

  • The Government will continue to monitor the weather conditions as the forecast from 3 to 8 March indicates moderate to heavy rainfall in the country (with local storms) as well as in upstream countries (Malawi and Zambia), which may reach 100 mm to 200 mm;

04 Mar 2015 description


  • Presidents of the affected countries call for a ‘Marshall Plan’

  • UNMEER Sierra Leone sustains support to District Ebola Response Centers

  • National Assembly President continues EVD advocacy field visits

Key Political and Economic Developments

04 Mar 2015 description

These Sitreps are distributed every two weeks. The next report will be issued on or around 23/01/15.

The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster has not been activated in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As there are clear needs across the three affected countries for ICT services, the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) has mandated the World Food Programme (WFP), as global ET Cluster lead, to respond as if the cluster was activated. The ET Cluster, its partners and membership are responding together for a coordinated response.

04 Mar 2015 description
report Redhum

Fuente: Telam

Clases suspendidas, calles anegadas y paralización del transporte público es el panorama que se repite en las provincias de Córdoba, Santa Fe, San Luis, Catamarca y Santiago del Estero debido a un nuevo temporal que dejó más de 4.400 evacuados y autoevacuados en esa zona centro del país.
Otra vez uno de los distritos más afectados es Córdoba, donde unas 1.200 personas debieron abandonar sus casas y Jesús María quedó aislada al caerse el puente Bailey que unía esa localidad con Ascochinga por la crecida del río.

04 Mar 2015 description

As the crisis in Syria is about to enter its fifth year, humanitarian needs have increased dramatically with 12.2 million people now in need of humanitarian assistance, including 7.6 million internally displaced people. The volatile security situation, including attacks on UN staff and property, limited access to affected populations in hard-to-reach areas, declining funding levels and huge population displacement have made operating in Syria extremely difficult and challenging.