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23 Sep 2016 description

23/09/2016 New Delhi, India – With 42 percent of the world’s population, the group of countries that make up the BRICS are in a position to shape agricultural policies that would strengthen global food security and transform rural societies and livelihoods, Kundhavi Kadiresan, Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said today.

22 Sep 2016 description
report Government of India


According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) report dated 17/09/2016, there is no Unprecedented and High flood site in the country. However, 05 Moderate flood sites have been reported in Assam & Bihar.


i) River Dhansiri (South) at Numaligarh, District- Golaghat, Assam is flowing at 77.47 m against danger level 77.42 m with Falling Trend.

16 Sep 2016 description

Thanks to a unique fund, 38,000 vulnerable residents of four separate countries received timely life-saving support over the summer from four members of the Humanitarian Coalition.

15 Sep 2016 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief Worldwide’s annual report for 2015 has been published today, detailing our income, expenditure and the projects we undertook to help 8.3 million people across the globe.

14 Sep 2016 description

New agreement aims to ensure capacity development, farmers’ access to productive resources, knowledge exchange

13 September 2016, Rome - India's Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and FAO are strengthening their collaboration to boost rural development and reduce poverty in Asia and Africa via local initiatives focused on empowering rural women and youth.

09 Sep 2016 description
report Caritas

Caritas India reached out to the most-affected and distributed food packets to 1,671 families of Borha and Parsa Madho Panchayat of Supaul district in Bihar.

Every food packet included, 30 kg rice, 2 liter oil, 4 kg (Chana) dal, 2 Soyabean, 1 kg salt, 2 kg sugar, 250 gm tea power and4 packets of biscuit.

After floods, food becomes a challenge for affected community. Caritas India staff had ensured the best quality materials for the beneficiaries by physically checking the quality of the packets.

07 Sep 2016 description

Colombo, 7 September 2016 - The World Health Organization today called for a whole-of-society approach to address the double burden of malnutrition which affects populations across South-East Asia Region, particularly women and girls.

07 Sep 2016 description
report Sphere India

1. Humanitarian Situation

Chhattisgarh state has a rich natural endowment of land, water forest and annual average rainfall of 1350 mm. Recorded documents reveal that state had a past of agricultural abundances comparable with Rice bowl of the Burdwan region of the west Bengal. There were innumerable ponds with tree groves the yielded fruits and other bio products. Chhattisgarh is primarily a mono crop area. Paddy is the principal crop, generally grown in Kharif season. This season starts from mid-June to mid-October. The Rabi crop is generally not taken due to various reasons.

07 Sep 2016 description
report Sphere India

1. Executive Summary

Acute water scarcity has developed into a severe drought situation. While there has been monsoon deficit of for past few years, differential rainfall pattern, Data shows a continuous fall in the average rainfall in the state from last few years. Agriculture in Jharkhand is mostly dependent on Rain and in most of the places only mono cropping is prevalent. Due to which the drought has led to alarming situation for food security in the rural areas of the state.

07 Sep 2016 description
report Sphere India

1. Executive Summary

Government of Madhya Pradesh has declared 46 districts out of 50 affected by drought resulting in huge crop loss, massive migration, economic loss to farmers and loss of lives. In June to September 2015, there was enormous decline noted in the rainfall and villagers were hit by a triple whammy: first, the ripening winter wheat and gram crops were destroyed by untimely heavy rains and hailstorms from February to early April. Then, a drought destroyed the summer kharif paddy and pulse crops.

30 Aug 2016 description
report Alhasan Systems


  • Heavy rainfall floods streets in Rawalpindi

  • Provinces asked to follow National Climate Change policy

  • Preventive measures against Congo virus advised: Experts

  • Pakistan to become water scarce in 4 years

  • Supreme Court rejects review appeals of 16 terror convicts set to hang

  • Pakistan’s Counter- Terrorism Policy

  • CPEC confronts terrorism

  • US urges Pakistan, Afghanistan to work together against terrorism

29 Aug 2016 description
report Sphere India
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Bhopal Flood Situation

Bhopal received an unprecedented 24 cm rainfall on the night of 9th July 2016 which broke the record of 46 years in the city. The whole city was inundated with the rain water with leaving no area unaffected. The sudden downpour flooded the low lying areas and severely affected the slum dwellers who reside in these areas. The affected people have lost their shelter, property and their normal life being disrupted.

Impact of Flood

28 Aug 2016 description
report AlertNet

by Jatindra Dash | Thomson Reuters Foundation Thursday, 25 August 2016 11:06 GMT

The heavy monsoon rains have caused rivers including the Ganges and its tributaries to burst their banks forcing over 200,000 people into relief camps

By Jatindra Dash

BHUBANESWAR, Aug 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Authorities in eastern India are struggling to evacuate more than 100,000 people stranded in villages after floods intensified, killing more than 300 and driving hundreds of thousands from their homes, officials said on Thursday.

28 Aug 2016 description


  • Cereal production to rebound in 2016

  • Total cereal exports in 2016/17 forecast close to last year’s reduced level

  • Rice prices rose marginally in July, while those of wheat were stable

Cereal production to rebound in 2016

28 Aug 2016 description
report Government of India


According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) report dated 25/08/2016, there is 02 Unprecedented flood situation, 04 High flood and 15 Moderate flood sites have been reported in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal & Jharkhand :-


i) River Ganga at Bhagalpur, District- Bhagalpur, Bihar is flowing at 34.68 m against danger level 33.68 m with Steady Trend.

23 Aug 2016 description

Food security concerns for large numbers of people in several Asian countries following severe localized monsoon floods


23 Aug 2016 description
report Alhasan Systems


  • UN lauds Pakistan’s capacity in dealing with natural calamities

  • CDA to launch Monsoon Tree Planation Drive

  • NDMA chairman vows to protect schools from natural disasters

  • India funding terrorists in Balochistan

  • Pakistan has launched decisive action to eliminate terrorism

  • NACTA receives thousands of false informations about terrorism

  • Pakistan again invites India for Kashmir talks

22 Aug 2016 description

The report summarizes the technical content of the workshop, highlights key principles, lessons and way forward. The workshop was jointly organized by UNICEF and the SUN Movement Secretariat, aimed to accelerate the efforts of Asian countries in the SUN movement to increase the dialogue and alignment among sectors by reporting on multi-sectoral nutrition budgets and costs of multi-sectoral nutrition plans, addressing the issue of decentralized public finance, and contributing to making the investment case for nutrition.

22 Aug 2016 description
report Sphere India

Bihar is facing second spill of flood situation after Ganga water crosses danger level.
Districts adjoining Ganga are getting swamped and having population badly affected by the current of water moving in the houses.

As per CWC Report, Water Level of Ganga at Patna Gandhighat crossed danger level and reached 50.43 Meters which has also crossed the previous highest flood level recorded which was 50.27 Meter during 1994.

Water Level at other points in Bihar at 21 August, 2 PM;