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24 Mar 2015 description
report Bangkok Post

Republished with permission. © Post Publishing PCL.


Govt urged to add thousands to scheme

12 Mar 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

We do not currently have access to this remote village but as always when there is a problem with access we try to overcome it. The village has approximately 70 people still and they are our most displaced and most vulnerable group we support. Our volunteers met as usual at 7am with 2 trucks loaded with over 500kg of rice, many clothes, flip flops, mosquito nets and toothbrushes. Our volunteers included two new doctors, our nurse and our fantastic translators without which no trip would be possible.

23 Feb 2015 description

By WENYING SEAH 22 February 2015

A sanctuary providing healthcare for displaced Burmese along the Thai-Burma border since 1989, Mae Tao Clinic will soon be relocating to a new site. DVB interviews founder and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr Cynthia Muang.

Q. Tell us more about the new Mae Tao Clinic.

20 Feb 2015 description

Thailand Migration Report Highlights Social, Economic Challenges of Migration

Thailand - A new report from Thailand’s UN Thematic Working Group on Migration, comprised of UN agencies and chaired by IOM, notes significant achievements in migration management, but warns that key aspects of Thai migration policy still require attention.

11 Feb 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

The drive to Bon Luk is always a challenging one. As soon as we arrived at the village, the medical team was ready to start. Dr Laura, who saw 33 patients, worked closely with Nid doing the translation and Joanna recording patient data. We distributed loads of personal hygiene items like soaps, lice combs and tooth-brushes to children as well as grown-ups.

09 Feb 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

Today we had a very big team of enthusiastic volunteers meeting early at 6am at Market Village. It is a long drive so to maximize the time at the village we leave as early as possible. One team was travelling to Ba Mak and one team to Bon Luk. With almost 20 volunteers split in to 2 teams, introductions for the new members we set off in opposite directions.

05 Feb 2015 description
report Government of Japan

The government of Japan, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Scheme (GGP), is providing funds amounting to 1,466,200baht for a project for the construction of a drug warehouse at Kuraburichaipat Hospital in Phang Nga Province. On 4th February, 2015, H.E. Mr. Shigekazu SATO, Ambassador of Japan, and Mr. Piyachock Promsut, Director of Kuraburichaipat Hospital, jointly signed the grant contract for the project at the Embassy of Japan.

16 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 16 January 2015 (NNT)-The Meteorological Department has advised people to keep warm as the weather will remain cold for many days.

In Yasothon, 500 blankets have been distributed to the residents affected by the icy weather. The 16th Infantry Division of the Royal Thai Army will deliver more blankets to people in the surrounding areas particularly the elderly and poor families.

09 Jan 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

Though we had been supporting the villagers that needed medical and other help, we went back to the village after three months. Besides the long overdue medical clinic, we had to do village assessment in terms of education, health and hygiene, see progress on water delivery project and any other immediate needs of the villagers.We had a team of 10 enthusiastic volunteers, including a very young volunteer of 11 years old, in 2 4x4s; both donated. One, regular, by Dave and the other by Emma.

08 Jan 2015 description

YALA, 8 Jan 2015 (NNT) - Children crippled from violence incidents in the deep South say they want new wheelchairs more than anything else as gifts on the Children’s Day.

One of those unfortunate children, an 11-year-old Imran Surapong, a local of Bannang Sata District in Yala, got caught up by one of the incidents that took away his father and left him paralyzed from waist down.

The boy underwent 3-year treatment and rehabilitation before returning to class. Fortunately their teachers and fellow students welcomed him back with open arms.

26 Dec 2014 description

BANGKOK, 26 December 2014 (NNT) – The Ministry of Public Health has sent teams of medical staff to the southernmost provinces to offer help to people affected by the severe floods.

Thirty teams of medical staff and those of family doctors are now on duty in the southern border provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala to provide medications and other assistance to sick people who get stuck in their flood-torn houses. Besides the dispatch of health officials, the Ministry of Public Health has prepared 300,000 medical kits to deal with flood-borne illnesses.

18 Dec 2014 description

SAKON NAKHON, 18 December 2014 (NNT) – Cold weather still lingers over the North and Northeast, while the South is still being battered by heavy rain.

In Sakon Nakhon, the temperature has dropped to below 15 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days. This has contributed to an increase in the number of patients getting treated for respiratory tract illnesses. Medical officials said the elderly and children aged less than five are especially vulnerable. In Phrae's Mueng district, an 82-year-old man died from heart failure as he was sleeping through the cold weather.

16 Dec 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

Confront Toxic Legacy Before Reopening Lead Mines

02 Dec 2014 description
report Jungle Aid

After being unable to reach this village for three months (authorities stop access to national park for rainy season, 1st August to 31st October every year, due to flooding), we could finally get to Bon Luk again. Since we had not been able to access the village for a long time, there were some urgent issues to be addressed on this visit. Besides the long overdue medical clinic, we had to do village assessment in terms of education, health and hygiene, see progress on fish pond and any other immediate needs of the villagers.

20 Nov 2014 description
report Bangkok Post

Republished with permission. © Post Publishing PCL.

When Abid was five, immigration officials arrested him and his family, Pakistani refugees fleeing religious persecution. The officials took them to the squalid immigration detention centre in central Bangkok. There, they joined hundreds of other refugees detained indefinitely, awaiting some distant possibility of release.

13 Nov 2014 description

BANGKOK, 11 November 2014 (NNT) - Many submerged areas below the Banthat mountain in Phatthalung province have started to dry up after heavy rains stopped falling. The province is urgently surveying damages caused by the floodings.

The flood water levels in three flood-affected districts in the province, including Pa Bon, Kong Ra and Si Nakharin, are decreasing. Three other districts in water catchment areas and near the lake of Songkhla are still submerged.

04 Nov 2014 description

BANGKOK, 01 Nov 2014 (NNT) – Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has dispatched dengue fever investigation teams in the latest move to guard the capital against the life-threatening disease.

The BMA Health officials have disclosed that there are still reports of a dengue fever virus risk in some areas, such as Bueng Kum, Phra Nakhon, and Chatujak. The BMA Health Department’s Surveillance and Rapid Response Teams (SRRT) also found three new cases of dengue infection. The patients were hospitalized and have already recovered.

31 Oct 2014 description
report Jungle Aid

After nearly a year of trying, we have managed to get access to our most remote village Ta Yai in Bang Saphan. The village is a widely scattered group of houses with its majority of houses and population on the Burmese side of the border.

It was a very demanding and challenging trek through rivers (six crossings through waist-high water with strong current), mountains and jungle. We were able to take 7 volunteers including our Doctor who was able to offer medical care to people who have no access to health care and regular supply of medicines.

21 Oct 2014 description

By Angela Carreño and Alison Crawshaw

IOM Thailand, with the support of the Global Fund, is implementing a malaria Behaviour Change Communication campaign to reach migrants and their host communities with malaria and personal protection messages. This includes multilingual comic books, posters, flip charts, board games and radio broadcasts which together have reached almost 170,000 beneficiaries over the first two years of the campaign.

14 Oct 2014 description
report Jungle Aid

On 27th September we visited two villages to provide medical assistance and conduct other community development work. Whilst we took twelve volunteers to Bang Saphan, we were able to take a further eight to Baan Pa La U, including a doctor and supporting medical staff.