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24 Sep 2016 description

Following a brief period of suppressed rainfall, Guatemala registers heavy precipitation during the last week

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Prolonged heavy rainfall during the season throughout the Niger River basin has triggered flooding and inundation along the Niger River in Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. Inundation is also expected to be greater than it has been for many years through the inner Niger delta.

24 Sep 2016 description

Continued adequate moisture conditions raise hopes for average to above-average harvest

Key Messages

  • The Intertropical Front (ITF) started its southward retreat in early September but it remains either at or north of its average position, which could mean a normal to longer growing period.

  • From early July until mid-September, mostly average to above-average rainfall that has been well-distributed over time has fallen throughout most of the region (Figures 1 and 2), which is ensuring good growing conditions.

21 Sep 2016 description


  • WFP has a 6-month net funding requirement totaling USD 16.8 million for both the PRRO and CP. Without additional resources, WFP will be forced to suspend its operations at the end of September leaving over 416,000 vulnerable Mauritanians in need of food and nutritional assistance. Moreover, if no additional funding is received, WFP will be forced to further reduce its food and nutritional assistance to Malian refugees.

20 Sep 2016 description


Voluntary returns to Mali facilitated since January 2016

New arrivals from Mali in 2016

Malian refugees with specific needs (as of 1 September 2016)

11, 547
Malian households in Mbera camp (as of 1 September 2016)

of potable water available per person per day


USD 19.4 M
Requested for the operation

18 Sep 2016 description

En respuesta a la creciente crisis migratoria, la Federación Internacional de Sociedades de la Cruz Roja y la Media Luna Roja (FICR) lanzó un llamamiento en enero de 2016 de emergencia por 642,202 francos suizos para alcanzar a 5,000 personas vulnerables en Costa Rica. Sin embargo, luego de un aumento en el flujo migratorio en el país vecino de Panamá, el llamamiento de emergencia fue ampliado en el mes de mayo de 2016 para incluir asistencia humanitaria a 1,350 personas vulnerables en Panamá.

17 Sep 2016 description


17 Sep 2016 description

Key Messages

  • The average to good development of crops across the country increases the chance of above average production as result of rains greater than the ten year average, and the availability of agricultural inputs. However, the loss of agricultural land as a result of flooding will negatively affect levels of agricultural production, especially in the riverine regions of Gao, Tombouctou and Mopti.

17 Sep 2016 description
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In response to the burgeoning migration crisis, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched an emergency appeal in for 642,202 Swiss francs (CHF) to reach 5,000 vulnerable people in Costa Rica in January 2016. However, following a surge in migration in neighbouring Panama, the emergency appeal was revised in May 2016 to include Panama, reach 1,350 additional beneficiaries and extended for six additional months to November 2016.

16 Sep 2016 description


  • WFP is assisting 205,000 vulnerable people with food, cash and vouchers during the lean season (June-September).

  • WFP Mali urgently needs USD 3 million to provide school meals to 167,000 children in 965 schools, including 13 in Kidal. If funding is not immediately secured - the school year begins in October 3rd - 167,000 children will not receive school meals. 2016.

Operational Updates

16 Sep 2016 description

Abnormal dryness within East Africa and elevated river levels along the Niger River in Nigeria

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. A prolonged period of heavy rainfall has triggered flooding and inundation along the Niger River in Nigeria and Niger. As the river slowly drains, stream flow should remain high through early September.

  2. Low and poorly distributed seasonal rainfall across parts of central Senegal have led to strengthening moisture deficits.

15 Sep 2016 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief Worldwide’s annual report for 2015 has been published today, detailing our income, expenditure and the projects we undertook to help 8.3 million people across the globe.

10 Sep 2016 description


  • Pluviométrie : La bonne tendance pluviometrique de la première décade d’aout s’est poursuivie jusqu’en fin de moi avec d’importantes hauteurs de pluie à travers toutes les zones agricoles du pays (figure 1a). Comparé à la moyenne 2006‐2015, le cumul pluviométrique du 1er avril au 30 Août est exédentaire à nettement excédentaire dans le pays excepté dans les cercles de Kayes, Diema, Niono, Ségou, macina, San le nord de celui de Tombouctou et de Goundam où il est normal à excédentaire (figure 1b).

09 Sep 2016 description

Key messages

↗ Ample supplies and improved production prospects kept cereal prices generally under downward pressure. Maize and rice quotations fell the most, while high quality wheat prices firmed on strong demand.

↗ In Africa, food prices in South Sudan declined in August although they remained high, while in Nigeria the weak currency continued to underpin prices. In Southern Africa, decreasing maize quotations in South Africa eased prices in importing countries.

09 Sep 2016 description

Depuis le lancement du bons monétaire en 2013, le PAM et le HCR ont été à la recherche d'un mécanisme plus simple, plus innovant, sécurisé et flexible, pour répondre aux besoins des réfugiés maliens dans le camp de réfugiés Mangaize. En Août, ce projet est devenu une réalité quand les deux organisations ont introduit un nouveau système d’e-coupons qui profitera à des milliers de réfugiés vivant dans l'une des régions les plus difficiles du Niger.

09 Sep 2016 description


Prospects for global cereal production in 2016 continued to improve in recent months with significant upward revisions for maize and wheat, reflecting particularly favourable weather conditions in some of the large producing countries.

COUNTRIES IN NEED OF EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE: FAO estimates that 36 countries, including 28 in Africa, are in need of external assistance for food. Persisting conflicts and drought induced production declines are the main causes that have stressed food security in 2016.

09 Sep 2016 description

Flooding risks remain in East and West Africa, while rainfall deficits increase in Ethiopia and Uganda

About Weather Hazards

The Global Weather Hazards report anticipates severe weather or climate events in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Central Asia. This product provides maps with current weather and climate information; short and medium range weather forecasts (up to one week); and the potential impact on crop and pasture conditions. It does not reflect long range forecasts or food security conditions.

08 Sep 2016 description
report Government of Niger


Principal cadre de référence pour toutes les interventions en matière de prévention et de gestion des catastrophes et crises alimentaires, le plan de soutien aux populations vulnérables est considéré comme l’outil de planification et de programmation des interventions que le Dispositif National (DNPGCCA) et ses partenaires se doivent de mettre en œuvre pour répondre aux besoins des populations vulnérables identifiés préalablement selon une démarche participative et inclusive.

08 Sep 2016 description


  • Alarming food situation among IDPs in Maiduguri in Borno State - Nigeria.

  • Progressive and near-final installation of the 2016-2017 crop year.

  • The FAO food price index continues to rise since five months.