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25 Nov 2014 description

La campagne agricole 2014-2015 a été caractérisée par une installation tardive. Malgré une meilleure répartition spatio-temporelle de la pluviométrie en août et Septembre, des déficits prononcés ont persisté dans la partie Ouest du Sahel (Cap vert, Mauritanie, Sénégal, Gambie et Guinée Bissau) et par endroits au Mali, au Niger et au Tchad. Dans ces zones, de nombreux cas de ressemis ont été signalés, et des cas d’abandons de parcelles notamment en Gambie et Guinée Bissau.

25 Nov 2014 description

Pakistan: Drought conditions in Sindh have affected nearly 1.7 million people; nearly 500 have died in Tharparkar, including 296 children. In FATA, the number of people displaced by the military’s operation Khyber One in the Tirah Valley has grown to 440,000 people, adding to 993,000 displaced by operations in North Waziristan.

Liberia: Two million children are thought to be affected by the consequences of the Ebola epidemic. High levels of unemployment are affecting income: 70% of households in a recent survey said they do not have enough money to afford food.

25 Nov 2014 description

For more information on the Ebola crisis in West Africa, visit the ACAPS Ebola Needs Analysis Project page.

Regional Outbreak

  • Reported Cases: The total cumulative number of reported cases across the region had reached 15,319, including 5,444 deaths (Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone each reported over 17–18 November) (WHO, 21/11/2014).

21 Nov 2014 description
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Mali is still facing a complex humanitarian crisis. Despite continued progress in the political stabilization and in the restoration of the State authority and of administrative and public services in conflict-affected regions, the context remains marked by security incidents recorded in the North.

21 Nov 2014 description

Under President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, the U.S. Government is supporting [oung people across the African continent to spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security. This year, the initiative brought 500 Mandela Washington Fellows to the United States for academic coursework and leadership training that will give these bright young men and women the skills to lead their organizations, communities and countries toward a better future.

19 Nov 2014 description
report World Vision

In 2013, Sourata Touré and her husband fled their home in Gao, northern Mali, to offer a safer environment for their six children. The country had suffered months of armed conflict and political insecurity after a government coup in 2012.

“The situation was unbearable,” says Sourata. “Our children were hiding and crying in the house all the day. They could not go as far as two meters from the house. They were so frightened by the armed groups and their gun shots.”

19 Nov 2014 description


  • Les récoltes en cours améliorent les niveaux des stocks des ménages et des marchés. Malgré les retards d’installation de la saison enregistrés dans plusieurs localités, des productions agricoles moyennes à supérieures à la moyenne sont globalement attendues dans la région. Cependant, des productions inférieures à la moyenne seront observées en Mauritanie, au Sénégal, en Gambie, au nord-est du Nigeria, en Centrafrique et localement dans les autres pays du Sahel.

19 Nov 2014 description


On 18 November, Michel Kafando, was sworn in as Burkina Faso’s interim President. In compliance to the Charter of the Transition signed on 16 November, Mr. Kafando, a former Foreign Minister and diplomat has been chosen to oversee a one-year transition back to civilian rule in Burkina Faso.


19 Nov 2014 description

Bonne disponibilité de céréales avec les récoltes en cours

Messages clés

  • Les productions céréalières globalement supérieures à la moyenne à travers le pays permettent une bonne disponibilité dans les ménages et sur les marchés. En plus les revenus moyens à supérieurs à la moyenne permettent un accès des ménages aux marchés. Toutes les zones vont rester en insécurité alimentaire Minimale (Phase 1 de l’IPC) de novembre à mars 2015.

19 Nov 2014 description
report Grassroots

By Carol Schachet

Farmers have worked the rugged land in Western Africa for generations, moving seasonally from field to forest for food and livelihood. While life was never easy, the community worked together, in harmony with their surroundings, to provide for themselves and their neighbors.

All that changed when the government planted a virtual “For Lease” sign on the land. China and other buyers grabbed it up, quickly draining the land of nutrients with vast fields of monocrops for export.

19 Nov 2014 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message, as delivered by Hiroute Guebre Sellassie, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for the Sahel, to the third meeting of the ministerial coordination platform for the Sahel, held in Bamako today:

18 Nov 2014 description
report Afrique Verte

Commentaire général : début novembre, la tendance générale des prix est à la baisse pour le mil et le sorgho et à la stabilité pour les autres céréales. Toutefois, quelques hausses ont été observées sur les marchés de Maradi (+24% pour le sorgho et +3% pour le maïs) et de Niamey (+3% pour le riz). Les baisses les plus significatives ont été enregistrées pour le mil (-17 % à Tillabéry, -11% à Dosso, -9% à Zinder et -8% à Agadez), pour le sorgho (-18% à Tillabéry, -17% à Zinder, -14% à Agadez et -6% à Niamey et pour le maïs (-5% à Tillabéry).

18 Nov 2014 description

Snapshot 12–18 November

Ethiopia: Waters have begun to recede from Leitchuor refugee camp in Gambella, but few refugees have returned to the camps so far, where alarming rates of severe malnutrition persist: 5.7% in Leitchuor, 7.8% in Kule, and 10% in Tierkidi. In SNNPR, flooding was reported, while in Oromia, water trucking has begun for populations affected by drought.