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08 Apr 2016 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewswire) In February 2016, volunteers from the Spanish nonprofit Ayuda Contenedores (Help Containers) and the Salesian-run Youth and Development Center joined together in Pamplona, Spain to load a food container that will be sent to Benin. The container carries 23,000 kilos of non-perishable food which was collected through a Food for Benin campaign run by several Salesian organizations in the city of Pamplona and its surrounding towns and communities.

19 Feb 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • UNICEF Benin is scaling up its emergency response to the ongoing Lassa Fever outbreak.

  • As of 19 February 2016, there have been 72 cases (6 confirmed, 12 probable and 54 suspected cases), and 27 people have died (CFR 33%). As of 19 February, 479 case contacts have been identified and 478 are under 21- day surveillance.

  • No new suspect cases were recorded and no new case contacts were reported on 19 February.

10 Nov 2015 description

Summary of WFP assistance:

WFP has been providing assistance to children enrolled in primary school, to orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV and vulnerable populations affected by emergencies such as floods, droughts, and the high food price crisis.

14 May 2015 description

The Benin Country Strategy Document (CSD) 2014-2018 elaborated in close collaboration with national counterpart highlighted that WFP Benin’s overall objective is to support the Government of Benin to achieve the Zero Hunger Challenge. WFP will contribute to this objective through the promotion of three pillars: (i) Strengthen food security through livelihood assets promotion; (ii) Support human capital development and (iii) Reinforce national capacity for sustainable emergency preparedness and response. WFP is currently implementing a single development project of school feeding.

19 Nov 2014 description
report Africare

BEREMBEKE (NOVEMBER 19, 2014) – Today is World Toilet Day. It may not be considered a polite dinner conversation topic, but ensuring access to clean water and sanitation facilities like latrines is one of the most important global public health issues. Thousands in the developing world, primarily children, die every day of preventable water-borne illnesses. People are forced to walk for miles to fetch potable water.

15 May 2013 description

A delegation from PepsiCo Quaker in the Netherlands recently travelled to Benin to visit WFP’s school feeding programme, which the company is supporting. The visit demonstrated the impact that PepsiCo Quaker’s contributions have had on primary schools in Benin.

13 Feb 2013 description

GLIDE n° EP-2012-000186-BEN

Period covered by this update: 10 November 2012 to 31 January 2013.

Summary: CHF 112,195 was allocated from the IFRC`s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 9 November 2012, to support the National Society in delivering immediate assistance to some 25,000 people in 5,000 households.

22 Oct 2012 description

(Cotonou / Genève / New York, 20 Octobre 2012) - Nous devons changer notre manière de traiter les crises humanitaires et appuyer les gouvernements pour améliorer la préparation et accroître les capacités et les mécanismes d'adaptation des communautés et des ménages confrontés à des inondations, a déclaré vendredi à Cotonou la Secrétaire générale adjointe aux affaires humanitaires, Valerie Amos.

20 Oct 2012 description

(Cotonou/Geneva/New York, 20 October 2012) We have to change the way we deal with humanitarian crises and support governments to improve preparedness and increase the capacities and coping mechanisms of communities and households faced with floods, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos, said on Friday in Cotonou.

09 Oct 2012 description
report ECOWAS

N°: 268/2012

8 octobre 2012 [Abuja - Nigeria]

La ministre nigériane de l’Education, Pr Ruqayattu Ahmed Rufa’i, a sollicité l’appui, la coopération et la collaboration des Etats membres de la CEDEAO pour la mise en place à Ibadan, au Nigéria, du Centre ouest-africain de l’Université panafricaine et de l’Institut des sciences de la vie et de la terre.

28 Sep 2012 description
report ECOWAS

N°: 263/2012

26 septembre 2012 [Abuja - Nigeria]

La 4e conférence des ministres de l’Education de la CEDEAO se tiendra le samedi 6 octobre 2012 à Abuja, au Nigéria. Elle sera essentiellement consacrée à l’examen de trois grands programmes : l’Enseignement technique et la formation professionnelle (ETFP), le Système d’information sur la gestion de l’éducation (SIGE) et l’Education pour la paix.

28 Sep 2012 description
report ECOWAS

N°: 263/2012

26 September 2012 [Abuja - Nigeria]

The 4th Conference of ECOWAS Ministers of Education will take place in Abuja, Nigeria on Saturday 6 October, 2012.

13 Aug 2012 description

According to a recent study by the IDB, the world is expected to witness continued fluctuation in food commodity prices for a few more years to come. The study cautions that the impact of hunger as a result of the global price fluctuations is likely to undermine the development process in its developing and least developed member countries.

02 Aug 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Reine David Gnahoui and Gisèle Langue Menye

COTONOU, Benin, 31 July 2012 – Since January 2011, 17-year-old Irene Godonou A. has been an apprentice at a sewing programme in Agblangandan, located a half-hour’s drive from Cotonou.

When she gazes up from her sewing machine, she projects an image of pride and determination. But her hard work has been undermined by one unfortunate fact: She has been unable to attend secondary school because she lacks a birth certificate.

08 May 2012 description
report World Bank

Press Release No:2012/426/AFR

Project targets 700 poor communities and pilots a new safety net system

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2012 –The World Bank will support Benin’s effort to improve poor people’s access to basic services such as education, health, and water, roads and market infrastructure and mainstream the community-driven development approach for building such infrastructure. The Bank will also provide capacity-building and technical assistance to support Benin’s decentralization reforms and help the country to set up a new social safety net system.

12 Apr 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

Par Alex Duval Smith

DJOUGOU, Bénin, 3 avril 2012 - Kabirou Sayo a seulement 15 ans mais son histoire pourrait emplir un livre. « Cela s'est passé à la fin d'une journée d'école », dit-il quand on lui demande comment il est devenu victime de la traite des enfants. « J'ai rencontré un homme du nom de Baba qui faisait du trafic d'enfants. Il a essayé de m'expliquer quels étaient les avantages de partir pour le Nigéria ».

04 Apr 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Alex Duval Smith

DJOUGOU, Benin, 3 April 2012 – Kabirou Sayo is only 15 years old, yet his life story could fill a book.

VIDEO: UNICEF correspondent Suzanne Beukes reports on UNICEF's efforts to improve education in Benin.

“It happened at the end of a school day,” he explained when asked how he came to be a victim of child trafficking. ''I met a man called Baba who traffics in children. He tried to tell me the advantages of leaving for Nigeria.''

28 Feb 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

Le rapport phare de l'UNICEF, « La situation des enfants dans le monde 2012 : les enfants dans un monde urbain », sera publié le 28 février, et axé sur les enfants en milieu urbain. Un milliard d'enfants vivent en milieu urbain, et ce nombre croît rapidement. Pourtant, les disparités au sein des villes révèlent que beaucoup d'enfants n'ont pas accès à l'école, aux soins de santé et à l'assainissement, bien qu'ils vivent à proximité de ces services.

23 Jan 2012 description

The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), signs in ‎Khartoum, Wednesday, 18 January 2012, four loan agreements worth US $ ‎‏26.1‏‎ million US dollar, for the benefit of the Republics of Burkina Faso, ‎Benin, Côte‏ ‏d'Ivoire, and Chad details of these loans as follows:-‎ Burkina Faso:‎ ‎ ‎‏ ‏A loan of US $ 1.5 million from (BADEA), to Burkina Faso to finance a ‎Line of Credit for Youth Support Fund.‎ ‏ ‏The loan, which is to be reimbursed over a period of 20 years, ‎includes a grace period of 5 years and has an annual interest rate of ‎‎1%.‎ ‏ ‏The project aims at …