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10 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Kigali, 02 April 2015 – The Government of Japan has reached an agreement with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to provide funds of USD 1.3 m for the refugee children - in increasing access to basic social services including child protection, early childhood development and education needs. The project will be undertaken under the leadership of the Government of Rwanda in close coordination with UNHCR and partners.

04 Apr 2015 description

The Government of Rwanda has made achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) central to its policy framework, as defined in the long term development agenda, the Vision 2020, as well as the medium term strategies, EDPRS1 and EDPRS 2. The overriding long-term national development objective is to transform Rwanda into a middle-income country by 2020.

20 Mar 2015 description


WFP’s vision is to make Rwanda a food secure country where people are well nourished, able to develop to their full potential, living in resilient communities and sustainably maintained by effective institutions at all levels. This will be realized through enhancing national capacity to develop, design and manage nationally owned hunger solutions. WFP also plans to model innovations in food assistance programming, as well as to continue its humanitarian support to populations affected by crises.

22 Dec 2014 description
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February 2015 Summary


By 2020 Rwanda aims to complete its transformation from a poor, post-conflict nation to a thriving, middle income, regional trade and investment hub. But Rwanda’s progress will stall without transformative changes that: create wealth and investment and invigorate the private sector, improve basic services, increase the accountability of the state to its people, and address potential causes of conflict and fragility, including regional instability.

16 Dec 2014 description

Howard G Buffet pledges to help Congolese refugees repatriate currently living the country’s camps repatriate.

Buffett made the pledge on Monday December 15, 2014 at Gihembe Refugee Camp in Gicumbi District where he landed after an aerial visit to various refugee camps in the country.

Howard Buffet get out of plane as he visit Gihembe camp

“I have seen that they have some basic infrastructure like water and schools, but when people are not in their homes they do not feel comfortable,” Buffett said.

17 Jun 2014 description

Basic provisions in schools increase attendance

Rwanda has made great strides in expanding access to education. Enrollment is up, repetition and dropout rates are down, and more children are finishing primary school.

Thanks to Rwanda's award-winning Nine Year Basic Education program, six years of primary and three years of secondary education are free and compulsory for all Rwandans. What’s more, in January 2014, UNESCO placed Rwanda in the top three countries for reducing out-of-school youth.

22 May 2014 description

Over 7,000 refugees from the Democratic of Congo (DRC) have seen their living conditions improve after staying in the Nkamira transit centre for the last two years. In April, they moved to Mugombwa camp in Southern Rwanda and although they remain dependent on WFP food assistance their life has got better.

02 Apr 2014 description
report Food for the Hungry

During 100 horrifying days in 1994, approximately 800,000 Tutsi people were systematically killed in what is now known as the Rwandan Genocide. The massacre left many surviving children, such as 6-year-old Liberatha Ingabrire, as the heads of their families.

07 Mar 2014 description

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, the Japanese ambassador to Rwanda Kazuya OGAWA with Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee affairs Mukantabana Seraphine inaugurated different projects funded by the Government of Japan in Kigeme Refugee camp located in Nyamagabe District in the Southern Province.

The inaugurated projects included the Early Childhood Development (ECD) center for young children and presented donations of teaching materials to the school teachers. He also witnessed the renovated health post, water tanks and latrines.

13 Dec 2013 description
report UN General Assembly

Sixty-eighth session
Agenda item 71
Assistance to survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda,
particularly orphans, widows and victims of sexual violence


The present report is submitted to the General Assembly pursuant to resolution 66/228. It provides a status report on and an analysis of the current challenges to the delivery of relief and rehabilitation assistance by the United Nations and its partners to survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, in addition to recommendations for appropriate ways to meet those survivors’ remaining needs

13 Dec 2013 description
report UN General Assembly

Soixante-huitième session Point 71 de l’ordre du jour
Aide aux survivants du génocide de 1994
au Rwanda, en particulier aux orphelins,
aux veuves et aux victimes de violences sexuelles


09 Sep 2013 description

1) Context

By 2020 Rwanda aims to complete its transformation from a poor, post-conflict nation to a thriving, middle income, regional trade and investment hub. But Rwanda’s progress will stall without transformative changes that: create wealth and investment and invigorate the private sector, improve basic services, increase the accountability of the state to its people, and address potential causes of conflict and fragility, especially regional instability.

22 Jul 2013 description
report UN News Service

22 juillet 2013 – En visite au Rwanda, la Directrice exécutive du Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM), Ertharin Cousin, a rappelé lundi que les approches permettant de mettre fin à l'insécurité alimentaire devaient s'articuler autour d'initiatives locales et d'un développement sur le long terme.

« En discutant avec les dirigeants de petites exploitations, je me suis rendue compte de l'importance des initiatives de développement locales pour améliorer la qualité de vie », a commenté Mme Cousin, au terme de sa visite de trois jours au Rwanda.

22 Jul 2013 description

KIGALI -– The Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin, today concluded a three-day visit to Rwanda, the final stop on her three-nation visit to Africa, focused on sustainable local solutions for hunger and undernutrition.

In Rwanda, Cousin met face-to-face with people who have received WFP support in diverse ways, including refugees who have fled fighting in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who told her that WFP’s monthly food rations are a lifeline without which they would struggle to survive.

09 Jul 2013 description

An approach to meet the specific needs of disabled students


The organisation helps the Ministry of Education develop the flexibility and inclusiveness of its education system to provide all children with a suitable learning environment, and enhances the inclusion of vulnerable children, particularly children with disabilities, in mainstream schools. This programme also aims to define norms and develop educational tools to facilitate the education of Rwandan children with specific needs related to their disability and to test these tools.


24 Jun 2013 description

The Government of Rwanda joined the rest of the world to mark the World Refugee Day celebrated on June 20 each year. The ceremonies were held at national level in Kigeme camp in Nyamagabe District in the Southern Province.

High level officials including Minister Mukantabana Seraphine, Rwanda Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs and Richard Muyej Mangeze, Minister of internal security and Decentralization in DRC joined refugees’ community in the celebrations.

13 Jun 2013 description
report Caritas

Mercredi 12 juin 2013, le Responsable de l’équipe de l’USAID Gimbuka Program, M. Jean Ntakirutimana, a effectué une visite au district de Gicumbi dans la province du Nord où il s’est entretenu avec le maire, M.Alexandre Mvuyekure, la vice-maire chargée des Affaires sociales, Thérèse Mujawamariya, et le responsable du Joint Action Development Forum (JADF), M. Anastase Nduwayezu. A ces entretiens a également participé M. Eric Rukundo, l’agent de la Caritas diocésaine de Byumba chargé du renforcement des capacités au niveau du district.

05 Jun 2013 description
report Global Communities

By Jean Pierre Bucyensenge

This story originally appeared in The New Times.

More than 5,600 adults have completed adult literacy training in Gisagara District.

The course was spearheaded by the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda, with support from Global Communities under the USAID Ejo Heza project.

Speaking at the award ceremony, the Minister for Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harerimana, urged the trainees to put the acquired skills to good use so that they benefit the community.

15 Apr 2013 description

MIDIMAR and UNHCR Managers want provinces experts in the implementation of the “Sustainable Return and Reintegration of Rwandan Returnees”.

It is during a meeting with governors of three provinces: the Southern Province, MUNYANTWARI Alphonse, Aime BOSENIBAMWE, Governor of the Northern Province and Celestin KABAHIZI, Governor of the Eastern Province. The governors were called to join MIDIMAR and the UNHCR Choose with concerned Governors priority districts where the project on Sustainable Return and Reintegration of Rwandan Returnees can be implemented.