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26 Jan 2015 description


  • Irregular rains affected crops and pasture in 2014

  • Humanitarian assistance continues to be needed, including for Malian refugees

Cereal production affected by irregular rains

24 Jan 2015 description


IFRC’s Ebola strategic framework is organized around 5 outcomes:

  • The epidemic is stopped

  • National Societies have better Ebola preparedness and stronger long term capacities

  • IFRC operations are well coordinated

  • Safe and Dignified Burials (SDB) are effectively carried out by all actors

  • Recovery of community life and livelihoods

22 Jan 2015 description

This brief summarizes FEWS NET’s most forward-looking analysis of projected emergency food assistance needs in FEWS NET coverage countries. The projected size of each country’s acutely food insecure population is compared to last year and the recent five-year average. Countries where external emergency food assistance needs are anticipated are identified. Projected lean season months highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

21 Jan 2015 description


The Ebola outbreak is presenting the world with an extraordinary public health challenge with consequences for millions of people and far beyond the health sector. We have also seen an extraordinary response, primarily by people in communities living with the outbreak. It has been distressing to witness the individual suffering but at the same time it has been encouraging to see how local communities, governments in the affected countries, and the international community at the highest possible level have come together to stop the outbreak.

21 Jan 2015 description

L'analyse des résultats du Cadre Harmonisé de Novembre indique une faible dégradation des moyens d’existence dans les régions nord du Mali et dans les zones affectées par la baisse de production agricole. Ceci, principalement en raison de l’assistance humanitaire et de la période de récolte.
Cependant, la situation de la sécurité alimentaire pourrait s’aggraver entre janvier et mars 2015, notamment dans les zones où une mortalité excessive du bétail ou des pluies irrégulières ont été enregistrés.

20 Jan 2015 description

For more information on the Ebola crisis in West Africa, visit the ACAPS Ebola Needs Analysis Project page.


  • Mali: On 19 January, Mali was declared Ebola-free after 42 days without reporting any new cases (international media, 19/01/2015).

  • Number of cases: The total cumulative number of reported cases across the region has reached 21,614, including 8,594 deaths (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone each reported 15–17 January) (WHO, 19/01/2015).

20 Jan 2015 description

Snapshot 14–20 January

Cameroon: 50,000 people are estimated displaced due to the recent increase in Boko Haram (BH) attacks in the northern regions. In the past week, an attack on a military base in Kolofata resulted in 143 BH killed, subsequently, BH kidnapped 80 people from one village – with three killed and 24 later released. The conflict has escalated regionally, with Chad pledging military support in Cameroon’s fight against Boko Haram.

20 Jan 2015 description

Pluviométrie atypique, conflits et Ebola augmentent l’insécurité alimentaire en Afrique de l’Ouest

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19 Jan 2015 description
report Afrique Verte

Synthèse début janvier 2015 : la tendance générale de l'évolution des prix des céréales est à la stabilité au Burkina et à la baisse au Niger et au Mali.

19 Jan 2015 description


  • Mali declared Ebola-free. Government calls for continued vigilance.

  • An Ebola Treatment Centre in Beyla, Guinea was inaugurated.

  • Security challenges in Guinea are preventing safe and dignified burials.

16 Jan 2015 description
report UN General Assembly

The present letter on the work of the United Nations in the response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa covers developments from 1 November 2014 toJanuary 2015, the 90 - day mark since the establishment of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER). It contains information on activities carried out by my Special Envoy on Ebola and UNMEER, and provides an update on progress made in the Ebola response pursuant to General Assembly resolution 69/1 since my update of 12 November 2014 ( A/69/573 ).

16 Jan 2015 description


The two-month November/December distributions are under way. The distributions, targeting 352,374 beneficiaries, were completed on 15 December.

Situation Update

  • The security situation in northern Mali continues to deteriorate with an increase in IEDs, mortar attacks and other security incidents. This is having an overall impact on WFP’s activities and limits staff movement.

In numbers

15 Jan 2015 description


  • New EVD cases continue to decrease in Liberia, and the number of confirmed cases has declined by 43 percent between December 22 and January 5 in Sierra Leone, according to WHO. Relief agencies continue to implement life-saving activities and underscore the importance of preventative measures.

  • Since early January, USAID/OFDA partners have opened one EVD treatment unit (ETU) and four community care centers (CCCs) in Sierra Leone.

14 Jan 2015 description


  • Les résultats de la rencontre annuelle du Dispositif National de Prévention et de Gestion des Catastrophes et Crises Alimentaires indiquent que 177 zones sont vulnérables sur le plan alimentaire.

  • Le premier camp de réfugiés a été ouvert dans la région de Diffa.

  • Le nombre de cas de choléra notifiés dans la région de Diffa tend à la baisse. Cependant les actions de prévention et de riposte doivent continuer pour stopper la maladie.

13 Jan 2015 description

Nigeria: Violence has escalated significantly in the northeast. Boko Haram killed more than 2,100 people in the first 11 days of the year. Most were killed in an attack on the town of Baga and surrounding settlements in Borno state, on Lake Chad. Up to 20,000 people were displaced. Other attacks took place in Maiduguri, Damaturu, and Potiskum.

08 Jan 2015 description


  • Late-December caseload figures for Sierra Leone double the combined total of Liberia and Guinea during the same period; however, overall case transmission in Sierra Leone appears to slightly decline

  • USG partners open three EVD treatment units (ETUs) in Liberia

  • The USAID-funded Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) reports that prolonged market and trade disruptions have resulted in below-average incomes and purchasing power for poor households in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

06 Jan 2015 description

Snapshot 17 December – 6 January

Nigeria: A series of suspected Boko Haram attacks in Borno and neighbouring states have resulted in more than 80 deaths, 225 kidnapped, hundreds of homes burneds and thousands displaced.

Central African Republic: Nearly 200,000 people need nutrition assistance. Over 36,000 people are trapped in seven enclaves across the country; a group of 474 Fulani who fled to Yaloke months ago and now cannot leave are in particular need.