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26 Nov 2014 description


  • Measles cases have declined in Honiara and Guadalcanal Province and appear to be declining in other provinces.

  • Two children from Western Province are reported to have died from measles-related complications, bringing the total death count to nine.

  • All provinces have either finished or are in the final stages of the Measles Vaccination Campaign.

  • The focus of the National Measles Vaccination Campaign is now on Rapid Coverage Assessments (RCAs) and a mop-up of all zones with coverage less than 95%

07 Nov 2014 description

No of people affected: 52,000

No of people to be assisted: 21,000

DREF allocated: CHF 158,099

Glide n° FL-2014-000045-SLB

Operation budget: CHF 684,278


Solomon Islands flash floods impact: Prolonged heavy rainfall associated with a tropical depression passing over the Solomon Islands on 3 April 2014 resulted in severe flooding in the capital Honiara and the northern Guadalcanal Plains. Associated damage was also recorded in the Guadalcanal region, together with the Makira, Malaita and Isabel Provinces.

16 Oct 2014 description


  • Measles cases have declined in Honiara and Guadalcanal province (GP), however cases are increasing in the other provinces.

  • A six-month-old child from Western Province died due to measles-related complications, bringing the total death count to 7.

  • The National Measles Vaccination Campaign has commenced in Central, Guadalcanal, Malaita,
    Renbel and Western provinces.

19 Sep 2014 description


Normal to below normal rainfall is evident in many Pacific Island countries, with the Pacific Ocean showing renewed signs of El Niño development. There is a 50 per cent chance of an El Niño forming by the end of 2014. Water conservation measures are recommended.


Drought conditions are being monitored on Emau Island, located in North Efate in Shefa Province. The island, with a population of 1,000 has not had rainfall since June 2014.

18 Sep 2014 description

Two Royal Australian Navy landing craft have delivered vital supplies to remote communities in Solomon Islands as part of Australia’s commitment to provide support to the region.

HMA Ships Labuan and Tarakan transported education, medical and flood relief supplies from the capital Honiara to coastal communities in need. Labuan headed north and east to Tulaghi and Auki, with her sister ship Tarakan heading south to Guadalcanal’s very remote Weather Coast.

Commanding Officer of Tarakan, Lieutenant James Carroll, said the landing craft were ideally suited to the task.

16 Sep 2014 description


  • Measles cases continue to rise; 1308 cases were reported as of 7 September 2014.

  • This week, 355 new cases were reported.

  • A 21-year-old female from Malaita died from pneumonia related to measles.

  • The National Measles Vaccination Campaign started in Guadalcanal Province (GP) this week.

15 Sep 2014 description


Rescue and relief operations are ongoing in Jammu and Kashmir after landslides caused by severe flooding that began on 2 Sep, killed at least 215 people and left 150,000 people still stranded. More than 184,000 people have so far been rescued by the armed forces and National Disaster Response Force. Around 137 relief camps are operating in the Kashmir valley assisting over 100,000 people.

215 dead

184,000 people rescued


15 Sep 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

HONIARA, 15 September 2014 - Following efforts by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and other partners to accelerate a nation- wide measles campaign, UNICEF this week air lifted to Honiara a total of 50,000 doses of Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccines with diluents worth $277,970 SBD ($38,000 USD). This is in addition to the 65,000 MR doses shipped in August. Another 200,000 MR vaccines are scheduled to arrive by next week.

12 Sep 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Remaining flood displaced families have relocated to April Hill, a government land allocated for IDPs, or to family-origin provinces. Consequently, the last two remaining centres (at FOPA and Rove Police Club) are now closed.

  • Water trucking to FOPA and Rove Police club stopped following the closure of both centres in this reporting period but work on sanitation and hygiene promotion in affected communities continues.

11 Sep 2014 description


  • Natural Disasters and Conflicts in Asia-Pacific
  • Funding Trends
  • Preparedness Activities in Asia-Pacific
  • WHS Regional Consultation for N&SE Asia
  • Philippines
  • Myanmar
  • El Niño in Asia-Pacific
  • Communications with Communities
  • Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination



08 Sep 2014 description


  • 953 cases of measles have been reported in Solomon Islands since 1 July 2014. 436 new cases were reported in the last week.

  • Cases have been reported from Honiara, Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Isabel, Malaita, Makira, Renbel and Temotu provinces.

  • On 1 September, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) launched a National Measles Vaccination Campaign to target all aged 6 months to 30 years in Solomon Islands. The campaign commenced in Honiara and will roll out in the other provinces later in the month.

01 Sep 2014 description

Health authorities in Solomon Islands are scrambling to control a measles outbreak in the country which has claimed the lives of two children, with more than 500 cases reported so far.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

01 Sep 2014 description

The Solomon Islands Health Ministry has confirmed that two children have died from complications related to measles, as the outbreak escalates.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

01 Sep 2014 description


  • There has been a measles outbreak in Solomon Islands since June 2014 which is spreading rapidly from Honiara to the other provinces.

  • Over 600 cases were reported at the end of August 2014 and there have been two measles-related deaths in children under 3 months of age.

26 Aug 2014 description
report World Vision

Rolland Gito - Rara is a remote community in Solomon Islands where basic health services are limited leaving women and children especially vulnerable to disease and injury. World Vision is working with communities in south Malaita province to adopt improved health and nutritional practices in order to protect the health of women and children.

Rebecca Supa’au, 30, a village health volunteer, spends time with women in the village raising awareness on healthy diet, good hygiene practices, antenatal checks and having a clean environment.

26 Aug 2014 description

Update on the dengue situation in the Western Pacific Region

Northern Hemisphere


In the last past weeks, Malaysia has experienced an increase in new dengue cases. As of 16 August:

  • Cumulative number of reported cases: 62,860

  • Cumulative number of deaths reported: 126


    The Philippines are experiencing a lower level of Dengue than in 2013. As of 2 August (Table 1):

  • Cumulative number of reported cases: 41,973

21 Aug 2014 description

By Online Editor

10:25 am GMT+12, 21/08/2014, Solomon Islands

A former trade negotiator in Solomon Islands says the people of Sikaiana Atoll in the Malaita Province are desperate for food and medical supplies after five months without a shipping service.

Robert Sisilo says the situation is increasingly urgent and the population of 250 people are without a nurse or teachers.

He says food grown on the island has basically run out and people are pleading with authorities in Honiara to send a boat as quickly as possible.

13 Aug 2014 description


Bringing CERF’s total allocations for 2014 to US$204.3 million*, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) allocated $103.6 million from CERF to support aid agencies responding to crises in 22 countries during the second quarter of 2014.